What's New In Kondor
August 2006

A very special thanx to Equlibr for his help with the animal mating movie section.
I know that you all will love it!! /Aradd


There is time for a lesser update, it will be a larger update... well, when you last expect it...
As usually I will try to add a comment about the updates in the forum. So far everyone have keep it stright to the rules and that is very nice. I think we must show the amateurs here and there that it is not need for register and sign in, as it is mostly a waste of time... So, time for the update:
We start with the very glad information that Dennis Cours, a artist you find both here and in Ellgar and in Kandor, takes reguest. And he do it for free. That is a very good news, isn't it!?!
Go to his section here or in Kandor or Ellgar and send him a mail. One drawing was moved from Dennis Cours section in Ellgar to this section in Kondor... So you have already download it? Well in case of that, you don't need to download it again. As Dennis Cours will be updated in the next update in Ellgar. Also remember to give a feed back to the artists here. Remember that this site is very much bigger than mostly of other commersial sites, as you can see when you look on the information: 85 artists with 1286 drawings. So now we shall take a short tour with the update:
Canis Major have done a new drawing, and that is now added in his section. Yes, I know you want to see it, so go right away: ... Yeah, humans have no patience... Okey, then I think you should take a tour to YouFoal, you can see her new drawing if you just click on this button here: . So that was all this time... Hm... The next update... Well, let me say it shortly: Your nightmare's will returns! When? Well, have you look in your wardrobe? Maybe they are hiding there... and they will give no mercy... /Aradd


So after 11 months of down time there is time for your nightmare's to come... Yes, they have waited for so long, but now it is time. And it is also to late for you to run....
First there is something I want you to read and notice that the text between the lines here, is the same here, as in Ellgar. Some parts of it, is also the same in Kandor.

For seven years ago, I got the idéa for what you now can see. I wanted to do something that is as you read a very good book, or look at a very good movie. This experiment means a lot of me and I also hope that both you as a visitor and the artist will like this.
Because both artists and visitors here, means a lot more than they go to other sites.
The reason is that here you know what you can see. If you want to see other artwork you should not be here. So no one of the artists here will never be one by many. I have noticed through the years that the sites visitors seems to take a tour from one end of it to the other. That I think is not what many do on other sites. Also the sites that is today, many is not very user friendly: You need to regist and login. It is not possible to right click and save the drawings directly to the hardisk and so on. I shall now tell you shortly how this is working. The only thing here that can take a time to upload is the Main Artists section. The reason is that the gif animations there, will take some time to download for your browser. But then you can just watch as all gif's are showing. One drawing of each artist that is in the sections are there, so just wait and let the thumbnails go a complete circle. Then we have the
icon. If this icon is for a artist or drawing section, it means that the complete section is new. Otherway the new icon is added to the new drawings. Then there is working so that either you just click and choose 'save as' and download the drawing you want direct to you hard disk. If you click on it, it will open in a new window. The reason for it that this is much better and faster than you should hit the back button on your web browser. If so, the browser need the rechache all thumbnails and that will take a few seconds more than just close the new window. To follow a artist, that have done different artwork, just use the teleporter buttons. Then you can use another one to go back, or if you want to continue your travel in another land.
Notice that even as Techwolf, the sponsor of  Kondor, is doing his very best, it is not easy to handle a land big as this one. If you got a error for the movies; file not found, or permission denied, that means that the transfer rate have passed  the limit. If that happen, the server cuts off the links to the movies, but all other things here should work. Any bug reports should be send to me as soon as possible as it is important that everything is working correct here. /Aradd

Now we shall continue with the update. Well the update here is so large so it is not possible to use the quick jump buttons this time. I shall just now mention the new artist here in Kondor.
I am sure that you will like them and as you maybe think, it is not so many that are doing non-erotic artwork, so it is very nice to have them here in Kondor.
To make it a little easier we start with the letter A and so on...
Alex Spastic is a very well known anthro artist. He did this drawing for some years ago, and it is both fun and erotic.
Canis Major is a artist that can really do good artwork. I think if you miss him, you have done a very big misstake. I have also added a bigger update in Kandor with his artwork.
Chris Goodwin is also a artist that I think is very well know for his furry artwork. But maybe you have not seeing his non-anthro artwork, and yes , it is good, so don't miss it.
I think many know Foxxfire. He have done many drawings, but as you see, a few of them,
is non-anthro. Go and take a look, want to see more, use the teleporterbuttons.
I think some of you will be suprised to find Jes here. But you should remember that his own character, yes I know she is sweet, is not a human. Kondor is also for non-anthro - anthro artwork so that is the reason you find Jes artwork here, He is also in the wallpaper store, as I think many want to have a good wallpaper. I shall send a mail and ask Jes for some different resolution of the wallpapers. You will also find Jes in Ellgar.
Lunarwolf is also here in Kondor, yes we locked the gates, you know.... hehehe...
His new van Helsing werewolf is really cool, isn't it?
Go and take a look.
Misty from Mo is a artist from Beastforum. If you are member there, you maybe already have seeing her artwork. Here you can much easier download them. I recommend that you go and take a look at them.
Pommelover is another new artist from Beastforum. He have done several drawings, you will find the rest in Ellgar, so use the teleporter button... Don't miss this.
Schatten have started one project that I think many want to see. One of the most popular comics is Sacramento, with the lioness and the stallion. Schatten have started to do a new, longer version, of it. He want to have it in japanese language so if you can understand that language, contact Schatten as soon as possible.
SkyShadow is another new artist here, he is also in Ellgar. He have not done so many drawings... yet... Eh, I hope he will do some more, don't you? Go now and take a look.
SmuttPuppies is a artist you can find in Kandor. He have also doing some very good non-anthro artwork and here you can see it, cool T-rex, isn't it?
Strega is here with a bear... Well, only one drawing, but we hope he will do some more, don't we?
YouFoal is a very good artist. I have not seeing so much new from here for a longer time. But maybe she will have some time for us fans later.
So that was the new artist here, other is also updated.
Your nightmare? Well, she is waiting, shall I tell you?
Okey: The update here and in Ellgar is togheter over 1000 mb. That means that you from now,
can download over 2000 mb of movies, drawings and photos.
But that will not be my nightmare to sort out, it will be yours!
So welcome to your nightmare, and enjoy the land of animals. /Aradd