What's New
in Kondor 2004

Weredragon Crodile have made 3 more pages of his comix. Well, I agree that it could have being 6 new pages but his working so fast that he can... The easy way to read the new ones is to click on this button here: .

A small update: Kisu have a new drawing in his section. Something for you that like cats... yeah I also like them... So go and take a look... .

Time for a little update: Dennis Cours send a new drawing. Very nice, it seems that unicorns and dragons can have some fun togheter. You can go and check it here: .

Well, there is also 2 new Nirini drawings in Simon Barbers section.
You can get them here: . Notice that this serie is not in his velar archive.

Eh... well, time for a little update. As usually Simon Barber is here with some new drawings. If you click on this button here: you can see that his comix serie Nirini & Flinthoof continues.
I have uploaded a little beta version of the horse photo section. I shall see when I will have time to upload some more.  I have very much to do, as usually, and the website is taking to much time, but I am working with it as fast as I can. You can go and take a look here: . /Aradd

So we can do another update here. We start with Simon Barbers Nirini and Flinthoof series and notice now that it was needed to rename the drawings 2-9 to 02-09 so it will be in correctly sequence. The easy way to go to the new drawings, is that you click here: .
There is also a nice suprise for you all: A new artist in the animal artist section.
We welcome Kisu here, and I am sure that you will like his artwork. You can just click on this link and you will be right there! Always remember to send mail to the artist if they have doing artwork that you like and also: if you got a error message when sending a mail to any artist here: contact me at once. As it is very important that the mail addresses is correctly! Aradd

Then we have Simon Barber back with some new drawings, and before you look at them, I should tell you that the Aradd series Simon is working on, is 2 different settings, so they are now in separate sections. This time it is Nirini and Flinthoof that continues their fun, and to go to right on the spot, you can follow this link here: .
So, now you have something more to do... Enjoy. /Aradd

So... back and black... :-) We start with the new section for the Erotic Animal Artist index. There is not so many artist there as in the Beast Drawing section, so I have only split it onto four sections. Of course there is a update. Fillyfoal is back with a new kind of drawings, and we call them shadows. Very cool to see something different and I like them very much, and I am sure that you will do also... hm... maybe more than her coloured drawings... ?  There is 40 new drawings there, so now you have something to do... Now the easy way to go to Fillyfoal is to click on this button here: . We continue to search for a artist: Ixy is a artist that was in one, of the very, very, very... (you can add so many very here as you want) yahoo groups that was deleted... by Yahoo. Well, since that time I have no idéa where Ixy is, but we can hope that if he reads this, or see his section, that he contact me, or if you have any contact with him, just tell him about this site. If you want to see his pony's, and I am sure you want to see them, you can just click on this button here: . Well, we continue with Weredragon Crodile that have now added some more pages to his comix and I think we all want to know what is going to happen in the future in it, so we can hope that Weredragon Crodile draw faster than his shadow... To see the new pages you can just click here: . So and we stop this update with a short information: I have now changed the system maps for the site. Therefor it can be some bugs in with the backgrounds and that some buttons don't show as it should. I am working on it, so it will soon be working as it should. /Aradd

We take a little update here... I have started to sort out my movie clips. That should have being done for over a year ago, but I haven't the time for everything. However, I decided that it could be nice for you to see this clip. Notice that if you have problems to download the movie clip here, you can make a easy test: Try to download a movie file that is smaller than 1 mb, if that fails, you have something wrong with your internet connection, or your web browser. If it works correctly, just try later as the server don't allow to many users at the same time. Now the easiest way to go to the new movie, is to click on this button here   /Aradd

So, we try another update here... It seems that some people have problems to downloads the movies, so this time there is no movies added. I shall make a short description that can help those that have problem with the downloads, but that will be added later. Now there is time to test some photos, and I have put some in the cattle section that is now online. The easiest way is to go and take a look here: . I also added some roleplaying forums for those that want to take a look. Notice that some of them have not being updated for a very long time. Myself only added a comment about this site in the Long Breeding forum, but if you start to play, you are welcome to add a link to this website if you want. There is several people that have asking me for roleplaying and it seems that the evil Black Unicorn is popular online. That is very nice, but as it looks right now, I have not the time to do any roleplaying. But I am glad that you like the evil unicorn. To go and see the roleplaying section you easiest click here: . I hope you find some forum you like. If you have other forums that you think can fit to this section, just send me a note. Thanx. /Aradd

Wecome back!
Weredragon Crodile send me a mail and asked if I could add some more dragoness 3D movies. Of course I can do that, when a artist is asking... But I send a reply back that I could fix that, if he fixed some more new drawings himself. Weredragon Crodile have no other choice than to make something new, and he have started a comix that I now many of you will like. The first 8 pages you can find when you click on this button . /Aradd

Hm... I got a mail from one of the artists on the site, Weredragon Crodile.
He send me 2 movies and there is time for foxes. Fox on the run, you know, but
these foxes don't run, they are doing something more fun... and if you click on this button you will be right there.
Then we have another movie and a problem: It seems that poor Bill Gates and Micro$oft didn't have the money to pay Indeo Video for the drivers to the media player. So for Windows XP user, you need to download the free Quicktime Player from Apel. Maybe Apel don't earn so much money, but they give something for free. The other solution, of course is that you pay the fee to Indeo Video and if so, you can play the movie without problem in your Mediaplayer. Maybe you also should send some money to the poor Microsoft so they can pay the driver costs so people that buying the crap stuff can see what they want. Now the easy way to go to the movie, is just to click on this button here: and there you go. Now to another problem: I have understand that it is some problems for some visitors to download the movies. Now you can make a easy test to see if the problem is in your computer or here: Choose a movie that is smaller than 1 mb, if you can download it, but not the movies that are bigger than 1 mb, the problem is here: The server is overloaded! So wait, and test another time, that means that you should use a different time, as for exampel: if you test early in the morning, test it in the late afternoon, and so on. If you can not download the small move either, you need to check your computer settings. /Aradd

So a little update... and the reason for it is that I got some new drawings from Simon Barber. It is my little pony time and this is the adult version of it. If you click on this button you will be right there. As usual the new ones is marked with the 'new' icon. So what are you waiting for? Or should the ponys play without you? :-)
Also notice that the welcome voice in my fan archive is changed to the correct one. Earlier it have being the wrong one, the same as is used on the main index site. /Aradd

It seems that some people like the male donkey movie:I got a part in wmv format from Aleandr and that you will find here online. I also uploaded another movie with the donkeys. I also got a mail from the sponsor, Techwolf, that the site have used over 100 gb/day in transfer rate. He told me that he have fixed it, so it should be no problem to download the movies. Remember to download them first and then watch them as we are trying to not use more bandwith than needed here. Now the easiest way to go to the donkey movies is just to click on this button here:   /Aradd

Hi and welcome to the new animal mating movie section. I decided to make an update here and I hope you like horses as this update have horses...and horses... Well, the reason is that in my poll at my Yahoo group, the horses wons the poll. So horses it will be. The photos are not online as it was no time to add any. There is around 270 mb of movies uploaded and if you click on this you will come to the horse section. If you click on this you can take a look at a zebra mating movie. Hope you find something you like. /Aradd

I still got some mails about the Sacrament (Jyu-Han) comix.
A few days before I was leaving, I got a mail from Sean.
He told me that he had the Sacrament in colour. That version is made by one of the artists here, so I now decided to upload it for you. Of course there is a problem:
I got it in 2 versions; In the middle part the pages are not in the same sequences, so there is a problem. So I decided that it is easiest for me, (and that is really important, you know) to upload both versions to you here. Of course both in colour and b/w. That means that you need to download 4 x 29 files and then you can take a look. Just go to the main drawings index and click on the button and you will be there...
It is bad that we not have any information about the artist that have made
the Sacrament comix...

There is some artist on the net that have not a own website...
One of them is Esperanza. He makes horse drawings and he makes them good...:-)
So I recommend that you go to page  20, and take a look. The easiest way is to click
on 'go to the latest additions' on the choose index.../Aradd

All movies is online again. It will be an update as soon as possible./Aradd


At the top of the hill stands 2 strange figures, one of them was a black unicorn, the other, well, mostly people now how death looks...
"We shouldn't be here," said Death.
"Yeah, I know." The black unicorn looked at the visitors that travel into the kingdom...
"Don't know what they all come from," he continued. "More than 3000 / day is much..."
"Hm, yeah. What shall we do? Continue?"
"Well, it seems that the artist have learn their lessons well."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I asked them what they thought we should do, it is much work with this,
but they wanted the site be online so far."
"They did?"
"Well, if they have put it only that way, I don't think I have continued with it, but
they told me that there is only one thing to do."
"And...?" said Death. "That is?"
Aradd looked at Death a few seconds, then a evil smile was on his lips;
"They said that they should give the poor visitors a hell of a show..."
"That is to do it my way," said Death.
For a long time, he could feel that this could be really fun...
Good evening... and welcome back!!
I was surprised when I got a mail from Techwolf that he have put this old site online again.
But okey, it seems that many people was missing it, maybe therefore it have being over 12000 visitors here since wednesday. But what is more fun is that the artist also like that the site is back. At Seanspc it was big problems with the transfer rate and bandwith. It was not possible for him to upgrade it without very large costs, so it was better to take the site down.
So this update is from january also. The reason is that it was many visitors that couldn't not visit the site, before it was down. Therefore I have added 2004-06-18 as date for also that old update.
If you click on go to the "latest addition" for the animal artist, you will be at Aprokto Agamo's section. The bad news is that he have stop drawing and also take his own website down. I have send a mail to him, and now we can hope that he feel to start drawing again, at least when this site is online so that very many can see his artwork. He already have many fans, so go and take a look.  /Aradd