What's New In Kondor
October 2006

A very special thanx to Equlibr for his help with the animal mating movie section.
I know that you all will love it!! /Aradd


One drawing was missing in Dennis Cours section. It is now added. Both the new and the drawing that was added yesterday have the 'new' icon added. Good that Dennis noticed that as it was still in my mail box... Here is the button so you can check it yourself: /Aradd


So it is time for another update... And we start with the artist Dennis Cours. Lucky that he did a new drawing, as otherway it should not be any artwork update here Kondor at all. Notice that Dennis Cours take requests and he do it for free. As Dennis is both here and in Ellgar and Kandor, I think what ever you want to see, he can fix it... Now here is the direct button to his section here in Kondor: .
So then thanx to mrc55, that have sent me mostly of the new photos you can see in this update, but also Oliver, equinerider2000 and Equlibr, we have now some new photos. I think we shall start with apes... Time to going ape? Well, here you have 136 photos, just click on this button here:
Then we shall take a look at the new species here in Kondor: Bats. And they are much cooler than Batman... You can see 8 photos here: So, then we have the Bears. I have them in two sections: Bear and Koala. 35 bear photos and 10 koala, that is 45, isn't it...? Yes, unicorns are not only cute, they can count also, just click here to see the new photos...
So, time to fly, but you got no wings? Well, the birds here are doing something else, it seems that some here can not fly at all. 10 new photos is added in the bird section: .
The I think you should go to the cattle section. 57 new photos is added and they are, of course, marked with the 'new' icon. Go right on: . So then we shall travel to the goat section and look at the new photo section there. 9 new photos is added, and you can see them right here: . So now we have no more latest additions buttons but we need to continue this update. So we just start over with button one again. If you now click on it, you will come to the new horse photos, they are all in the same section, this time. 42 new photos is added as you remember in the last update, that was some kind of downdate, you should remove some photos and many was in the horse section. Now with this update it will be 1017 photos there instead of 1000. Here is the button: . So now we shall go to the new kangaroo section. 75 new photos is added. Want to see them? Okey, here you go: Hm... then we have the misc section... I have put some photos  there of different animals, some of them, I don't know the species of. Others I have not decided if I shall put them in a own section, or not. Later this misc section will be moved to The Maze. When it will be open? Well, I don't know, but meantime check now the misc section here: It is 73 photos there, so it is...  Then we have a bug fix: The 2 new rhino movies was not working as the link was not added or the movies was not uploaded. That is now fixed and also 5 photos are added to the rhino section. Yeah, I also like rhinos, they are horny, or...? Well, here is the button: So the we end this update with the new species; Turtles, not Teenage ninja turtles, this is other turtles and I haven't the time to fix the animation for them right now, so I will fix that later. . Yes, only 4 photos there but better than nothing. So now we have come to a end of this update, hope you have enjoyed this 433 new photos... /Aradd