What's New
in Kondor 2003

Got a mail from Klaus Dobermann that he want to remove all his drawings from this site. So I did that. I don't know the reason why he wanted to remove the drawings, but it is his choice. /Aradd

So, we have so much problem with the bandwith here, so it is time to take the movies offline. I got a mail from Techwolf, and he is working with the problem. But he have also other problems to solve, that are more importent than this site. We have to wait this month and then we will see.
In the misc mating drawings section, you can see that some of the drawings are removed, and yes, you guess right: you find them and all the other drawings in Oddballs section. Just click on 'go to the latest additions' you are there.
Also a thanx to those that have ordered the Horse Breeding cd:s, the comment I got from you is very nice. It was a very hard work to do them. For those that want some movies I can recommend Tom Aults website, and you can get to it by clicking here.

So a quick update: Nightdancer have colouring his stallion Ringo. Well, know we can only hope that he will create a mare also...hehehe. /Aradd

Time for next artist. Nightdancer. He makes animal drawings, and he do it good. You can find him if you click on go to the latest additions,  on the erotic artist section.  Nightdancer will be artist 99. I got a suggestion for Doug Winger. Well Doug is a good artist so I have send him a mail... Now we only have to wait, and until that, just go and take a look at Nightdancers artwork, and I hope that you think what I think: Why have he only drawing one horse? Doesn't he know that horses are herd animals? Hehehe, well we can hope he will draw something new soon.../Aradd

Time for an update. ..
Updated Ebon Lupus and I have not added the drawings with a new sign. The reason is that you need do rescan them all. All images is in high resolution format now. Also notice the comment about the look back drawing.  I have send a comment to Ebon. He shall not think he can fool a unicorn. If he changed a pixel, I notice that. And you know the reason: Unicorns have very good eyes. Have you seeing a unicorn with glasses? No, I don't think so...:-) And you can easy go to Ebon Lupus drawings, just click on the 'Go to the latest addition' on the Erotic animal artist section./Aradd

Also Aprokto Agamo have an update, and as you can see, he also got a new section. I think I soon have to split in more sections for him...hehehe. Click on the latest addition and you will be there... /Aradd

FillyFoal promised me total 10 drawings, so when she send me 12 new ones is was a nice surprise. Don't miss them. /Aradd

Got a mail from The Cyber Iguana about the Sacrament comix. I think it is very cool, so it was nice that he send one of the missing pages. I hade to rename a few of them, because it seems that no one knows how the complete comix is. I also got some more pictures from him and it will be added here later. The Cyber Iguana is also added in the Brotherhood of the Black Unicorn section. /Aradd

Okey, the following artist have leave this site: Erik the red, liquid fox, prime evil and
rave roo. You will find them at wwoec.com. If you want to know, these
4 artists are drawing dogs, and they do it well.../Aradd

We start with:
Aprokto Agamo that send me a very cool drawing of Spirit the Stallion. Don't miss it. And Aprokto you find in the Artist Erotic Animal Drawings section. Just click on "Go to the latest additions" and you will be there.

Aprokto Agamo is still in the animal artist gallery. And if you click on "go to the latest additions" you will be take to his new picture, it is marked in red colour. And after that we have a comix called Africa. It have some nice lion mating scenes in it, don't miss it.

Aprokto Agamo have send me 2 new drawings, this time in colour. Very nice. Take a look at them. The 2 new drawings are marked in red colour. I shall send him a request if he feel or/and have time to  colour the horse breeding picture. If so, I will tell you here...So to the new artist on this site: So for an artist I think many visitors already know: TOR. He have give me  permission to add his artwork here on my site. And if you not have take a look at his drawings, this is a must see. Sorry to say is that TOR have not make any new drawings that he have released here online for many years. He have not give me permission to add his new mail address so notice also that the mail address on Furnation isn't correct.

Also you have seen that the Animal mating site will not be updated for now, the reason is it give me nothing to work on it. It just take much bandwith here. And so long there will be some response for this site, it will be updated. But as usual: On the internet it seems that nothing will be forever, maybe Micro$oft and diamonds.../Aradd

It seems that there is some problem to download the movies. I sended a mail about it to Techwolf, the Webmaster.
The answer I got was this:

I've got things set up to really restrict bandwidth, it was getting way out of paw there.
I've notice that it lets a burst through at first then slow things down.
Tell them just be patient as the first timer is pausing things. And it appears to do this at 100K.
There is no restriction on FTP other then bandwidth management and blocking of more
then one connection.
For the long term solution and I can lift the restrictions somewhat.
Sense 99% of users are just leeching off it, redo the movies to playback
just about 5-10 seconds just before the money shot and play with the
resolution and compression to try to get them all under 200K. If the
leaches want more, they can buy your CD or download them off Usenet
alt.binary.pictures.beastiality, it has a ton of movies for them.

Just a comment from me: Your internet provider must have the alt.binary.pictures.beastiality in their news groups. As I know there is no free news server online that have the attachements still left. So if you go to those free newsservers, they only have the messages. And also a warning: I have not been on those groups for a long time, one of the reason that I stopped was that it have very much spam. And now my internet provider doesn't have those news groups.I added this as a "What's new" on the site, because there seems that many visitors don't read so much information as they should. Also a notice: I have tested to use Money order for the CD:s, and it worked well. But it is more expensive for the buyer. Added some information about it on the CD index site. /Aradd

And now it is time for another update. This is, sorry to say, only for windows 9x, or better, users. Mc Bain have  done a 3D art gallery with Klaus Dobermanns artwork, and you can scroll around and take a look. Really cool.

So a small update: Windpaw. He draw animal art, and he do it good. Well, just four drawings, but we can hope he will do some more. You find him, of course, in the Artist Animal Mating Drawing section. Just click on "Go to the latest additions" and you are there. We now have 12 artists on this site that are doing erotic animal art. That is very cool. We can only hope, there will be more.../Aradd

So, now we have come to the last movie update on this site. The reason is this:
1) The movies take some server space.
2) It also consumes very much bandwith.
3) Some people are trying to mirror the complete site. That consumes very much bandwith and Techwolf and I really didn't like that kind of stuff.
4) When I get mail, 25 mails of 26 are either: There is something wrong when I trying to download (or watch) the movies on your site. Also a notice: That some people didn't even have their correct mail addresses so when I have tried to send a answer back, it haven't work. The reasons for the errors are 2; either they have just tried to watch the movies online, with are not possible thanx to some software that tries to stop all direct linking problems we also hade on this site. The second reason is it have been some problem with the software on the server, and the reason to have it is the same as I told you: Trying to stop direct linking and so on. The reason is that it consumes a lot of bandwith, and often when people directlink, they not tell anyone what it is, just: "here is a cool movie," or something similar to that. Often after you have download it, you see that you already have it... But then it too late, you and the server have already consumes some bandwith. The last year this site transfered over 1,4 terabyte, yeah you read right. And that's very much for a homepage.
Also a thanx for those around 10 nice mails I got since may 2002, the rest have been mails just asking for more movies or if I can send some more movies to people...it seems that 600 mb online is not enough so it is better to stop now, because I think some people never think anything is enough or good. But if they can do this better than me, they are welcome...so I can send mail and ask for more and more...
But now I suggest that you go to the Animal Mating movies and take a look at the Brown Bear movie I have uploaded.
Just click on Go to the latest additions and you will be there.
Thanx for those visitors that have buy the horse breeding cd:s. The work on the rest of them will continue, but it will take some time before they are finished. /Aradd

Hm...got 2 new drawings from Aprokto Agamo. Very nice. He had also seen that one of the thumbnails was wrong. So I decided to fix that. I don't like bugs...:-)

Well, normaly I didn't take requests. But when one of the artist want me to add something with wolves, and also I know that the webmaster like them, I add another wolf movie. You find it in the Animal Mating movies section. Just click on Go to the latest additions. I also got a mail from Techwolf that he now have some new problems with the server: One problem was that many people direct linked and the solution was to add a software to stop it. Sorry to say, that also made that no one can watch the movies online. That very bad for the Web-TV user because they can't download anything. I am sorry for that, but you can thanks those people that directlink and consume very much bandwith. For example: I don't anyone can think how much bandwith this and the Beast gallery, have consumed the last 7 days. If you guess a little over 30 gb,
yeah, you read right: 30 gb!! Or exacly: 30,2 gb. So we don't need the directlinking people and everything here is for free. So I even don't know why they have to direct link. So when the most of this is fixed we now got a new problem: People that download, "Mirroring" the complete site! That means that they download everything, even if they don't want all of it. The complete site is nearly 590 mb and you can guess what happend with the bandwith when people start to do that.
So we shall see what we can do, but it can now be that this site will be closed. If so, it will be without further warnings. Also some good news: It seems that it have not being so easy to trade. And the reason is that people don't have any space aviable on the net. I have now a solution for it, so if you want to trade, contact me, and I tell you how to do. Also I got another comment from Techwolf: It seems that Tom Aults message board is down. Techwolf have now fixed softare and if people will, it can be a message board here. If you like the idea, you can send me a mail, but I know there have to be some mails before I will start anyone. Also notice: If it will be any, the message board will be for animal matings discussion and drawings. The reason is that I can not have two message boards. But that if it will be anyone at all, we have not seem that Techwolf have fixed the mirror problem, so it is not sure that the site will be online for so long more that all. You can send me a mail about the message board here!

So there is much to do now, so just a little quick update and some information. First the update: In the artist animal mating section Aprokto agamo is updated with 3 new drawings. You find them at the end marked in red... Also Ebon Lupus have one new drawing. It is also marked in red.
So I will be back with a new update as soon I got time. Also it will be a update at the Animal mating page, as soon as possible. /Aradd.

In the animal artist section Aprokto Agamo is updated with 3 new drawings. Just click go to the latest additions and it will take it to them. Magic, isn't it...:-)

So if you move over to the Artists Animal Matings Section I have update Akerin 3006 with one drawing, marked in red colour, also a new one with Wooly Husky, also marked in red colour.

If you go to Artist Animal mating drawings gallery you will find 5 new drawings from Klaus Dobermann. I have also added a new artist: Ebon Lupus. He draw very well, and we got 9 drawings from him. A last comment: Akarin (equilover) send me a mail and told me that his mail address are now working. I have add it to his section. So with this 40 drawings we end this update. And no this wasn't all, there is more, but I have no time to update this site for now. Next update is, I hope, on Sunday...Meanwhile: Don't go out in the dark, there can be a unicorn there...just waiting for you.. Better you stay tuned with your computer..../Aradd

Just a notice: The last 48 hours there have been some problem with the server. So no movies or files over 1 mb have been allowed to download. This is now fixed. Also remember that you must download the movies to your hard disk, you can not watch them online. I think you already have seen that the site have been renamed from "Den" to "Stable". /Aradd

So, time for another update. There have been some problem with this update, one reason was that winxp deleted my mails. So if Tim Stephens read this, just send me a mail, thanx. And we start with Tim, you find him in the Animal mating artist section. He have done some very nice animations and I hope that I have moved the correct animation to his section, if not, it will be fixed in the next update. He have also some more animations that he should send to me...
In this section we also find Aprokto Agamo. He are drawing in a little different style, and I like it. I am sure that many other visitors also will like his artwork, the horse breeding drawing is one of my favorite...Then we have Wooly Husky, he also make some good furry drawings, and you can take a look at them on his own website. We can hope he will done some more drawing soon... So we also have Clairyns Imagerine. Only 3 drawings, but I hope there will be some more soon...or? Well, this was 35 drawings,

Okey, now this: I got a mail from a nice guy with the Sacramento comix. It was the same that I got from the beginning, and the version from Nightdancer was in higher resolution. But he also send me another comix. And we are still back in Japan.
If we go to the animal mating gallery, you find a new artist: Equilover. The mail on his drawings are not working, but if you have any contact with him, send me a mail... There you also find Blaquirot. A very cool artist that likes wolfes. So do I, and I must say her's wolfes are cooler than the real one's. -:) Don't miss that. When you are there you can also go in to Lyoness archive. There you find 3 new drawings, they are marked with red colour.
Also a little update for the Fan Archive: I have added a description for the Black Unicorn. It is a cool song clip, the orginal is made by Marillion.
So for the bad news...:-) This was not all, and that means that your evening with your boy/girl friend will be spoiled later again...hope that is okey that you have a visit soon again from a black unicorn.../Aradd

A little update. Got a mail from Nightdancer. He had also added a better version of the Stallion mounting a lioness. Thanx to him, we all know that the real name is The Sacrament. We think that it is still a few pages missing. Also no information who have done it...
Added a link to Lyoness homeage and a email address...
Also a little note about the Fantasy site: It will opening later, the reason is that the traffic is high here, that is very nice, but we shall not forgett that it consumes a lot of bandwith.../Aradd

So, time for another update! But first a thanx to those that have order the
Horse Breeding CD:s 1 & 2. Glad you like them.
But it is better to trade, and I got a mail from Spirit Horse. He told me that he have something new to trade. So he send a cd with some new stuff. Spirit horse's favorite movies is little dancer but that movie is around 45 mb and a little to large to upload here. So I add 3 other horse movies and this is new stuff, I don't think you have seen before. Of course you will find it in the horse movie section. In the Other animal mating section, you will find 2 new movies: one with a bear, and one with dogs.Also fixed the links in the other animal movie section. The was not working, and the reason is that we have to move the movies because some direct linking. Techwolf hope this will help, if not maybe this site will be deleted. We will see...
With this update I now got 420 mb with animal and cartoon movies online. All for free...
I have add a link to a very cool photo of Techwolf, the webmaster for this server. The photo shows when he are working with his computer. Notice that the photo is copyright Techwolf. You find the link here or on the main index site.
We got some problem with the high consume of bandwith on the server. So I don't know when the next update will be, maybe around 3 weeks from now. Best wishes. /Aradd

Also add something from Japan. In the comix section you will find a stallion mounting a lioness. Very cool, and as usual; if you know anything about the comix, send me a mail. /Aradd.