What's New In Kondor
July - September 2007



So we have now reach one million travellers. That is very nice and I got some new photos from Oliver, they are added in the new horse photo section and are marked with the new icon. You can easy go and take a look here: . And with this we now pass 1800 photos online... Then I got a mail from Vagabundo and I noticed a nice wallpaper drawing with Scar, I think you will like this one, so it is added in the wallpaper section. The easy way to see it is just to click here: ... Maybe it is time to add some information for the few that wants it:
This is the last update for a longer time, I don't know how long or when it will restart. But as promised, Kondor will still be aviable for those that want to travelling around here. The same will be in Ellgar and Kandor. (For Kandor I will wait a short time as I am waiting for to see if there will be one more new artist there.) Maybe it is not so easy to find some free movies and photos with animal and it is not so many artist that is doing this kind of artwork either. You can see a few drawings at Yiffstar.com a very good site: It have a search engine and you don't need to register or login to see adult artwork. The we also have furaffinity.net that also have some artist that is doing adult non-anthro artwork. But to see adult artwork in furaffinity.net you need to register and login. It also have no working search engine and if you want to avoid all annoying photos, just choose adult artwork only. I really hope that sites like that one, will not be the new standard on internet...
The first information about The Forgotten Empire will be posted in the forum the 24:th of october. The subject will be: The Yellow Letter.
Now I wish you all a very nice autumn. I have bought a Nintendo Wii so I shall spent some weeks to play Zelda.../Aradd


I got a mail from Vagabundo. He have now coloured two more of Furronikas drawings. One of the drawings is coloured by Vagabundo before, but I think you all will like this version better. Here is the button: . Then I have a work for you all: In the horse mating movie section it was a movie with the name 04a.mpg. When I now is working with my archive I noticed that the original name of this movie is cap001.mpeg. Use this button to go and take a look at it: . As we soon reach 1 million travellers I also add another movie, this time it is boars. Here is the button: . As you see the movie is added in the pig section. /Aradd


Okey we make another update already: I got a mail from Oliver and he sent a horse mating movie. To see this you need DivX codec then it is just to click here:
The I shall also add the information from Furronika that he have not time to work with the Monster Hunter comic right now, but he know that it is many that is waiting for it. /Aradd


So, both Furronika and Vagabundo is back again. Furronika is still working with the Monster Hunter comic but the latest time he haven't so much time for it. Now he sent me some new unfinished anthro artwork and they are added in his section here. There you will also find a new coloured drawing that Vagabundo have done. I am sure you want to see these even as it is a little of topic. Here is the link:
I also noticed a drawing posted by a artist that was in The Maze. The artist is now contacted and the drawing is removed. /Aradd


Yes now again... time for another update. This time we shall take some look at cute asses, but before we do that, it is time to take a look at YouFoal's finished artwork with the unicorn. No, it is not me, but as you know; Unicorn rules and here is the button: So then we shall take a look at a new artist, well, he isn't new as Horse Maestro already is in Kandor, and if you remember he have being on Furnation since many years now. I have put togheter both his new and old artwork and here is the button: If you want to see the rest of Horse Maestro's artwork you can go to his section in Kandor. If you use the button to FurAffinity remember that you need to register and login to see adult artwork there. This kind of crap things is nothing for us here, there is better things to do than offer time to register and login... I think you should go and take a look at the updated donkey section. Horse Maestro have send me several new photos, some of them is from internet, and others he have got from other places... Hm... I also think it is some horses that have sneaked into the donkey section, but I am not sure... Hehehe.... Horse Maestro also ask for a request of a new donkey movie and of course I have fixed one for him and also for you. The movie is 33 mb in size and runtime is nearly 3 minutes. You need DivX codec to see it. Here is the button: .
In The Castle the character sheet information is added. /Aradd


So there is some need for a update as it is time to make a own section for Pika. He is mostly known for his 3D dolphin animations that you can see in Ellgar, but he have also done some 2d drawings and you can see them here. Pika is also updated in Ellgar but I suggest that you start right here: .
Then we have a new Interspecies movie with a dog and a tiger. You can see it here: I got a mail from Oliver with some horse mating photos and they are added in a own section right here: . We also have some anthro drawings from Furronika and there is two that have not the correct name, yes it is very annoying with this forums that rename the original file names and I shall send a notice to Furronika to see if he can tell me the correct filenames for the two drawings that start with a_*. Here you can take a look right now: /Aradd


I noticed that YouFoal have started to do some new artwork again. I think many want to see it, so the new 5 drawings by her, is now added. Just use this button here:
And with this artist update we now pass 1600 drawings, not so bad... It shouldn't be any movie updates now, but as it seems that someone's is missing them, I also added 3 new movies: We start with a good movie, I like the comments in it, with deer's. The movie is nearly 2 minutes long. Here is the button: . So then we will continue to the horse section: We first have a mare movie that I think many of you want to see. The original is in flv format, but here you have it in mpg format, just use this button here: . Notice that the movie is over 5 minutes long and it is around 33 mb in size. Yes, size matters... Then we have the other movie that is in DivX movie format. This movie is in 2 version, this is the shorter one, but in higher resolution, so i decided to add this here. Now you can just use this button here: .
And with this update we are now using over 4200 mb in server space, I think that means that it will be problems for someone's in the future... /Aradd


So, time for a update again. The reason is that I got a mail from Zebu Rider and when I looked at his artwork, it was one drawing that was four legged. A equitaur is a four legged horse. So it is needed to have her here, and she looks nice, doesn't she? Well, if you want to see, just use this button: and if you want to see the rest of Zebu Rider's artwork, you can use the teleportbuttons that is added to his section. /Aradd


I got a mail from Dennis Cours and it was good news as he have started to do a comic with the name oral safari. The first drawing is now added in his section and also notice that the drawing awaiting is moved to his section here in Kondor as it is anthro with non-anthro and it should be here and not in Ellgar. Here is a link direct to Oral Safari. Here is the button: . I hope you all will have a nice summer. /Aradd