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Techwolf is sponsor of The Forgotten Empire and I do the work here, for free. But we need some money to the artist. Even as many artist is doing artwork for free, we must, sometimes, give them a hope to earn some money. All donations will go to the artist here in The Forgotten Empire. The goal is to reach around 150 dollar/month. If we can reach that goal we can get more artwork and stories here. Thanx for your help! Aradd
The contents of Kondor!
Kondor is the land of the non-anthro animals. Also non-anthro animals with anthro animals. A few artist also have some of topic artwork here as they do not have a own website. Notice that female anthro horses with other non anthro species is added in Kandor.

Maybe a little suprise, but it is needed with a smaller update more...
Gdane have not being updated for a very long time and it have also being needed to make a lesser change in his section as he have done some 3D artwork including animations. You can go and take a look at his updated section right here:
Yes, I recommend that. Another recommendation is to take a look at Siyah's updated section, you can take a look right here:
For a long time ago, I downloaded some artwork made by a artist with the name Ookami Girl. A google image search was useless, as many time before, so I have just add the artists drawings and maybe we can get in contact with her. Here is the button:
For the first time in many years, the correct amount of artist and artwork is now added at the artist index and the main index. Notice that several teleporter buttons is not working to Ellgar as that part is under recontruction./Aradd


This is just a lesser update... Furronika have being on my homepage since the beginning and he is one of the two artists that made me start this long journey back in 1997. Furronika have deleted all his artwork in Furaffinity but have given me permission to add his artwork here in The Forgotten Empire. Notice now that all his artwork will not be added as here you know what kind of artwork it is. So now a lesser update is made in his section and you can use this button to take a look:
Then there is a artist with the name Kumakum that seems to do some artwork. His comic Relieving Stress is now added in the comic section and you can use this button to take a look:
Right now there is no more contents to add here in Kondor as many artist here, have stop doing artwork so it is no contents to add here... at least for a while.../Aradd


After a very long time... Here is the update:
We start with Brushfire and her section is update with some new contents that I am sure you will like. Use this button here: and take a look.
Dark Ahroun Friesian have done some new artwork, but you find mostly of his artwork in Kandor. If you want to see them, just use the teleporter button that is added to his index. Now I recommend that you use this button: here in Kondor.
Ek Goya, or Elkit's section is updated. If you was here last time, you have being 10 years older. Yes, it was so long since last update of Ek Goya's section. But now it is time. Here is the button:
Then we need to go back in time, over 450 years... Hans Baldung Grien died in 1545 and I am very sure that internet was not invented on that time. However, now we can see this old artwork and that is very cool. Use this button to take a look yourself:
Another artist that have being here for a long time is Klaus Doberman. Maybe in the future it can be possible to add his artwork in full resolution as the posts in FurAffinity have made a low resultion standard today. Good work... or? Today when many use resolution of 1920 x 1080 many artwork will look as stamps, so we say thanx to FurAffinity for their work. Now Klaus Dobermann have added many artwork in good resolution and you can just go and see them here:
Snk is a very well known artist on Pixiv.net. I noticed that some artwork was not in the highest resolution versions so it was needed to replace and also add some new as well. Now you can take a look yourself if you just use this button here:
Vermilion have being here in Kondor for a long time, and now after 14 years it is time for a update. Notice that you will find mostly of his artwork in Ellgar. But now take a look at the new update, it can take another 14 years to next time... How knows...?
Argon made a very good work and found the correct name for a comic here in Kondor. Then it was also possible to find the missing pages. Now the comic is complete and updated. So if you like wolfs you should use this button here: The correct name of the comic is Gerou No Kai -
Issho Ni Kurasou Arashi No Yoru Ni - Haru - CC11 by Satou Eriko.
Kushina13 is a new artist here in Kondor and this artwork is some years old.I think it was Argon that find the correct name of this artist and that was very good done. Now you can take a look and maybe you have seeing this drawings before, now you know who is behand them.
Pixiv member 718927 is a well known artist in Ellgar, but notice that the P section in Ellgar is under reconstruction, so right now you can not access it. So here is the button:
Zemlya, is a artist that I found on derpibooru.org. You find many good artists there and they have not a resolution limit so many time the artwork there is in very high resolution. As this drawings that is i 6000 x 4000. Use this button and take a look:
Rankanri is another new artist from Pixiv.net. I am sure that you will like his artwork and use this button to take a look:
As a mentioned in Ellgar, Seabiscuit, is a new artist that post his drawings in a forum. But it was needed to register again after a problem with hackers and as they wanted people to get a new mail address on a specific server, I never registered again. But the artwork here is good to see, if you like horses, this is something for you:
Time for some new comics. Eromanga Is Magic by Rikose is a new good comic and it is translated also. Can it be better? No, it can't. Go and take a look, here is the button:
TeamHT have made a comic. I hope names and so is correct, no one can be sure when it is posted on internet... However, this is not translated, yet...? You can use this button to take a look:
Then there is a comic that should have being added here for some time ago. Wolfpack, is the name and it is original over 1 gb in size. That is not needed as the b/w pages was scanned in png format. For b/w artwork, gif is still the best. So the pages, that are in 4441 x 6213 resolution, have much smaller file size, but no quality is lost. Now you can go and take a look at this comic that is 100 pages long:
This is the end of the update for this time. If it should be possible to update more often, I must check to add new artists here, and I am not sure if anyone new artist wants to be here.../Aradd