What's New in Kondor


So this is the first, and only update, for 2016... I think. However, thanx to the following people:
It have now being possible for a commisson for Kondor. The artist Freckles have done a very good work with this andthe high resoultion drawing is posted here in his section. You can go and take a look here:
So when you are in that section, I suggest that you also take a look at ECMajor's new drawings. The button here: will take you to his main index.
Well, Brushfire is a well known artist. And she have made several new drawings, but mostly of them can not be added here as they belongs in Kandor. However, one new drawing is added and you can see it here:
Gdane is working and as usually he have done several drawings with... dogs, yes you guessed right, but also some other drawings. Go and take a look and take a cold beer, or was it bear?
Huthro is mostly known for his drawings in Ellgar and Kandor, but sometimes, no not often, he make a drawing that will fit here in Kondor, it also have some humor in it. Go and take a look here:
After ten years Nightdancer have made a coloured versions of his unicorn drawings. I am sure that several of you will remember them, now when you see them again. Now in higher resolution and in colour. Don't miss this as it can take ten years more, to next time:
Vermilion have done a new drawing and also a animation that can not be added as the ftp part of wereanimal.net is not working as it should since may 2015. So only one drawing is added. You can see it here:
I think mostly of you know who Klaus Doberman are. His section is one of the bigger here in Kondor. His section is now updated with several new drawings and I am sure you want to see them. So here is the button:
Well, now there is twelve years since TOR hurt his back in a accident. He is still back to health but have reuploaded some of his drawings in higher resolution. That is well worth to take a look, a close one, so I suggest that you use this button right away:
TOR is also known as Randy Muledeer and a b/w drawing is added in his section, you can use this button here to take a look: Yes, I used button number nine twice. Cool, isn't it?
Then Reva Diehard have made three new drawings and I am sure that you want to see them. She is mostly doing horses and I think that is the most popular species. Here is the button:
Then there is time for some new artist, well they aren't new for some of you...
Sailor Anna is well known from Kandor, so I was a little suprised when she have done two drawings that could fit here in Kondor. So now use this button to take a look:
Well, another well known artist is Scale. Nice to see some different animals and I think you also will be suprised. Curiosity didn't killed the cat, you know... Here is the button:
So then as usually, the artist from Japan strikes again. That means that you will be on your own in the P-R section. The new artists is on page 2 - 4 & 6. Here is the button to page 2: and the update for the section P-R is started on page 3, here is the button:
Then I shall end this update with a notice that also the comic section is updated with six new comics.../Aradd