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Welcome to your nightmares...

Chapter 1 - Leaving Kandor.

All towns and also in all the small villages there was information tablets and this
morning could have being like the other ones if it not was that it was a new paper fitted
on the tablet. When people look at it, it started to show the text as it was someone
invisible that was writing it just when they was read on it.

The information papers have all the same text:

To all citicens of Kandor! From today and for the rest of the time, it will be allowed for
those that wants to leave the kingdom to do so. The dragons have order that not attack
anyone that wants to leave.

It was signed: Aradd.

Thanks to the information tablets it was soon know to everyone and we shall follow a few
of the visitors that wanted to leave Kandor. The party, have heard the rumours about a
teleporter that could take them to their own world again. The only problem was that the
teleporter was in Ellgar, a land west of Kandor, and it was a very long journey to do.
It should take them around four weeks to travel but they desided to make it a try. Lucky for
them, two of the men in the party was hunters. And they was not from our world either, but
they decided that it could be nice to see another land, and they have never being in
Ellgar. Well, to tell the thruth, they haven't being anywhere exept in the nearest

Early in the morning next day, the party was meeting near one of the west gates in the
town, and they started the first part of the journey: to get to one of the west gates of

That was the easy part of the way, and it was just one night at a tavern that they passed
on their way. When they have approach one of the west gates it was still no sign of any of
the dragons that guarded the kingdom.

Maybe I shall tell you about the dragons in Kandor. There is not so many dragons in the
world and exept this eight dragons it is just three more. They are easy to see as the size of
them, make anyone, even with bad eyes, that they can not miss them. The eight dragons that is
guarding Kandor, is six females and two males. The females are larger than the males but the
size is not so much different. The female have a length of 350 metres from head to the end
of their tail. The two males was around 275 metres in length. The dragons size was very huge
and as you know, that dragons have also other thing to protect themself, and attack.
Fireball is only one of them, they have also some spells like magic shield and several
other spells that make them a very, very powerfull enemy.

Now when it is time to pass outside the one of the west gates, it is also time to present
the members in the party.

Chapter 2 - Arriving to the main city.

"It is something weird about this," said Lynn.

"What do you mean?" asked Ken, one of the hunters in the party.

"We have now travelled over four weeks, and nothing have happening."

"I agree with that," said Gwen. "Four weeks in wilderness and this was easier than a
travelling in a city. This is not as I thought it should be."

"You both have right," said Ken, He turned around to the others and now there is time to
present the team for you:

We have Ken and Falcon, the hunters, they was born in this Another World. Lynn, Gwen, Bill, Allan,
Jim and John was from the same world as you. And I will only tell you their first names...
Back to the story:

"Tomorrow we will arrive to Draxia, the main city in Ellgar. It is a very large town. And
maybe we can get some more information there."

"I agree," Allan said. "Lucky for us that we have Ken and Falcon. Otherway it should have
being harder to do this travelling."

Maybe Allan hade right there, but otherway, both Lynn, Gwen and Bill was very good on
cooking. So Ken and Falcon fixed the food, and then the other three make a good meal of it.
After another night, without that nothing unusual happen, they start the travel to reach
the city befor the sun was going down.

They still moved in west direction. After four hours of walking, they could see the first
signs that they was coming closer to a city; they passed some fields with crops. After
that they approched the city Draxia's east gate, the party was in the large city. They
didn't want to mentioned the teleporter they was looking after. Instead they asked for the
magician that have it. His name was Halgranz. Everyone seems to know the magician, but he
didn't live in the city. He have a large tower north of Draxia, and it should take them
just a day to go to it.

For the first time in over a month, they could sleep in real beds, get food on a table and
take a cold beer... and a very good bath... Well, okey, they took more than one, but they
could not take to many, as it was needed to be up early in the morning.

So when the sun was rising, the party was up. Well, not all of them. Last evening the
hunters, Ken and Falcon have told them that they was staying in the town, and they wished
them luck. "If your travell, is a success, we will not meet again," said Ken.

"Maybe we shall wish that your quest will end without any success," told Falcon them and
laughed. "Oh, you wouldn't dare that!!" said Gwen as she smiled.

So, after a fast breakfast, they was on the move again. It took a few hours just to go
through the city. After that they pass the north gate it was only to follow the road
ahead... Well, after just a few hours they could see a man standing on the road. His
clothes told them that he was a wizzard...

"Hi," he said to them. "I know that you are looking for me. I am Halgranz, the wizard" The
party presents themself and then give the question: "How did you know that we are looking
for you?"

"Well, that is another story, but the reason is that there is something I want to show
you. We need to walk ahead in this direction."

Halgranz pointed to northwest. He didn't waited for any reply as he starts to walk. "We
need to hurry. We have two hours to go before we reach what I think you should see." "What
is it that you want to show us?" asked Allan.

"You will see, but before we reach this, there is something important I want to tell you."

"I have a bad feeling about this," said Bill.

Halganz chuckled: "I think you have right, this time. Now it is time for a story, but
sorry to say, this is not a bedtime story..."

Chapter 3 - Some kind of a demon...

"But we wanted to go to the teleporter," protested Lynn.

"Yes. I know that. But before I tell you about the teleporter, it is needed for you to
hear this story. It is him you can 'thanks' that you are here..."

"I suppos you mean Aradd The Black Unicorn..." Allan guessed.

"That is exacly right on the spot. Now you shall listen carefully... Can you see the hill
over there?"

They looked and a far away from them, they could see a hill. It should take them nearly three
hour to reach it. "I want you to see something in the valley, at the other side of the
hill. Now it is story time for you." He started to walk and the others decided to
following after him. "For a long time ago, over 900 years, one of the most powerfull
magicians started a war here in Another World. His name was Alkazair. This could have being a
success but of course he was or is, not the only wizard here in this world. The other two was
Bergenth and Kizah. Alkazair started the war against Kizah. After only one month Bergenth
joined Kizah in the war. Together the two wizards was more powerful than Alkazair alone.
This was something that Alkazair have also had in his mind could happen, as he hope it
should not. But he had a plan for it. He made a pact with the devil and together they
created a demon. The demon looked like a black unicorn. And his name was Aradd..."

"So you really mean that this unicorn is some kind of a demon?" interupted Jim.
"Yes, just listen and you will understand..." told Halganz. "Well, as you maybe already have
understand the unicorn was sent to kill the other two magicians and that was what also
happend. But then it doesn't worked as the devil and Alkazir wanted. Maybe you think it
was a stupid idéa to create a creature as powerfull as this unicorn, but the reason was

All of them now listen carefully as Halganz told them the background story of the black

"You see, the devil can not attack the world here himself. If he did that, other angels
and so should be here also. So the only way to get past this, was to send someone else...
It took some time before the magician started to check what the unicorn was. He got the
information that both magicians was dead. Their army was totally destroyed and some time
later he also got the information that the unicorn was not alone. He have eight dragons
with him."

"Hm," said Gwen. "I thought it was death that was with him..."

"No, not yet, but later. Anyway, the dragons, there is twelve dragons of this large size
here in this world, is powerfull, but there have not so much power as the unicorn. But
togheter this was a army of death. Alkazair contacted the devil and both of them
understand that they was in much more than big trouble. They now get their own army
prepared and you can think yourself when a army from hell arrives... The battle that was,
is a story that people still today often talk about. But I shall not tell you so much
about it, as I think some parts of it is not true. You know how it is when people is
telling a story, it will changing here and there and after some time it is not exacly the
same. Anyway, thanx to the dragons, Aradd could win the war on shorter time, but all I
have spoken to, have always tell me the same, even without the dragons, they couldn't beat
him. The magician, Alkazir, was killed, or if I have understand, he was not living or not
dead when Aradd was leaving him. I have not understand the reason for it, but it also doesn't
matter. The devil, well, he flee back to hell, and the unicorn didn't bother to following
him. But since that, Aradd have being several times in hell, the devil doesn't like it,
but tries to ignore him..."

"What shall he do in hell?" asked Lynn.

For the first time, the magician smiled: "He visits the nightmare's..."

They all smiled on the comment and Halganz continued the story, as it was not so long time
now until they should reach the hill.

"I don't know why the dragons joined the unicorn, but I know why Death did it... Short
after the war, Death come to the unicorn and told him that he have made him to work day
and night for over six months as this was the time for the war. Maybe six months is not so
long time, but over 200 000 people and creatures hade lost their lives. Since that day,
death is often with the unicorn."

"He is a strange creature with strange friends," said Bill.

"That I can agree with," said the magician. "So now you have a little idéa who Aradd is."

"Seems to be one of the most scary beings in this world," was Gwen's comment.

Halganz chuckled: "Yes, but otherway, there is some diffrents between him and other evil

"What you mean?" asked Lynn as they now was at the beginning of the hill. Now it was not
so easy to walk, as the ground now started to go upwards.

"Well, one of them is that he always keep his promises and the other is his humour. These
two have made that he have some kind of fan club, or what we now shall call it."

"Hm, a evil unicorn with humour and his friend death. I mean this can not be any more
strange or wierd, can it"

"He, he, he, he," laughed the magician. "Well, we have not so many steps left to the top,
but I can promised you that there is a reason that I told you this story. In a few minutes
we will reach the top, and I hope you are prepared to see this, as I think this is not
what you want to see at all."

And with this words ringing in their ears, the now was on the top of the hill.

Chapter 4 - Welcome to your nightmare's...

Halganz was the first to get to the top, but the others was soon standing at his side. In
front of their view was a large valley. All of it was burn to ashes, and nothing was left
what they could see. Not so long way from them was several rocks that made some kind of

"Some kind of fire...? asked Lynn. "Pity for the valley."

"Well," said the magician. "This was a beautiful place until some weeks ago. Remember when
you leaving Kandor?"

"Well," said Bill. "That feel as it was a long time ago..."

"This valley was burned to ashes the same day, as you can see, a little grass have started
to grow here and there...

"But what is the reason that you are showing us this?" said Gwen.

"The reason is that this is a graveyard."

After a few seconds the team was understanding what Halganz hade said.

"What?" said Bill.

"A graveyard?" asked Lynn.

"What do you mean?" wanted Jim to know.

"The same day you leave Kandor, 8000 warriors was travelling here. They have being warned
a few weeks before."

"Don't say it..." said Lynn. "...by a black unicorn... or?"

Halganz chuckled; "You guess right, five points to you... Anyway, Garanth, the king of
Ellgar, ignored the warning and send his army, 8000 of the around 10 000 warriors he have.
When they was travelling here, four of Aradd's dragons just come from the sky and I am not
sure that you know what dragon breath is?"
The team told Halganz that they wasn't sure what it was.

"Well, dragon's breath, or fire, is very hot, and it burns more than fire. It just took
around 20 minutes and then all warriors was dead, burn to ashes."

"How do you know this, was it any survivors?" asked Gwen.

"No, but Aradd told me that the dragons have told him that."

Meantime Halganz have tell them this story, they have walked down to the valley. They saw
a stick that was placed on the ground, on the top of it, they could see a paper. Bill was
the first that come to it, so he took the paper and looked at it.

"Is it anything to read on it?" asked Halganz.

"Yeah, just one meaning: 'Welcome to your nightmare's.' What is this?"

"EVERYONE! Run to the rocks over there!!"

They didn't asked Halganz the reason for his order, they just started to run. After just a
few steps, they could feel the ground shaking. "Just run!"

With the words ringing in their ears, they started to climb on the rocks. At the top they
saw that the plateau was not so small. As they turned around they could see hundred, or
was it thousands? of black horses. They all have red eyes. When the horses come closer,
they could see that they haven't horse tails, instead it was a tail of the same kind that
demons have.

"What... what is this," asked Jim as he looked down on the horses that now hade surrounded
the plateau.

"I am not so suprised," was Halganz answer.

"What do you mean," wanted Gwen to know.

"Well, sometimes everything not is as it looks. But I don't think that we are safe up here."

"You think right."

As the voice come behind them, they all turned around, to see the large unicorn and at
his side was Death, looking at them. Even as they have heard so much about the black unicorn
they didn't know that he was so large. With a high of 220 centimeters (7.21820 Feet) at
withers, it was easy for him to look down on them all. "I think it can be time for you to
know the real reason that you all are here."

No one of them said anything, they wanted the unicorn to continue the explanation.

"I think you all still remember the day you was leaving Kandor and started your travelling
to Ellgar. There was a reason for all this, and I think it is time to tell you why. I know
that this will not be a nice suprise for some people, not only you, but also many others
must learn that it is only in the fairy tales we have a happy ending..."

The prologue - The Unicorn and the fool(s)

Before anyone have a chance to answer, they could feel something in their hands; a document. When they look at it, they could read the story that they just have doing themself.

"This is weird," said Jim, and then he added: "Oh, my God..."

They all stared at the documents as his commment just appear on it.

"This can not be real," said Gwen, and as for Jim, they all could read her comment. Then
the paper vanish in the air, like dust.

"Now maybe you saw the name of the last chapter; the prologue."

Yes, they have all read the name: The unicorn and the fool(s).

"So you are the unicorn..." said Lynn. ..."and who is the fool, or fools?"

The unicorn didn't answer her, he just looked at the party. They all known the answer, but
they didn't wanted to know...

Then the unicorn looked at you: "Well, I think you also shall listen very carefull what I
now will tell you. Sorry to say, it will be no bedtime story..."

"Can you see the visitors!" said Bill in chock. "That is impossible." But then he realised
that this was the black unicorn, not one of the most powerful beings, he was the most
powerful beings.

Aradd chuckled: "The humans are still fun, ain't they?"

"Well, at least they are little more fun alive than dead..." replied Death. "Time to tell them all?"

"Yes, all, even the visitors that is now looking at this and think they are safe. Isn't it fun?"


No one in the party, and also you, didn't say anything as the story that the unicorn have
to tell them. The secret have being his, for so long time...

"So, little ones. I must first say that of all you here, only one visitor have
understanding the story so far. Now you rest will also known: Of course I can not let you
just leave Kandor as the real name of the land is. When I killed the king, I just call it
for Aradd the Black Unicorns Kingdom, but the real name is Kandor. West from Kandor you
have Ellgar, and there is where you are now. North is the sea, and to the south you have
Kondor. If you want you can visit Kondor also, as I have that land also under my domain. I
decided to call this for Empire of Aradd the Black Unicorn. The background for this, as you maybe have guess, is that the kingdom was to small. Now with this empire, it will be much more fun. I have keep this secret for seven years and if you have follow my travellings the nearest years, will know that I started with Aradd the Black Unicorns Den. That was eight years ago. Then it was to small and it was needed to expand and maybe you remember Aradd the Black Unicorns Stable? Anyway, later it was needed to move to a castle and then it was also to small. It was time to take over the complete kingdom. So then we have Aradd the Black Unicorn's Kingdom, remember? Well, the 27th of september 2004 I let the furry horses come to the kingdom. That also means that the time for the kingdom should be soon over. The 20th of september 2005 I took over also Ellgar and Kondor, and just for fun, and should we call it some kind of pause program? I let this party start their travelling to Ellgar. Well, you didn't think I just should let them go? I mean I am one of the most pleasant friends you have, isn't I? So, from the very beginning you could read
the name of the new land, Ellgar. You could also read that my dragons have attacked Ellgar, but still no one seems to guess the reason for it. Now it is soon time to show you this as I have keep it as a secret for nearly seven years... What you will see? Well, can you see the nightmare's here...?"

They looked around and the nightmare's was still there, they didn't know how many thousand
it was, but it was very many...

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