What's New In Kondor
September 2006


So another day, another work... for you. If you have downloaded the photo 20030310.jpg in the interspecies section, you should delete it and it will now be replaced with the photo coonmil1.jpg.
Also the lion-tiger1 and 2 was the same photo but 2 was croped. I have reuploaded the lion-tiger1 photo and it is a little lighter. Then there is a new photo with a dog and cat, the name is 1154402703.jpg. All these 3 photos is marked with the 'new' icon. You can go direct and check this by click on this button here:
. But remember to delete the photo, 2003-0310.jpg.
Date for the rest of this update will be added in the forum, there is still some work with it.../Aradd


Yes, the time goes fast when you have fun. Now it is time for you to do some work. Before we have any update here, it is needed that you check your photos. Below here it will start a list what you should do:
And this is important, so read and do this carefully:
If you have a photo in your bear section, with the name: teddy.jpg you should delete it.
It will be replaced in the next update with a file in higher jpg quality.
In your cattle section you can check if you have this file:
bullmount.jpg you can delete it, it will be replaced in the next update with a file in better quality.
The you should go to your donkey section.
If you have a file with the name 20020501_010.jpg you should remove it.
It is better with this name: Jack_Donkey_Fun05.jpg
The we have the horse section....
In the mare section there is a file with the name: 213.jpg, just delete it.
It will be replaced with another better version, next update.
The photos, 66.jpg and 26.5.93-8.jpg is the the same, delete both. They will be replaced in the next update with a higher resolution photo... Also delete 93.jpg you should have the file: 03_13.jpg and that is a better resolution. ANI00073.jpg should be removed. The photo 114ap.jpg is the same but in better resolution. Then delete Faith_T329RearS.jpg as the photo Faith329Rear.jpg is the same, but in better resolution. Also FaithT333RearS.jpg should be deleted as you should also have Faith333Rear.jpg and that is in better resolution.
Then we shall continue with the horse mounting section:
Delete: Ben0048a.jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben48.jpg
Delete: Ben0052jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben52.jpg
Delete: Ben0053ajpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben53.jpg
Delete: Ben0054ajpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben54.jpg
Delete: Ben0055_jpeg.jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben55.jpg
Delete: Ben0056_jpeg.jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben56.jpg
Delete: Ben0058_jpeg.jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben58.jpg
Delete: Ben0064_jpeg.jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben64.jpg
Delete: Ben0070a.jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben70.jpg
Delete: Ben0071a.jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben71.jpg
Delete: Ben0074a.jpg and Ben0074.jpg. Better version: hossie_xx_Ben74.jpg
So that was a good start... Check this mounting horse photos:
db0696a2 and db0696a3.jpg if you have it, delete it. The file: Pa070018.jpg and Pa070022.jpg is better versions.
Also delete
Delete Travsex1s.jpg as you should have it in better quality: Barnside_Traveler_Sex01sm.jpg.
Then remove Spirithorse_MiniMate16 and 15.jpg they are also in this file names: Spirithorse_Minimate058 and 051.jpg
The photo sadka4 and 3.jpg you should remove them, yes... Better versions is:
38-65b and 38-64b.jpg
So we have a duplicate in the stallion section: Equimate_Grabbed_Frame_01 and 02 is the same. Delete 02....
So now you have something to do, and you need to do it before the next update here in Kondor.
Also notice that there is no changes done in the photo sections. That will be done in the next update, when the photos that you shall delete will also be removed here from Kondor. The date is not decided yet, as it is several hours of work to fix the update. I shall start with it in the end of this week. More information will be given in the forum... /Aradd