What's New In Kondor


Hm... We shall start with a update in Canis Major's section. Both b/w and colour sections is updated. I am sure you don't want to miss this artwork and here is the button: and you will be on your way. Then we shall take a look from on a new drawing from a artist from Pixiv.net. They have soon reached 14 000 000 drawings... Eh, well, here is a new drawing from pixiv artist number 1045733 and here is the button: . Then we shall add a new artist from Pixiv.net. The artist is 122694. Bad that it is not possible to read Japan language as it is a little boring with the numbers. Well, mostly of the script based websites today is boring anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter. Here is the button:
It was no time to take a look at my movie collection for this update, and maybe that was a little bad as this is the last update for Kondor. /Aradd


This update was taken some time as Klaus Doberman's section is updated. The zipfile is also updated and I hope the server can handle it. The zip file is around 100 mb in size. Also notice that Klaus Doberman's artwork have being posted with different resolutions and of course only the best resolutions artwork is added here in Kondor. Here is the button:
Then Empty Set have doing a new drawing, in two versions, and both is of course added here in Kondor. You can use the button here: to see it.
Well, we shall add  a new artist, well, he is not new as he have being in Kandor for a long time. Todd Dharken is most famous for his furry horses, but Todd Dharken also do other kind of artwork. You can use the button here to see his artwork here in Kondor:
Then I got a mail from AdobeFats. The story he have done, wouldn't fit in Ellgar, but here it will fit perfect and if you want to read the rest of his stories, you can use the teleporter button added to his section. Here is a button to his story here in Kondor:
It will be another update as soon as possible, but first it will be needed for a update in Kandor, so it will take some time before I can fix anything here in Kondor... /Aradd


So, there is still problems with the server speed so it will only be a lesser update. Empty Set is back and as usually, with high quality artwork. All his sections is updated and you can just use the button here:
Now in august, it is 12 years since I started this website. From the beginning it was only 30 mb in size and the name was Aradd The Black Unicorn's Den. It was a long time ago, yes, now we shall see if it is possible to continue a little time more, but we can never be sure. The server problem also does that it is not possible to add any new movies. /Aradd


Hm... I have come to a end with the work for the horse mating section, well, on my hard disk... Well, everything need to be checked and then... it is the rest. However, the five clips added here, I am sure that it is not added before so with this we reach 300 movie clips. Well, the site have being a little slow for the last time, but I haven't checked the reason why. I am sure that Techwolf, the sponsor is doing the best he can to get the server to work. As you know it is large files that is most expensive to have online. The Forgotten Empire is now using 13 701 970 642 bytes in server space. Now it is horse time and if you use the button you will come to side 7 in the 0-C horse mating section: /Aradd


It is time to make a update in Horse Maestro's section. However it was some errors as some artwork was not in the correct sections. I decided to make a new index to Horse Maestro and his section is now resorted. You can take a look at it here:
Then it is a new artist added here. Banshee89 have done a stand alone 3D drawing that is added here in Kondor. The rest of Banshee89's artwork you will find in Ellgar. This is a lonesome goat, but in Ellgar he is not alone. Lucky him. Here is the button to Banshee89's section and we wish him very welcome to The Forgotten Empire:
For those that have followed the information in the forum knowns why the animal mating movie and photo sections is not updated right now. /Aradd


I am working with the animal movie section, well not exacly here, but in my own collection. I am sure that this movie is not added here... Well, I hope. It is nearly 6 minutes long and this time it is in original flash format. Yes, I think you all shall suffer!! :-) For those that like horses, can use this button: /Aradd


Yes a little extra update. The reason is some complaints to the travller's here in
The Forgotten Empire:
When you buy a new computer, the new operating systems is bigger and slower as the old one you used. The game producers make better and better grapic and sound. Unlucky it is not any time to make the game fun to play, so after some hours it more feels some kind of a boring work, as you do the same thing over and over again. Now there is some that trying to sneak around and use older versions of operating systems and/or not playing heavy graphic games... What shall we do about them? Well, as a evil unicorn I can give some help. The movie here have a file size over 80 mb and the clip is not long either. It is a quicktime movie and the reason for the file size is the resolution is 1920 x 1080. Now this is two male donkey's and for those that want to give it a try... Well, here is the button:
I am working with the index for The Darkside of Kondor and for those that want to keep yourself up to date about that project, can read information about it in the forum. The reason is that I still got some mails about it and I think it is time to do something about the index as it is not up to date today. /Aradd


It is needed with a lesser update here in Kondor. YouFoal send a notice on the forum right in time for this update. For those that have being there, I think you already download this, but for you other this is something I think you will see:
It is time to add two artists from Japan that is also added in the other sections. In Japan there is a very large artwork server with the name Pixiv.net. It works nearly the same way as FurAffinity and other sites of this kind do. Exept that Pixiv.net uses Japan language only. Also it is needed to register and login to see adult artwork. I decided to add this artist that I found, here in Kondor, as it maybe is not so easy for you other to see their artwork. If you have an artist on Pixiv.net that you think could fit here, contact me. Now it is time and on Pixiv.net all members only got a number, so as it is not possible for me to read Japan language, I just added them with the register number from Pixiv.net. Here is artist number 129208 section: And here is the button for the artist number 1045733:


Well, it was some work with this update and it was not so fun to do as Michael Sherman died in november 2006: When I was working with this it remainds me about the artists that is not alive and others that have leave internet...
Still, after over ten years, I am still here but today the places like this reminds of some kind of acient times. Otherway I don't like the way internet have come with all boring forums, with mostly blah blah on or sites that is so bad done that if they should build a car that way, it should have no engine... Lesser bug... hehehe. Another site that have changed badly is yiffstar.com that now is sofurry.com. Heavy graphics, to much icons here and there and a search engine that now not work at all. Yes, yiffstar was much better... Now to the update:

Michael Sherman is now updated, three years after his death... 166 drawings is replaced/added and before you go, also a notice that for artists that not have a own website, I sometimes give them some help to add their of topic drawings. So you can also download Michael Sherman's of topic artwork if you want. There is one zip file for the animal artwork and another for the of topic artwork. Thanx to the fans of Michael Sherman for their help to get the artwork. Here is the button:
It will be no movie update but just for fun I added some pig photos. For those that want, they are also avaible to download as a zip file. ere is the button:

Then, as it was mentioned in the forum: Furronika's of topic section is removed. There is several reasons for that: There is a Furronika section on FurAffinity that will be updated and also I got the information that Furronika do not want his artwork that is posted on FurAffinity be posted here in Kondor. It is better to remove it here, as I think it is better for you all that you will be needed to download the drawings one by one, instead to get in in a zip file... I got aheadache when I visit websites like that and you know how it is!? If you have something, why not share it with your friends... and enemys /Aradd


The artist Op have done a few new renderings and they are now added in his section. Notice that for those that have already downloaded Op's artwork in zip file, you don't need to download the file again. It will be faster to just download the new drawings. Here is the button to Op's index:
Then some movies have being added. As they take very much bandwith I just add a few. Two in the horse section: Then we have a donkey mating with a mare. That is added in the interspecies section as otherway we can only guess, should it be in the horse section or the donkey section? Well, it is more easy to have it in the interspecies section, here is the button:
The last movie is in the Rhino section, and you can use this button if you want to see it: /Aradd


So, we shall start with a small update. Empty Set have done a new drawing and it will now take some time as he have other things to do, well, that is what he said. Can we trust the artists? Well, I leave the answers to the fans here, but meantime you thinking about that, you can check the new drawing here:
Then we have a of topic update. Furronika's furry section is updated. You can see it if you just use this button here: /Aradd