What's New in Kondor


So there is time for a lesser update and there is maybe some more to add later... But right now, we start with ECMajor that have done some artwork that was not added here in Kondor. That is bad, isn't it? Well, the button here: will take you to his section right away.
Another artist that is doing new artwork that is I Ate Your Kit Kat, she is mostly doing anthro artwork, but lucky for us, she also do some non anthro drawings also. She also use the name I Ate Your Cookie. However, now there is time to see the new drawings and here is the button:
Then there is time to go to the comic section. There is two new comics added there, both from Japan, isn't mostly thing done in Japan and China these days? Now also the comics, well, use this button to take a look:
Do you know what the difference between a cow and a motorcycle. No?  Well, there is others that not know the difference either. You can see it here:
And with this, there is time to end this update. Check the forum for update information. /Aradd


So, finally... We start with the artists that is included in this update, and first we shall go to the artist G-I section and there we first find Gdane that have done some new drawings, also notice that his zip file, that is a little more than 51 mb in size, also is updated. However, you can go and take a look here: .
Well, then we have I Ate Your Kit Kat, she is mostly active in Kandor but she also, sometimes, do some non anthro artwork, lucky for us, here is the button: . Alex Spastic is not often do some non anthro artwork but now have done MPL Twilight and it is of course added here. Want to see it? Ok, here is the button:
Then there is a new artist from Pixiv.net. Pixiv member 2851630 have made two drawings that will fit here in Kondor. Here is the button:
Then there is some more updates, The Cinema is update, and this button will only take you to the main index, then you are on your own, yes, your mother didn't want to follow you anylonger:
The Maze is also updated, a very small update, some drawings are moved to correct sections and that is not mentioned in the update. Notice that the two new added drawings in the MPL section was earlier added in the artist section. But I got a mail from the artist that pointed out that she have not done those drawings. The button will take you to page 1 in the maze but there is also a little update at page 2:
The Castle is also updated with a new Paypal commission information page. The last money is spent on a commission for Ellgar made by Huthro and will be added in the next update for Ellgar. You can see the commission information page if you use this button here: Remember that all money goes to the artists.
For 13 years ago I decided to add some animal mating movies to the site, as many people still like this movies, a movie update have being done. The button will take you to the animal mating index and I hope you will like the movies that is now added. Here is the button:
With this we have come to the end of this update. I hope that the server will work okey, but the site is very big and several files here is very big, that means that they use much transfer rate. Well, have a nice summer and remember to check under your bed, before, you go to sleep. Who knows, some unlucky day you maybe will find a black unicorn there... /Aradd


It is time for a little update. I ate your kit kat is one of the artist that is working very hard with new artwork and that is very good, isn' it? Yes, I know you should agree with that. Now you can use this button here: to go and take a look. Then Klaus Doberman is back again... I think... However, I must take a closer look to his section so this time the new artwork is just added in a section of their own. You can use this button here to take a look:
One of the artist on Pixiv, artist 30242, have made some My Little Porno drawings. You can use this button here: if you want to see them.
Then there is a new artist, well, this drawing was one I found for many years ago and I decided to add it here. Maybe the artist have stop doing artwork but I decided to add a drawing by AB Art. You can check it here:
Then part two of the KTQ15 comic is added. The comic is not small, around 135 mb in size. You can of course download it as a zip file. Here is the button to the comic:
So we stop here to see how the server will handle this update... /Aradd


So, now it is movie time... But first I think you should read some stories:
Vaulthurst send me some stories and some of them are was added in a update in Ellgar. Now there is time for some stories here in Kondor. Vaulthurst's stories often have the tranformation theme included in them, so if you like that, this is something for you:
It was a popular comic posted in some forums for a time ago. I decided to add it here in Kondor also. It is 100 pages for you to read, if you can read Japanese language as the comic is not translated. However, go and take a look at the comic that is called KTQ15. Of course it is also avaible as zip file. Here is the button:
Then there is time for some movies. We start with the lions. One new movie is added there, here is the button:
Then we shall go on to the dogs. There is some movies added. It starts on page 2 and ends on page 4, here is the button: .
So, donkey time... No this is not the donkey in Shrek... Two movies is added in the donkey section on page 2 and 3, the button here, will take you to page 2:
So, then we have the horses. Three movies is added to the horse section. It wasn't so easy as I have not checked my archive for nearly two years and it is much there to resort. I hope I can got some time later this year to check it, if so the old Darkside of Kondor archive will return. But for now, the button will take you to the horse movie index, then you can use the buttons from there.
This was all for this time. It will be a artist update here as soon as possible. As usually information will be added in the forum. Also always remember to add a comment in the forum if you find something that not work as it should. /Aradd


So, time for a update. Thanx to Francis we could now add a comission here in Kondor and it is made by Aoife n Leecon. The fun point with artwork is that you can see something, that maybe, not will happen for real, but that is okey. The comissioned drawing and two others, is added in Aoife n Leecon's section and you can use this button here: to go and take a look.
Well, then there is a bigger update in the P-R section, several artist is updated and there is many new artist there as the artist from Japan, works overtime there, as it seems... The button here will only take you to page one in the P-R section and then you will be on your own. The update is so big so it was needed to reupload the complete P-R section. Here is the button:
One of TOR's old drawing was coloured by someone that posted it on a forum. I have now add the drawing in TOR's 'coloured by others' section. You can go and take a look at it by this button here:
Then there is time for two other new artists. One of them, you already will find in Ellgar, but mostly in Kandor: I Ate Your Kit Kat also did some non anthro artwork, and that will of course fit here.
You can use the button here to go and take a look. Remember to use the teleporter buttons if you want to see I Ate Your Kit Kat's artwork in Kandor, there mostly of her artwork is.
Then we end this update with one artist that I have no information about. So I decided to add him here and then we can see if it is possible  to get any response. KF Furry Design is doing mostly horse and dog artwork, and of course it will fit here in Kondor. Now here is the button and remember to contact me, if you have any information about the artist, or if there is something that is not working as it should. You can also use the forum.
It will be a new update here and I also hope that it will be possible to get some more comissioned artwork, remember to add you suggestion in the forum. Next commission will be in Ellgar, as soon we have money enough for it. /Aradd