What's New In Kondor
April - June 2008


Well, this is another kind of update. A new link is added in The Castle. If you use it, it will take you to the Darkside of Kondor. The index there have being aviable for friends but now it is time to show it for you here. For those that have visit the forum, knowns that the Run like hell have now started. If you want to take a look in The Darkside of Kondor you can use the button here, but remember to read the information carefully:
A known that some of you have waited for this for soon four years, I am sorry that it have taken so long time... /Aradd


Yeah. It is hot now, isn't it? Well, we take a small update here in Kondor. Got a mail from YouFoal, no this time is not a new horse drawing, it is a bull, and you can see it here:
Then I got a mail from a traveller that like horse butts. Well, maybe some of you do that, so I decided to add the photos here, but it was no space left so it was needed to remove the new mating photos that was added for a long time ago. Here is the button:
Have a nice summer, it soon time to run... /Aradd


I think it was some of you that was a little suprised when Tanialassie's artwork was not of the erotic kind. Well, now it is time to add some more. Notice that the drawing that was added before, is now renamed so it will match Furronika's original file names better. Here is the button:
For those that enjoy to visit Kondor, it will be a special update later. The name is dedicated to all of you: Run like hell, and I am sure that this is what you need to do... Information about the update will be added in the forum /Aradd


Got a reply from Actaeon, a friend of Tor. The furry horse that was added in the last update have now the correct name and you can download it again, or just simply rename it on your hard disk. Here is the button again:
I also got a mail from a new artist, Tanialassie. She will be added in Ellgar but she started to colour a original drawing by Furronika. As it is a stand alone horse, it is added here in Kondor. Here is the button: /Aradd


Got a mail from Ek Goya, well, I think mostly of you know or have seeing his artwork. However, now he have done seven new drawings. It is doggy time! He also sent me two photos of a model horse that he bought. You can see the new drawings if you just use this button here:
I was a little suprised when a old TOR drawing was posted that I haven't seeing before. The coloured version is already in Tor's section, but this b/w version was new for me, even as the original drawing is not new. This is added in Tor's anthro b/w section as I have mentioned before: Artist that have no working own website, it is needed that I give them some help, otherway it is a very big risk, that we can not see their artwork. Yes, I agree that this is a risk that no one of us will take. Now use this button to see the new drawing:
Then it is time for the horse mating movie that I promised in the last update. Now this should be playing in all movie players. Also a mare movie have being added. The original movie file is not correct, but it should work anyway, even as it is a little annoying. I also added another horse mating movie that I found was in the update folder. Maybe I got a request for it, and if so, I am sorry for the delay. Now use this button to go to the horse section:
I also decided that it is time for other species than horses. So a new elephant movie is added, and it is over 2 minutes. Here is the button:
The next update will be a changing in the horse photo section. /Aradd


Well, as I mentioned yesterday in Kandor, Horse Maestro's section is now updated with 5 new drawings. They are ofcourse marked with the 'new' icon. You can go directly by using this button here:
So, I got a mail from a new artist: Awe. He wanted his artwork to be little more known and the rules here is as long commersial artists give away something for free, they are welcomed in The Forgotten Empire. Awe have also non erotic artwork and more information, you will find on his own website. The artwork that is added here, is in higher resolution as on his own website. Very nice, isn't it? Well, now I suggest that you take a look at Awe's artwork and it will be another update from him in around two weeks. Here is the button:
It should also have being a horse mating movies, as I know that species is mostly popular... Well, and the unicorns...? But it was not possible to make any thumbnail and it was some problem with the codec so it will be added next update, in a standard video format. /Aradd