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Techwolf is sponsor of The Forgotten Empire and I do the work here, for free. But we need some money to the artist. Even as many artist is doing artwork for free, we must, sometimes, give them a hope to earn some money. All donations will go to the artist here in The Forgotten Empire. The goal is to reach around 150 dollar/month. If we can reach that goal we can get more artwork and stories here. Thanx for your help! Aradd
The contents of Kondor!
Kondor is the land of the non-anthro animals. Also non-anthro animals with anthro animals. A few artist also have some of topic artwork here as they do not have a own website. Notice that female anthro horses with other non anthro species is added in Kandor.

I shouldn't have being suprised, but I was, a little, as it is not more to update here in Kondor. The last update was for 5 months ago. However, many artist have stop doing artwork and it is now  over 20 years since I started this site. Maybe it is time to see if it is possible to add some new artists, but that is not easy as here we just have artwork, nothing more, nothing less.
Now we shall take a look at the update and we start with a very known artist, ECMajor. His section have being updated with several new drawings and you can see them if you just use this button here:
Draft At Heart is back again, very nice, after a longer time without anything new. That is what sometimes happen as many of us, have a real life also, yes, so it is. Now I am sure that you want to see the new drawings so just use this button here:
Klaus Doberman have being in Kondor for many years, maybe we shall see if he can make a commission in the future? Well, meantime you can go and see the new drawings and I am sure you will like it, here is the button:
Aoino Broome have made a few new drawings and of course you will find them here in Kondor, just hurry on and use this button here:
Pixiv member 1045733 have made some new drawings. It is something you will like, if you like horses...
I don't think Reva Diehard need any bigger presentation. Have you being online the last years, you know her artwork, I am sure. Just use this button here, to take a look:
Time for some new artist from Pixiv.net. Fengmo is a very know artist, maybe you have seeing some of his artwork, but maybe not this ones. You can use this button here: And I hope you like cats...
Ymbk have done some animal artwork, yes, suprise. You can take a look at this artwork here:
Angel is a new artist. Okey it is just one drawing, but it is a very good one. Here is the button:
MaiNM-e is a very well known artist, I don't know if he have done some more artwork and this ones, but they are good, go and take a look here:
Pixiv member 49333229 is a new artist for me also. I hope you like his horses. Here is the button:
And this is the end of this update. Hope you like it./Aradd