Information from Techwolf, sponsor of The Forgotten Empire of Aradd The Black Unicorn:
This site uses anti-pay site leeching technology! Because many download managers and accelerators are broken
and do not adhere to the http www standards, you may have to temporarily turn them off to browse this site.

I hope some travellers will donate to The Forgotten Empire.
The money will be used to do commission artwork from the artists in Kandor, Ellgar & Kondor.
Travellers select the amount of money they will donate. All donations, small or big, are very welcomed.
Thanx for your help. Aradd

The work to use the RTA technologi is ongoing. It is not completed yet!

The Forgotten Empire uses RTA "Restricted To Adults"technologi.

All contents in Ellgar & Kondor is for adults only.
For Kandor under age visitors can visit the sections that is for all ages.
Both nudity and adults only sections is not possible to view for children.
It is the parents responsibility to use the software that protects under age visitor to see adult contents.
This software is better than the 'register and sign in' system that other sites use as it is not easy to fool.

The Forgotten Empire of Aradd The Black Unicorn are now using over 29 gb in server space!
A big Thanx to Techwolf!

Without Techwolf's suport The Forgotten Empire should not be here for your entertainment!
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