What's New In Kondor

Updated: 2012-10-23

Yeah. There is time for a update. Argon found that several drawings in the maze was made by Buttercup Sayian. A well known artist. She have now checked the archive so it is correct and it was needed to make a index and also a zip file is avaible for those that want to download all drawings. Now the button here will take you to Buttercup Sayian's archive, also remember that she is also added in Ellgar. Here is the button:
Then there is some new artist, yes, in Japan they work 24 hours/day. New artist is added in the P-R section on page 1-3. The button will take you to page 1, then you are on your own, don't blame me, I only work here... . /Aradd

Updated: 2012-10-15

So, time for a update. Aoife n Leecon have done one new drawing and as their section is not small, a zip file have being added for those that want all drawings... I think there is many that wants that. Now here is the button to the updated drawing:
Then Gdane have made several new drawings and of course the zipfile in his section is also updated. Here is the button that will take you to his main index: Then you will be on your own...
Maybe there is still some that remember Furronika... His section is updated and back again. You can go to his section if you use this button:
This is all for today but it will be another update soon. Also ignore that there is a little mess in the P-R section. That will be fixed in the next update that I am working on. /Aradd

Updated: 2012-09-17

Well, time for a artist update...
And I shall start with Klaus Doberman. Argon pointed out some drawings that should be done by Klaus and they are now added in his section. Also the zipfile is updated. I will send a notice to Klaus about this update, maybe it will be needed to make some changes there. The only thing that you should check is if you have a drawing with the name: trannywolf_thedairybarn. If so you should move it from Klaus Doberman's map and add it in a map with a name Trannywolf. Now you can go and take a look at the update and another thing is the file size, in bytes, is added so it is easy to see how big the zip file is. Here is the button to Klaus Doberman's section:
So, okey we will be in the same section for a short while: Lunarwolf was also one of the artist that was lost in the maze. That is now fixed and also some other drawings is added. You can check Lunarwolf's b/w section, if you use the button here:
Then we go on to Gdane's section. There is several new drawings and now his section have being so large, so his artwork is also avaible in a zip file. You can go and take a look here:
If you go a little bit more, you will come to Horse Maestro's section. In his section there is not so many new drawings. One of the reason is that several of his new drawings is herm animals and that is one thing that I trying to avoid. If you want to see that, you need to go to his section in FurAffinity, remember that you must have a account to watch adult artwork. Well, Horse Maestro's artwork here in Kondor have the amount of drawing so a zip file is also added in his section. You can go and take a look here:
Reva Diehard is a well known artist. Unlucky she is not doing so much non anthro animals, but there is a update in her section and I am sure that you don't want to miss it. So here is the button:
Todd Dharken is a very active artist, well, he have slow down a little and that will give us a chance to add someting here... Todd makes all kind of artwork and I think it will be a update in Kandor with his artwork also. Now, meantime, you can check his section here, and here is the button:
Then at last, there is a drawing added in Windpaws section. It is moved from the maze and I shall send a mail to Windpaw so he can check it. But you can check it now if you use this button:
So, now there is now more latest additions buttons left, but there is more to add both here and in Ellgar and Kandor. Check the forum for update information. /Aradd

So now a lesser update... A new comic is added in the comic section, you can use this button: if you want to see it.
Then Argon wanted a stallion movie, so one more is added. You can see it if you use this button here:
So, if there is time, it will be a artist update at sunday night... /Aradd


Well, it seems that this time, it is only a animal update. The artist update will be after the weekend and information about that, will be added in the forum. Now the button will take you to the animal main index and all sections that is updated is in yellow colour. Here is the button:
Also the zipfiles are updated for those sections that have the zipfile avaible. All updated sections is also RTA taged. /Aradd


So, this is a little extra update. I got a reply from Paul Pinewood that is was okey to add his comic: Trixie's Grand Plot. It is very good news at there isn't many adult comics with animals alone that is made. Also the comic section is now RTA taged. Also maybe some good news for some of you here as you can download the comics in one zipfile instead to download the pages one by one. Here is the button:
Then Argon wanted a movie and as he have give so much help, we must help him, so it is, isn't it? So my horse joker2, a very short clip, is added in the horse stallion section. You can check it here:
This is just a extra update, but I am not sure when next update will be done. For those that wants to know, check the forum. /Aradd


Well, we start this update with that Argon, that have done a very good work with The Maze, is now added in The Brotherhood of The Black Unicorn. That is a section in the castle, dedicated for those that have being to a very good help with The Forgotten Empire. If you want to check it, use this button here:
Now there is time for the update of The Maze here in Kondor. As some of you already understand it is a problem with mazes if they are to small. The victims, that is you, can easy find their ways out. To change that, the new maze now have over 1500 drawings. Now you can take a look here:

I got some mails that some travellers got a password request for the moves at The Forgotten Empire. Of course no movies is password protected. There is no need for anykind of registration or sign in. This is not FurAffinity, but maybe we shall change it to that... or? /Aradd


Hm... Well, where shall we start... I think you should go to Canis Major's section and take a look. I know you will not be disappointed. I must also make a notice that some of the artwork have not the original filename. I have sent a notice to Canis Major about that.
Then Argon pointed out that one artwork was made by Michael Sherman. That is now fixed and also another drawing is added in his of topic section (furry). Notice that the zip file does not including these two new drawings as I have not time to reupload it now... The clock is 03:45 in the morning... Well, here is the button:
Then also a drawing is added in Randy Muledeers section. I have renamed it so it will be okey. Argon added a notice about this drawing in the forum, now go and take a look yourself:
So then it is time for some Pixiv artist. One artist number 2348450 is updated and you can see it if you use this button here:
Okey we stay in the P-R section. There is a new Pixiv artist: 1578906
Snk. I hope you will like his artwork. And here is the button:
Then we shall go and take a look at some drawings that Argon pointed out. Notice that all drawings that is now in other sections, is still in The Maze. They will not be removed as the new The Maze will be online in the nearest week. Here is on artist: Nicolas F O Tassaert. This is old artwork, but it is still good. Here is the button:
We continue with another artist: Jean Marie Poumeyrol. You can use this button here:
Also this artist is or was, good as he is dead since many year. Jean Louis André Théodore Géricault. You can use this button to go and take a look:
Information about next update, will be added in The Forum. /Aradd


This is just a extra update. I hope the server on wereanimal.net will continue to work and if so, it will be another update later here as the new The Maze will be added here in Kondor. That update will not be small...
Anyway, I have not got the time to check my movie archive, but I decided to add some movies... First a dog movie and you can check it here: .
Then there is three horse movies and you can use this button: and this
It could be possible to add some more movies but as it have being some problems with the server, I think this is enough this time. Next update will be as soon as possible, and for those that want some information, just check the forum. /Aradd


It seems that it still is some work with the server and that is not so fun as I got no information when it is done. Now the update is added and first we have a bigger update in Op's section. If I say animals with big cocks and balls, I think many know what Op's artwork looks like...hehehe... Well, I read that some people was searching for his artwork so I decided that it was time for some update. 200 drawings is added and also some movies. You can check it if you use this button here:
Then there is really time to welcome two new artists. Well, new and new. I think many already know them. We start with Gdane that have done very many drawings with animals. Even as there is many added here, I don't think it is all. But maybe we can add some more a sunny day, when the server is working? Well, meantime, just use this button here:
Then we have another artist: Hybred Vigor. Of course he is also very welcome here and he have also done several animal drawings. But you will find that he have a bigger selection of artwork in Kandor. But I recommend that you start with a visit here in Kondor. Here is the button:
Remember that both Gdane and Hybred Vigor also is in both Ellgar and Kandor. Next update for Kondor will be as soon as possible and I think that it maybe is time to add some animal mating movies in the next update. /Aradd


Yes, the update is delayed as it was some work with the server. Well, unlucky for you all, we are back. This update will mostly be with new artist from Pixiv.net. That site is one of the biggest in Japan, and i think there is no other website that is bigger. Before you go there and take a look, you can use this button: an go to look at Klaus Doberman's updated section. If you have not any of his artwork you can download it in one zip file. The size is around 140 mb. Or why not go to FurAffinity and download them one by one?
Then you can go to the artist section P-R. There we have 12 new artist. Remember that you should always look at the update date. The 'new' icon added at the artist, is only added as everything in the artist section is new. If it is a updated artist, you will find the 'new' icon added to the new drawings. So what are you waiting for? Here is the button: . You are now at your own...
Next update in Kandor, will be as soon I have time, there is some more that needs to be added. Aradd


Well, the ordinary update is not going the way I like, so meantime I decided to add some movies here that was not added at the end of 2010. Someone's here maybe remember that the site was closed the 8th of december 2010. The Forgotten Empire is back and now it is time to look at some dingos. Before you go, I shall also tell you that the new date is now added in yellow colour, so it is easy to see. I think mostly sites today, is not user friendly, but I hope there is some of you out there that think The Forgotten Empire is. Well, here is the button to the dingo movie section:
Then there is some horse movies, you will come to the horse index if you use this button here:
If we paint the horses white and black, we got zebras. They are also updated and you can use this button here:
That is all for this time. The Paypal donation button is added here in Kondor. All donations goes to the artists as I do this work for free, stupid me, isn't it? /Aradd


So, it is time for a update. I know that horses is the most popular species here in Kondor.
So I think many of you will like the new artist Aoife n Leecon. But I can understand that you do not recognize the name. If I say Horselover4000 I think many of you remember the artist. For a long time the artwork was removed and I am very happy that we can now add it here in Kondor.
Now it is time for you all to use this button here:
The work with the RTA tag is going on. /Aradd


So, a new year, a new update. We shall take it slow here in The Forgotten Empire as the work with the RTA tags must continue. But we shall start the new year with some stories and movies:
AdobeFats have done three new stories and they fits better here in Kondor than in Ellgar. So a new index is made to host the new stories. You can go direct to AdobeFats index if you use this button: .
Then we shall take a look at the donkey and horse movie sections. For the donkeys, three new movies have being added. You can go direct to them, if you just use the button here: .
If you want to see the two new horse movie clips you can use the button here: . Notice that you also need to go to page 5. The Forgotten Empire is now using over 15 gb of serverspace and so far the websponsor, Techwolf, have done this very well.
The Monitor changes system is not working anylonger, so the link is removed and for those that was registered to it, don't need to do anything. It is pity as it have worked very well.../Aradd