What's New in Kondor


So, at last, a new update. One reason for the long time between updates, is that there is not so many artist still doing this kind of artwork anylonger. But now I have updated what is possible. We start from the end, and there we find Todd Dharken. He have done one new drawing that will fit very well here in Kondor, just go ahead and use this button here:
Next artist is Reva Diehard. As for Kondor and Ellgar a Patreon button have being added to Reva's sections. But if you just want to start to take a look at the new drawings, just use this button here:
I Ate Your Kit Kat have made one new drawing, well it was a time since, but now it is online here in Kondor, nice isn't it? Go and take a look, just use the button here:
Well, another artist that I am sure you know, is Gdane. He have done some new drawings, well, his dog section is not small anylonger... Was it you that said size doesn't matter? Well, just use this button here:
ECMajor have done one new drawing. Equustra is, well, I hope, his most popular character, and ofcourse you want to meet her... eh, I mean see her. Here is the button:
When I checked my artwork collection, I am not finished with that yet, I noticed some old drawings by Chris Sawyer that was not here in Kondor. Of course we need to do something about that, because it will be new for all of you, that have not seeing them before. Here is the button:
Alex Spastic is mostly known for his anthro artwork. But he also sometimes made non anthro artwork also. So one new drawing is added to his section here in Kondor. Here is the button:
So, now you need to go to section P-R and take a look at page 1, 4 - 5 because several artist are updated there and they are all from Pixiv net. Well, then you know that everything can happen. So, start with page one, here:
That is also the same if you want to see the new artist on section P-R. Okey, I will add the button, but there is no reason as you can use the other button, but here it is: Happy now?
Brushfire is a well known anthro artist, and I have also added a Patreon button to her sections. Even as she have not done so many artwork if this kind, they are very good, I am sure you will like this. Just use this button here:
Dark Ahroun Friesian is another artist, that like Brushfire and several artist, made mostly anthro artwork, but now Dark Ahroun Friesian's section is online here in Kondor, if this artist is new for you, be sure to use the teleporter buttons to check his other artwork. You will not be sorry. Here is the button for Kondor:
Now for a suprise. Extro have made a non-anthro drawing that will fit very well here in Kondor, one drawing is just a good start, isn't it? Take a look here:
There is some missing animal photos that will be added in the next update here in Kondor. /Aradd


It is time to upload the artworks made by Klaus Doberman. I don't think he needs any bigger presentation as he is well known by mostly people that like this kind of artwork. Even as Klaus have not done so many new drawings the last years, his archive is not small and I am sure that it is something for all of you there. So go and take a look. use this button here:
As I already have mentioned in the forum, also next update will be a artist update here in Kondor. That will be done as soon as possible. /Aradd


So, there is no reason for add so much information for this update, exept that in the mare photo section, the 'new' icon is added for the new photos that is now added... Yes, there is more than one, and also the B/W horse photo section is now online. Go and take a look:
For those that have visit the forum, already know that next update will also be here in Kondor. It will be a artist update. /Aradd


Time for the stallions! Well, the stallion photo section is now online. 720 photos is added. Well, unlucky the updates in the photo section is not finished yet. I shall take a look at it as soon I have time. But now, go and say hello to the boys:


Now the horse mounting photo archive is online again, and of course it is updated. But it was not possible to add the 'new' icon to the new photos, as I not have the old archive avaible anylonger. Now you can go and take a look if you use the button here:
It will take some time before the stallion photo section will be avaible here in Kondor. It is needed to fix some stuff in Ellgar before...
I wish you all a nice summer, and remember even if it is raining, the sun shine in Kondor. /Aradd


Well, it is boring to wait, isn't it? So I decided to put online what I,so far, have done in the horse photo section. The mares is now online. Here is the button:
It will take some time before the rest of the horse photos is online.../Aradd


We start with a update in The Maze, as also The Mazes in Kandor and Ellgar is also updated. You can use this button here: if you want to take a look. /Aradd