What's New In Kondor
April - June 2007


Time for another update... This is also a changing as some of Furronika's artwork is moved from Ellgar to his section here in Kondor. I have also added the artist Vagabundo, to a own section as he have now made so many coloured versions of Furronika's artwork. You can see his new drawing if you use the button here: also notice that it is one new drawing added in the furry / furry section. /Aradd


I got a mail with the information that the drawing WannaPlayC in Michael Sherman's section is not done by him. It is made by a unknown artist as a fan work to Michael Sherman. If you have any information about the drawing, or the other that is now added, contact me at once. The button here will take you to the new lion drawing section that is added in The Maze. Here is the button: /Aradd


We start this with a short information: The Forgotten Empire was closed for a short while as it was a java script that didn't worked as it should. It is now removed so we now start again and sometimes news is bad news: I have hope that the information about that the artist Michael Sherman was dead, should not be true. But it seems that the fact point us that he died in november last year. Even as Michael is not with us anylonger, his artwork will be, and this update is not small. Notice that Michael's section in Ellgar is also updated. Now I think you want to see the new added artwork but just a information that also Michaelī's anthro artwork is added as some of the drawings should not be possible for you to see if they not was here. If you think you have some artwork by Michael Sherman that is not added here or in Ellgar, contact me. Thanx. And here is the link:
Then we shall continue with a new artist: FurNut. He was found by a visitor in Kandor, but when I checked his section, there was a non-anthro horse also. So of course the horse is welcomed here. FurNut? Oh, he is also welcomed here, and here is the button: /Aradd


So it was needed for a extra update. In the summer 2004 I found a artist that made some nice drawings. It was no information about the artist and the site just call it eqyptians. Well, you can see 3 of his drawings here and the rest is in Ellgar. Just click on this button here: and you will be on your way. Remember to contact me if you have any information about this artist. /Aradd


Time for a update. Stallionmares have sent some more female dog photos, and they are of course, added in the dog section. They are marked with the new icon as usually. Here is the link:
As I made the update I also decided to add some other things: First we have two zebra movies that you can see here: Then I also found a new interspecies movie, pig and cow, and you can see it here: .
So, now notice that I have not fix some stuff here, but I think no one can noticed the errors as the web browsers just ignore them. Anyway they shall be removed but the biggest work have being to do the recontruction work of the old what new section. That is not fixed yet but it will be soon... /Aradd