What's New In Kondor


Hm... Raven's Night send me some drawings and many is new, but
also notice that some is replaced with higher resolution. Raven's Night
have not the same file name of some of the low and high resolution drawings.
You can check it here: .
All drawings that is changed, is marked with the 'new' icon.
It is not so many artist that is doing erotic animal drawings. Ultra Violet is one of them.
Well, we can hope that she will do some more, but you can take a look of 4 drawings made by her, and the easy way to see them, is just to click here: .

This information, is only for the visitors that want to know:
I started this site in the summer -98. It have being on and off line sometimes as it is not easy to find a free server that can handle it. Today, it is 139 artists with 3660 drawings here. The bad thing is that it is only a few that is active here. The reason for this, well, we can only guess: Some artist make mostly furry/furry drawings and even if the drawings is very good, it is nothing for this section. Other have maybe not any time today as life goes on and things changes. Otherway it can also be that reason: I send a mail for a very long time ago, and asked what feedback the artist have from this site. The answer was that the feedback was not bad, is was nothing. If it is so today I don't know, but in the commersial sites, no one need to say anything as the money talks there. Here it is no money, only to much work: With this section, and the animal mating section and the Furry Equine section, it is around 60 hours/month with work for me. Today the animal mating section is closed, and the 20th september, this section closing also. The reason is not only the things I mentioned above here, it is also so that I think the artist have forgott this site and also when it now have being online for so long time, I still see that it is not so easy to find new artists that wants to be here. Yes, there is 139 artists here today, but I have send a request and asked around 115 of them to be here. I have hope that some artist could contact me, as it takes very much time to search and contact artists around the net. Some artists mail address is not easy to find. So in may I decided that it is time to do someting more fun than track artist around the internet. Some of the problems here, is also the same for the Furry Equine section, but I decided to run that section for a time longer. I have not decided if I shall also closing that section yet, but if so, the closing time for the Furry Equine section is the 31th december. Another problem is that even if the section here should be online, it is needed for a reconstruction. That work, with the animal mating section and the Furry Equine section, is over 150 hours of unpaid work. With the problems that is here now, I don't feel to offer so much time for it. It is also so that today it is the forums that rules. And also other sites that you need to register and login to. For example: Beastforum that you need to register and then login. But it seems that people like it as it is very popular. Then also people offer much time to repost things that is for example already here. Myself think it is a waste of time, but that is only my comment... Then other sites seems to be commersial, for example: Pureyiff. The site have being closed for a year, and now when it is returning, you can not access all artists sections without paying... As some artist here have no own website, I shall contact them and see if the site later can return in a light version. That means with only a few artists and no comics and movies at all. The work with this section and the furry equine section will be so that it will not take more than 30 hours/month.
As for end of this information I wish to thanks:
The artist that have send me the new drawings they have done, you have saved me much time. Thank you! And also a thank you to Surfing Charizard for all his animations! They are all very good. Also you that have being a visitor here and have contacted me about links that not working, information about artists and drawings and so. Sorry that it was not more humans like you out there as your help have also make me save some time.
The information and the update here, that you now have reading, will be complete removed with the contents here the 20th september. It will be replaced with a short story: Chapter 1: Leaving Kandor. Yes, the kingdoms name is Kandor, so now you know. The same story will also be added in the animal mating section the 4th september.
So a notice to the artist, if there is any here still left: If you are a artist that have send me drawings by mail the latest time, you will got a mail with information about the light version of this that will be restarted here maybe next year. If you are a artist that have not being in contact with me for a longer time, just send a mail and I will contact you later. Now I think it is time to watch some TV and take a cold beer, it was a long time since I have time to do that...:-) And if the light version will be here some sunny day... Well, that will be your nightmare, not mine... Now I wish you all a nice autumn and have a nice day! /Aradd


So now we have some new drawings, and we start with FillyFoal that have made 43 new
drawings, and 5 of them is with me. You can go now and take a look at all the new drawings by FillyFoal if you just click here: . The other is added in Ellgar. /Aradd


So, now it is time again. Another update. So, we start with Raven's Night. Seems that she and Posallion have a kind of same idéas: blow jobs. So you can go and see Raven's Night's new drawings here: .
Okey, when we now is in the animal artist section, I think we shall take a look in Nightdancer's
section. He have done a new drawing with a stallion and a dog, very nice, isn't it?
You can take a look here: . I wish you a nice summer. /Aradd

Mostly of the horse photo index is taken down as I got a complaint from one
of the people that have taken the photos. I have hope that it should have being online, before the site is closed, but as it looks right now, I don't think that is possible.
I shall see if I can get any time to fix with it, but otherway it will not aviable again.
The closing time for this section should be 2005-06-15. /Aradd

Good evening. Maybe the visitors here have notice that the updates have slowing down.
The reasons is that the section should be closing soon, but there is a update that I shall do
before it, so the closing is canceled right now.
As a quick update right now, I have added a short horse clip from passion ring, but as we now,
those porno companies, often buy the same stuff so maybe you also have seeing this clip from
another porno company. You can easy go and see the clip here: /Aradd

Well, we have nightmare's and mare's: So you don't know who Maia is? Well,  she is a mare and I am sure that you want to see Raven's Night's new drawing. I, and I think many of you here, want to see some more drawings with this cute horse. You can go and take a look at the drawing here:
So it is time for some new artist: Unusual we have a new artist in the Erotic animal section:
Fugueraven. He have done 2 very nice colour drawings. I also like the large diffrent size
between the unicorn mare and her slave. That is cool. Now you can take a look yourself,
and you do it easy if you just click on this button here: .
Lucky for us, I hope Fugueraven have some new drawing for us later. Notice also that you will find him in the furry equine part of this website.

We start with a notice: My mail address: black-unicorn@telia.com is closed. The new mail address is: black-unicorn@comhem.se
Okey... time for a extra update: We start with the information that Gabriel Logans yahoo group is... let us say: Yahooed, hehehehe. So Gabriel have open another website and I have added a new drawing with his character Melody. You can go and take a look here: .
I have very much to do, so the update that should be here, is delayed. I got a mail from Equlibr that he was testing his new camcorder. Very nice. So I added a short giraffe movie. It is short but it is in very high resolution. You can check it here:
It will take some time before the update that should be here will be aviable, I will add a comment about it when I can fix it online.
We have now a new artist here, and that the reason for this update.
Becky Short is in the animal artist section and she is also added in the furry equine section. I am sure that you don't want to miss her artwork and if you want to see some of Becky's other artwork, you can check her websites. Also notice that she is taking commissions, and if you want to have something make, you can send her a mail and ask what price and so on it is. But remember us here on this page, if you ask her to draw something that could be here. The easy way to see Becky's artwork is to click on this button here: .
So, I also added 2 sections in the animal comix section. I noticed that it was a short mating scene in a comix: Bitch in heat. That is added and also a old comix: Luna and Artemi. If you like cats,
maybe this can be something for you. You can check this update here: . /


I now that Raven's Night is very popular here. And I think you will really see her new drawing... Hm... after a mail from her, I have the idéa that she should have made a drawing with Sleipner, the 8 legged horse, but this is a horse and a dragoness.
Yes it is very good, and if you just click here you will be right there.
Also the information about the contents in the Artist Erotic Animal section is added:
33 artist and 398 drawings. /Aradd

So, there have being some serious problems here: I got a hardware hard disk failure.
So I lost the movies that should have being update here right now. The movies that is missing is this ones: 2 sand shark movies and one anaconda mating movie. I also lost all mails as the complete C, D and E sections on the harddisk was not possible to access any longer... and yes, the hardisk was one week out of warranty. I have then installed another, this time, old hard disk and after 5 days it also stops working. Now I use a third hard disk, and it is time to see if we can add a something new here: I got a giraffe movie by Equlibr, and it is a giraffe that gives birth.
You can go and take a look at it here: . As usually: If you got a error message, just wait and try a different time. Also notice that Techwolf have now fixed> the bug in the software on the server so it was really bad with this hard disk crash. /Aradd

The bug in the link to the new artist, Raven's Night is fixed: .
Notice also that since 2 weeks back there is some problems with the server software.
I can not upload larger files than 5 mb then it just stops with an error: To many connections from
your computer. Of course I have only one connection. Mail about this problem is sent to Techwolf
and I am waiting for a reply what to do about this problem. Techwolf changed the software for the
server for a time ago, and it seems that this is not working as it should. The new update for the 2D
movie is therefore cancelled. Next update here, will be some photos, and I hope, also some
information about the contents of this section.  /Aradd


Now we shall test a update here: There is problems with the server software. I have problems to upload files larger than 5 mb. And I know that many have problems to downloading them. I think this movie will be nice as it is time for monkey buisness. The baboon movie is made by ecchifan. So it is monkey time, isn't it? And if you can not download this movie for, let us say, 3-4 days, send me a mail about it. Here is the link for the baboon movie: . /Aradd


And then I have a suprise: I have looked at a new artist on internet, and lucky for us all, she gave permission to have her artwork also here. Raven's Night is a very good artist and for you that like horses, I recommend that you not miss this. The easy way to take a look is to check here: . If you want to see some more artwork, you can go to here own website.

This is just a notice to tell that the server is overloaded. It is no hurry as the movie will still be here, so if you got a strange error message, just wait and try later. All movies here will be ziped, and now the horse semen movies and the mare movies is all in ziped versions. You can check it there, but remember that it can be so that it is not possible to download the right now. Neil told me also that he is not in the fur business, but I think mostly here have already understand that, as I think the visitors here, don't want to harm any animals. It will be a update here later, but it will take some days, and we can hope that the server can fix the transfer rate here as soon as possible. /Aradd

Neil promised to send some fox photos from the movie I added last time, but there is also some more there. 36 photos is added to the fox section. Hm... well, I hope that the visitors here don't use fur as clothes, it better belongs to the animals, didn't it? Oh yes. So it is and now it is some fox
time, you can watch it here: .
So a notice about the online cd index: No it is not finished yet. I think the first 4 cd index will be aviable online here in the nearest 2 weeks, but before that it will be a horse update here. The reason for that update?
Well, if you wait, I will tell you... /Aradd


Now there is time for a update, and I have a suprise for you all, but first a notice: If you got a error message when you trying to download any of the movies, just try later and a different time. Techwolf send me a mail and this site have now passed 300 gb/months in transfer rate. If you got a error message when you are trying to download any of the drawings here, just send me a mail about it. Cringer 990's errors is fixed. Now we continue with the updates here: We start with 4 new drawings made by Aprokto Agamo. They are in dogs, horses and the misc section so if you click on this button here: you are in Aprokto Agamos section...
We continue with Simon Barber that have make a new drawing for the Nirini & Flinthoof serie. Yes, this is new, as the other ones was done for a few years back. Nice to see artists continue series that they have started for years ago... The easy way to see the new drawing, yes it is only one this time, is to click on this button here: .
Actaeon have coloured 3 of TOR's drawings, and he have done it good, or what do you think? Yes I thought so... now you can see them if you click on this link here: .
So then it is time for a suprise... I know there was some that was suprised
when TOR returned here to internet, and that was very good news, wasn't it?
We now have another artist that returns here after 9 years. His fan club have
waited for this, I know that, and now their waiting is over...
And with this, we ends this update. Remember to send some feedback to the
artists if you like what you see, and if you got a error message, just send a mail to me,
as it is important that the mail addresses here is correctly. /Aradd

So, time for a update. It should have being online for a few days ago,
but as you maybe know, there is some problems with the transfer rate here.
Techwolf, the server webmaster, told me that the site uses so much so he was needed to reduce it a little.
Now it seems that it is working again but remember if the movies don't download,
just try a different time. We start with some foxes here.
Thanx to Neil we now have a new fox movie, and if you click on this button 
you can go and take a look youself:. Very nice. Then it is time for goats... one of the artists on my
homepage like goats, so well, why not show something new? Okey, if you click on this
button here: you can take a look at it... The movie is over 1 minute...
Well, the last movie, is something really funny: A dog is trying to mount a lion... Strange isn't it?But I think it is cool, so lets go and see how it is going for the dog, and you can do it here:
So this movies is 14 mb in size together. Well that is not so much, but if 500 visitors here download it, it will be 7 gb, and someone is needed to pay the transfer rate. However, Techwolf send the information that he should sponsor this site for some time more. There will be another update later here, but I am not sure when it will be, also notice thatthe index for the cd:s are not finished yet. /Aradd

So. Now there is needed to add a little update here:
First we start with some small changes and a few new drawings in TOR's section. Now you can go and take a look here: .


We now continue with a artist that I think mostly people that like this kind of drawings,
already know. The artist TOR is back again. He have some help from his friends, and of course
me, as I have now changed his section. Now you can see new drawings that have not being aviable online earlier, and I think you don't want to miss this, but remember that the archive is very huge, and here you find the largest aviable section with TOR's drawings that is. Notice that all drawings that are changed, are marked with the 'new' icon. That means that the drawings is now added without´the copyright text info. So now you can got mostly of TOR's artwork without that copyright text that was over the drawing. I guess that the few that still have survive this, can go and take a look here: . There you will also find information about the other galleries that have TOR's artwork and also his groups on Yahoo, MSN and so on...
We continue to Simon Barber... From him we got 3 new drawings in the Nirini and Flinthoof serie. Now they have come to a interesting point there... Want to see it? Well, I just guess that, so
now you can just click here: .
We continue with 2 new drawings by Aprokto Agamo, and it is nice that he is back again.
You can go and take a look at his new section right here:
Yeah, it is Scooby Doo time there, isn't it nice...
Now there is something more here: We have new artists, and we start to  say hallo to Artonis. Do you like dragons? Well this is your lucky day, isn't it. Artonis is doing very good dragon drawings and you can also find him in the furry equine section. But to start with the dragons you can just click here: . I got a mail from Graydogm20. For you that like bondage and horses, he
have done a cool drawing... I just want to switch on the machine there... hehehe... You to? Well, just click on this button and away you go: .

I have started to rework the old index and also the new one's. It is a large work and it will take some time to do it. This is only aindex so the people that want to make some trading, can see what I already have. I have now only 2 index online. And I must check some movies before I can be sure that the 2 index that now is online are correctly. But those that want to see, can go and take a look here: (link removed). I hope that I can get the time to upload at least 2 more index, but I am not sure, as the time is not on my side... /Aradd

Now there is time for a new update...
It should have being online yesterday, but it was some problems with
the ftp program. That is now solved, and we continue with a new
donkey movie that I got from a visitor here: Pes. I think this is
new for the mostly of you and I am sure that you don't want to miss it.
The easy way to see it, is to click on the button here: .
I think that many here is glad that Equlibr have some time to send me some new
movies. I know that the horses are the most popular ones, so I hope you will like
Equlibr's 2 new mare movies. And the easy way to see them is to click on this
button here:
. Notice that the 2 movies together is over 27 mb
in size. If you got a error message, just wait and try a different time at the day, or night...
Equlibr  also send a movie with a lioness on. Cat's are cool, or what you say?
And if you want to take a look, you can go and check it out here: .
Simon Barber: have have new drawings in 3 of his sections: 2 in the misc section.
One in the Canine Training section and one in the Mare-e section.
Mare-e is still one of my favorite characters... yours too? Hm...
Well, you can go and take a look at Simon Barber's section if
you just click on this button here: . And remember that I saw her first!
So and with this movie, we stop this update. Now a short information: It is nice that people contact me and want to do some trading. But remember that what you see here, is not  my complete collection. I shall try to get online my index, but as the time never is on my side, it will take some time to do it.
I hope that I soon shall have online a part of the index./Aradd

The links to the elephant movie are fixed.
. /Aradd

Well, I got a comment that someone wanted to see a elephant
movie. I hope this one. by Equlibr, is new for you. You can
go and see it if you click on this button: .
Equlibr also sended a elephant that is mounting a rhino. I have
seeing it before, somewhere, but now you can see it here also.
It is, of course, in the interspecies section. The easy way to see it
is to click on this button here: .
Also notice to those that want to send or trade or so: I haven't the time
to rescan my archive. I will try to get a index online here as soon as possible.
The only ting I can say, is that it will a index of the horse movies here to start with. /Aradd

I also got a mail from Simon Barber. He have a furry/animal serie that have not
being on internet before. I like the page 4 very much... it seems that the dog didn't like
to have a condom... hehehe... Well, if you like to see the new serie from Simon, and I know
you will, you can easy go there by clicking on this button here: . /Aradd

Time for a update here. Usually I don't bother so much with requests, as I have
not the time to check my archive for what people is asking for. But this time
I found a rhino mating movie that I hope will be new for you all here.
The movie is ziped, and I hope that will make it easier to download it.
The server is using over 300 gb/month in transfer rate, so don't try
to watch the movies online. To see the rhino movie you can easy do it
by clicking on this button here: . /Aradd

It is time for a test. Some people have problems with download the movies.
Well, one reason is that sometimes the server is overloaded. The site uses more
than 300 gb/month in transfer rate and that costs around 150 us dollar/month.
So far Techwolf have supported the site, and it seems that he will continue with it
for a while longer. Now there is a test here:
The Eselhengste 18 min movie is now zipped. Those that wants it,
just try and download it and if it works/don't works, send me a mail about it.
Notice that it is important that you is sure that you have download the complete file,
otherway it is not possible to unzip it, instead you will got a error message... /Aradd

Time for the first update this year. It have taking a short while, as Techwolf, the server webmaster, have worked with the server, so it have not being possible to access it for a few days. WereDragon Crodile have made 4 new comix pages, and I know that you want to see them, and the easy way, is to just click here: . /Aradd