What's New in Kondor


I decided to work with the update for Kondor meantime the wereanimal.net server was offline, so here is a update that I hope you will enjoy...
We start with Alex Spastic that have being trapped in the My Little Pony trap, he is not alone with that as I have seeing several artist now is doing adult MLP artwork, I am sure you want to see this:
It is not so often I see old drawings that is new, but this time that happend. Draft At Heart's section is updated with two old drawings, stallions, and you can see them here:
It was a long time since Horse Maestro's section was updated, but now a few new drawings is added. Both b/w and colour section is updated, and you can take a look if you just use this button here:
Hybred Vigor is another artist that it was a long time since it was any update. Well, that is now fixed and you can use this button to go and take a look:
Mirapony is one of the artist that have done mostly of her artwork in Kandor, but now, we have a few new non anthro drawings to add here in Kondor, nice isn't it? Use this button to see them
Spera is a well known artist when it comes to this kind of drawings. It is now made a bigger update as her b/w drawings is also added. You can go and take a look here to see:
Then we have the P-R section, there the pixiv artist Wkar is updated. You can see it if you just use this button here:
Nabesiki's section is also updated with twelve new drawings. You can take a look if use this button here:
I don't think Reva Diehard needs any bigger presentation. She is a very well known artist and we have one new drawing there. Just use this button to take a look:
Then we shall start with a unknown artist. His drawings was added in The Maze, but Argon find the artists name behind it, Apples Paws, but that is all information we have. Go and take a look and remember to contact me, if you have any information:
Then we have another artist, but this artist is not possible to contact: Dirck Volkertsen Coornhert's drawing is added and I think you want to see it, maybe you have seeing it before...
Giovanni Caselli drawing was erlier in The Maze, but thanx to Argon we now have a name of the artist that have done the artwork, Giovanni Caselli. Go and take a look:
Hukuroushi aka Ghq is one artist that Argon find but unlucky there is no information about this artist. You can go and take a look at his dragon drawing here:
Remember Huthro? Well, if you are in Kandor, you already know him. He have done two non-anthro drawings and of course they are added here in Kondor. Just use this button to take a look:
Nekubi have two versions of his MLP drawings, one is added here, the other is in Ellgar. Use this button to take a look:
Siyah is one of the artist that first was in Kandor, but now you can find her artwork also here and in Ellgar. Well, it is only one drawing, but it is a very good start, don't you think?
Then we have another artist that was erlier in The Maze. Thanx to Argon, we now have moved the artwork to the correct artist, and that is: Ronald Sydney Embleton aka Ron. Sadly this artist died in 1988 but his artwork is still with us. The artist is mostly know for one of those that did the very well known comic Wicked Wanda. Just use this button here:
Then we have Patrick Redman. The link to his section, well I am not sure that it is the correct one, but I have not found anything more. Many artist don't official do adult artwork, so maybe this is a secret. You can go and take a look here: Thanx to Argon for his help with this drawing.
So then you need to take a tour yourself, the P-R section is updated with several new artist from Pixiv.net. Just start here: and move on.
Also notice that The Maze have a lesser update. Argon have found some better versions of the Dragons & Dinosaurs artwork. You can see it here:
The Castle is update with some information.
This is the last update for this year and I wish you all
A Happy New Year! /Aradd


So, wereanimal.net was down for nearly three days so this update is a test to see how things work. First notice that Argon have checked The Maze again, the results was that seven images is removed, nice, isn't it? A few of them, will return in the next update. Then this update is only animal movies. We start with a replacement of the CAS Bear1 bear movie, this i longer and in higher resoluton. Then a new movie is also added on page two. This button will take you to page one in the bear section:
One new movie is added in the horse section, The movie is called duet and I think you can guess why when you see it. Here is the button:
Then two movies with zebras is added, I was not sure if it is a duplicate from another movie, but I add it here for you to see. The new one is in high resolution. Well, now lets see how the server work... /Aradd


Yes, it is summer! But that is not the reason for this update, and it is very delayed as my old computer got some problems. Everything is not fixed, but it will be in the nearest weeks...
So the correct amount of artwork/artist is not added here, but I think mostly of us can survive that.
Now there is really time for the updates, and we start with:
Alex Spastic, a artist that mostly is one the dark, eh, I mean on the anthro side with his artwork. Now a lesser update is done here in Kondor, and you can see it here:
Another, well known artist, is Chris Sawyer, I noticed a old drawing that was not added in his section, so it is there now, use this button if you want to take a look:
Draft at Heart have made some new drawings... Yes, it could have being some more, but sometimes artist have otherthings to do, strange, isn't it? Well, to see the new drawings, just use this button here:
Gdane have done some new drawings and for those that like dogs, I am sure you want to see his section. Both dogs and equine section is update, you can check this out, just use this button here:
Hybred Vigor have done some drawings. It was a long time since his section was updated, so it is really time for it, so just go and check it out, use this button here:
I Ate Your Kit Kat have done several new drawings. And of course a update was needed for her section. The drawing: iateyourkitkat_100_7136.jpg is removed and replaced with a new, higher resolution version. Check this out here:
Huskie is now moved to section G-I, she have done a few new drawings, they are added in her section, I just noticed that one of my favorite drawings made by her, is not there, I think I shall add it in the next update... Well, right now, use this button here:
So then, well, we have some new artist here, and now we go back to the A-C section.
I got a mail from a artist that wanted to use the name Chasing-lions on internet. A good choice as you should not use your real name, ever, on internet. That is rule number one... She send me some drawings and as it is animals, it can of course be added here in Kondor, now you can check her artwork if you use this button here:
Then we have a drawing made by Freckles. For those of you that visit Kandor, already know him, so I don't think he need any bigger presentation. He have done a non-anthro drawing, and it is now added here in Kondor. Want to see it? Well, here is the button:
Another well known artist is Mirapony. She have being for a long time in Kandor, but now she is also here in Kondor with her artwork, nice isn't it? Just use this button here: to take a look. Well, to end this update I have to leave you with a last button. It will take you to the knew P-R section and there you will be at your own. The update there includes several new artist from pixiv as a update. You can start from page one, and here is the final button for this update: /Aradd