What's New In Kondor


So it is time for the last update for this year. We shall start with Empty Set, a well known artist. He have done two new drawings and the horse drawing, is here added in higher resolution and in Empty Set's own section at FurAffinity. The other drawing is a deer and that can be nice as we have just passed Xmas. Here is the button to Empty Set's index:
I got a notice from a traveller about a sex movie. in the scene, that is on a horse race, there is a stallion, now we are talking about a real stallion... The movie is not so much to see, but the horse scene was something different so it is added in the horse section. You can see it if you use this button here:
With this update I will also wish all traveller's here A Happy New Year. /Aradd


I got a mail from Ek Goya and it seems that he find something a little nasty for every xmas. Now he have found a new modell that you can use this button to see, just remember that this is not done by Ek Goya himself.

I wish all travellers here a nice xmas! Aradd


Finally, after some waiting, Empty Set have finished the three drawings he mentioned. Well, it not take so long time, or? Those that are not too old and weak, after this waiting, and still have the strength to move the mouse pointer, can just use this button here:
For some time ago I got a mail from a traveller that was very allert. He have noticed that one of the thumbnails was not correct for the movie. Well, it was changed, but the thumbnail is correct, if you have the longer version of the mating movie. Now it is added and this file is around 85 mb in size. But notice that it is two movies added and the old, shorter one, is a mpg movie, the new one is a avi movie... Hm... It says it should have sound but it seems that maybe one of my codecs is not correct as I got no sound when I tried to play it now, well, here is the button: . Also remember that you should only download one file at the time, otherway the server can stop the download. That is to protect the bandwith. /Aradd


Some days it is extra work. Decided to make a update with a correct information how many artist and drawings it is here in Kondor. It was some extra work... Well, we start with a bigger update in Kovu Lion's section. The new drawings is of course marked with the 'new' icon. Here is the button: Notice that the link to Kovu Lion's website is not correct.
Then we need to move on to Empty Set, that have done a new drawing. I think mostly here will recognize the characters... so here is the button: .
Well, we shall stay in the same section, as another artist have made a remake of a old artwork. Drages have made a new version of this drawing, cool, isn't it? As usually any suggestions about artist artwork should of course be added to them. But here is the button to Drages section:
For a long time ago, I got a mail from a artist that is one of my friends. She found better version of Hans Baldung Grien's drawings. But I didn't remember to add them, but now when checking the archives I got my eye on them and I am sure that you also want to see them. Here is the button:
Also some new artwork is added in Op's section. Notice that the new artwork is not included in the zip file, so remember to download this five drawings also, well, if you want to have a complete selection of Op's animal artwork, and I think you want to have that. Here is the button:
So, now, at last, the correct information about the artist and drawings here, is fixed: 105 artist and 2475 drawings. Notice that artists that have sections with of topic artwork, is not included in this. /Aradd


So back again... Empty Set have done a new drawing, that is added in the interspecies section. I am sure that you want to see this as it is nice to see something different. Here is the button:
I noticed that Reva Diehard have done a new drawing that fits very well here. Nice that it is a species that not many have done before, a camel, well, the button here will take direct to Reva Diehard's section:
Well, then we have a of topic update also: I noticed that one of Furronika's drawing was not in the correct section on my hard disk. I am also not sure that this is a MF drawing as it looks that the character is females, but as it is added MF in the filename, I add it in the MF section. It have the new icon added and here is the button: /Aradd


As I mentioned before, is it time for another update and this time Op's section is online. I think there is some of you that have waited for this but the update is not small. Also a zip file of the complete section is aviable, but remember that if the server will be to busy, it close the download section. If you got a error message, you can try later. Also notice that the zip file is 270 mb in size. Well, here is the button: /Aradd


Hm... For those that visit FurAffiinty knows that they celeberate their one million journal have being posted. Well, here we don't have any journals to celeberate, and even if we should have that, well, I am not sure that one million blah blah is worth to celebrate and I think that is not the reason you are here. But some blah blah is needed: The artist Nightshroud have change his name to Vermilion and that is now fixed here and in Ellgar. Here it will be no updates, but in Ellgar Vermilion's section will be updated in the nearest days. Also the artist Tapiko here, well, that name was not correct. The artist call himself Op and that name have now being added. The update to Op's section will be next update and that update is not small. Before we continue with a of topic update, I decided to make a on topic update. So the horse section is updated with two movies. You can see the first one here: and the second here: . Then a new section in Furronika's Furry section is online. This time the male-male section. You can see it here: /Aradd


So, this is a update, that is not a update. Well, some information is needed:
Tapiko is added and this artist uses other names also, I think. But the animation that now is moved to his section, is from
2008-10-01. So right now he is a new artist with a old animation. Now as you can see on the index that is added in his section, the upload will not be small so it will take some time to get it online. When it is online, Tapiko will be added with a correct date and also the 'new' icon will be added to his section. Now you can use this button to go and see the animation, remember to move it to the correct map in your computer. /Aradd


Eh... Well, back again... This is some time for a update, and we start with a on topic update Empty Set have done a new drawing, well I think mostly of you will recognize this character and the button here, will take you to Empty Set's Dog & Wolf section:
Then we have a of topic update, well, I already have guess that it is another Furronika update. Now the male/female section is online. You can see it here:
It should have being another update here, well a on topic, but I need to take a closer look at it before it well be added online. I hope it can be added at sunday night, but this is not a small update, so I will not promise anything. /Aradd


So, time for another of topic update. Well, I think you already understand that it is another part of the Furronika update that is now aviable. You can use this button here and you will be on your way. /Aradd


t is really time for a on topic update. So now we say hallo and welcome to a new artist here in Kondor, and she is also in Ellgar and Kandor. Well, it seems that she is everywhere. Reva Diehard is one of the artist that do very different kind of artwork, and that is good, as it can be something for everyone. Now here is of course her animal artwork and if you use the button here: you will be on your way.
It will soon be another update here, and the date will be added in the forum. /Aradd


Furronika is one of the artists that have being with me from the very beginning of my work here and there is now over 10 years ago. As I know that it is many fans of his artwork, i decided to get a part of the update online already today. Now notice that this is a beta version and it can be changed later and it is still more to add. Also the zip files is not added this time as I will wait until Furronika, and you, have checked the archive. Now the comic section is online, the rest will be added next week. This update is of topic and it is only done as Furronika don't have a own website to post his artwork, one reason is that he will not offer the time to do it, so I do it instead. Also notice that Furronika's mail address is not added as there is many that send mails and want more artwork. I think you instead can bothering other artist that deserves it. Now here is the button that many have waited for: /Aradd


Well, as Empty Set just made another new animal drawing, I decided to add it here as the rest of the work will take a longer time before it will be finished. Now you can go and take a look at something diffrent, a herm horse and I think that is not what we see often for non anthro artwork. Here is the button: /Aradd


I got a mail from Empty Set so his section is now updated. Also a link to his FurAffinity section is added as also his mail address. I also noticed a bug that the link to his Yiffstar section was missing. That is now also fixed. Remember to add a comment in the forum if you see any bugs here in The Forgotten Empire. Bugs are not allowed, we leave them to other websites! Now I think you want to go on to Empty Set's section, so here is the button: /Aradd


Furronika have started several comic series, but unlucky nearly no one of them is finished. In his section is now added a part of a comic and if there is any more pages, it will be added as soon I got answer on my mail send to Furronika as when he work, he have not time for anything else. Here is the button to the new added comic series: /Aradd


I noticed that one of Furronika's drawing was in wrong section so I moved it to the correct section, the animal section, and you can see it if you use this button: Also notice that Furronika's index is changed as a preratation for the artwork update to his section later. /Aradd


Hm... Well, it seems that it is needed to start some works here in Kondor, as this should not be started until the end of this year. But now a old friend, I think you remember him, is back again. Yes, Furronika is back again and it is needed to add his artwork here. Later also his anthro artwork will be added so travellers can get a chance to see it again. Right now, only one new drawing is added and you can use this button if you want to see it:
Another, should we call him 'old'? Okey, we do that: TOR is a well known artist and his section is changed, but of course the new artwork is marked with the 'new' icon. For the lazy ones, yes I can see you there, you can of course download TOR's complete artwork as one zipfile, remember that the contents in Ellgar and Kandor is not included in the zip file. Here is the button:
Then we shall welcome a new artist, Empty Set. I think there is some of you that already know him. Don't miss his coloured drawing in TOR's section, but I am sure that you want to see his artwork and that can easily be fixed, just use the button here:
Well, this was all right now. Have a nice summer. /Aradd


Well, it is more than two years since Canis Major's section was updated. And I decided that it was a must to add something for the artwork section. Canis Major give permission to add this 10 drawings and you can see them here:
I got a mail from Ek Goya. Well, he have found some more plastic models and they are added in his section. You can use the button here, and you will be on your way:
Then as a thanx for Techwolf, the sponsor of The Forgotten Empire, I have added 7 wolf movies. You can see them here: I also got a mail with a new version of Zebra Climax and we call it Zebra Climax deshaked. Also a new movie is added in page 2. Here is the button:
This is the last update for Kondor. I hope you have enjoy your stay here and for those few that wants, can read the information about the update stop here in Kondor. Aslo notice that The Maze is closed! If it should be still aviable online, it should be needed for a reconstruciton work. The Maze, also known as Misc Artwork section by unknown artist, have never being any success, as I nearly never got any information about the artwork there. So I decided that it is not worth the time to do a update to it./Aradd

I notice for a long time ago, that it was not easy to add any new artwork here. The reason for it is that some of the old artists, have stop doing this kind of artwork, or quit do anything new at all. The new artists that is on websites today, don't know that Kondor exist at all, and I have not tried to contact them about Kondor as I don't think they have any interest in it.
So i decided to rename The Empire, to The Forgotten Empire as I also understand that many artist today don't remember this old site.
Also today this is not how you should do a site. Here we don't have big banners flashing around, we don't need to beg for money as Techwolf is sponsor for The Forgotten Empire, and it costs a lot of money to have all movies online. The site is not script based as it takes a lot of capacity for the servers and transfer rate and it is better to use that to the contents instead....
Remember that Kondor is in first hand for artwork, the second, as a kind of add on, is the animal mating photos and movies.


It is time to add some new interspecies photos, maybe you have not seeing them before. This time stallion and cow. It is mentioned that this is from a real video but the video have never being released on internet. However if you now use this button here: you can check it out yourself. The photos is marked with the 'new' icon and continue on side 2.
Next update, that will be in around 2 weeks, will be the last update in Kondor. It is not yet decided if it is the last update for 2009 or for ever or if it should be a update this summer. The reason is that it is not possible to get some new artists/artwork to add here. Ellgar have a few updates before the updates will stop there also. /Aradd


I got some mails... One from Ek Goya with some new photos of plastic models that he have bought. This time it is horses and you can see the new photos here:
Then i got a mail from two other travellers that sent one new movie each:
One is added in the interspecies section, you can see it here:
The other I got is a new fox movie and you can see it here: /Aradd


I got a request from one of the artist here in Kondor. He wanted to see one more of the horse semen movies and we must help the artists here? Well, the movie is around 24 mb and here is the button: /Aradd


We start with a little update as I got a mail from Ek Goya. No, he have not do any new artwork, but don't blame me... never blame the unicorn's, you know... Well, he found a new plastic model and you can see it if you use the button here: I hope your will have a great 2009, even as the worlds economy is nearly more bad than Dark Vador. /Aradd