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Techwolf is sponsor of The Forgotten Empire and I do the work here, for free. But we need some money to the artist. Even as many artist is doing artwork for free, we must, sometimes, give them a hope to earn some money. All donations will go to the artist here in The Forgotten Empire. The goal is to reach around 150 dollar/month. If we can reach that goal we can get more artwork and stories here. Thanx for your help! Aradd
The contents of Kondor!
Kondor is the land of the non-anthro animals. Also non-anthro animals with anthro animals. A few artist also have some of topic artwork here as they do not have a own website. Notice that female anthro horses with other species is added in Kandor.

Just a minor update for The Maze. It will be another update here as soon I have time for it. Meantime, here is the button to The Maze:


Well, for those that have follow the information posted in the forum, already know that it have not being possible to access wereanimal.net for some time. Now when it is possible it is time to add the new equine section here. Thanx to Argon several new photos have being updated and I also added some zebra and donkey photos. Argon have also made great work in The Maze so several drawings is now removed there. Here is the link to the new equine section: