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And some good news: It seems that Klaus Dobermann have change his mind. He will continue to draw for all his fans. And he didn't know there was so many. Maybe it will be little lesser with drawings, but he will do what he have time for. That's very good news, isn't it? Oh yeah. In the Artist Animal mating section you will find 4 new drawings from Klaus Dobermann. They are marked in red colour! And this is the latest update this year, but i don't promise anything.../Aradd


And now the very last update for this year. But I don't promise anything. First of all we got a very cool animation from Surfing Charizard. It is from the deer drawing made by Klaus Dobermann. This time you can see that he have offer some xtra time to get the animation very good. We hope that he make us 2 promises to the new year: To make all his animations with this high quality, and of course, that he will continue to add the animations to this site. It seems to have been popular, wonder why...
I have uploaded a movie from Horseman. The original video is a beast video, and the mpg movie I have is very strange made. The camera jumps between beast sex, horse sex, and horseman himself. Just around and around. So to get to the point: To make the horse scenes aviable to watch, without any camera jumping, I have to refix the complete movie. So the strange filename: horseman 04b-05a means that this is 3 clip put together. It is not a very easy work, because many of the scenes are in the movies twice. The total movie is around 650 mb. I don't know if horseman have make the video capture himself, but the movie is very strange. In the end there is a mating scene from a horse move from Denmark. Horseman is from USA. But I hope enjoy the clip. It is ofcourse in the horse mating movie directory.
With this update I will also wish a very nice Xmas and a Happy New Year.
Also a thanx to Techwolf, without him, this site wouldn't exist at all.
Next update will be in the very end of  january. /Aradd.


I know many visitors like Klaus Dobermanns artwork, so it is a very bad news that he will stop drawing. He will now finished his last pictures and after that he will stop drawing. He will draw something little but he told that it is only for trading, and that means he will trade with other artists. The second reason is the time. He have much to do at his work and he also have a family and of course some friends and when time isn't enough you have to sort it out. He have know sort the drawings away. He think it also is strange that there is so few that draw animals, not furry, pictures. And for the beginning he have hope that he's drawings should make other artist also start drawing real, four legged, animals. But as you all here know, there is not so many that draw that kind of pictures. He will finishing the last set of drawings, and of course you will find them here, when they will be aviable online. That's the bad news...And we can only hope that Klaus will have some time later and he will start to draw again. Also want to put a little notice here: If you, or anyone you know, draw pictures that you think could match on this page's. Remember to send me a mail, and now it is time for a importent notice: If you send me a mail, and not get respond, or already have done it, and don't have a reply from me in 4 days. Just send it again. It seems that my internet provider have some problems with their mail servers. Of course they haven't if I ask them, you know how it is... I shall soon change to another internet provider.


So...This time there is no movie update. This update, is for those people that have waited for so long...
They have seen the days, being weeks, and then slowly turned to months... And now when the thought the months should be a year, their waiting is over...
I am very sorry that it have taking so long, but for those people that wanted the Horse Breeding CD 1 & 2, they are now aviable to buy. The price is 40 US $ and it is including package and posting. The ordering is only aviable through Paypal, they have the lowest fee for sending money and the seller pays the fee...
For people in EU I don't think it will take so long to get the CD:s, but people in other countrys maybe have to wait 2-3 weeks. I heard that the post to USA is much slower after Bin Ladins attack last year. Well, this time it seems that there is possible for some of you to have a 2 hour showtime at our home...
Further information you will find on the CD index page. /Aradd.


Well, if you have looked at Tom Ault's website, you see that he have ranked this site to 8 of 10. (When 10 is the best and 1 is not very good). Hm, we could have hope for a higher ranking, or? Just to avoid those banners is worth a ranking of 8...:-)
Well, maybe I will add a banner, also, and then we will have a higher ranking This site have now 146 mb of movies, and the 2 new ones you find in the Other animal movies section. One gnu and one Rhino movie. I hope that the next update, in the end of this week, will be one that some people have waited for...and they have waited for it so long.../Aradd


So, time for a update. Seems that Klaus Dobermann is lonely in the Artist mating drawing gallery, so I added 31 pictures with Lyoness. Also replaced Humping horses in Klaus Dobermanns gallery, with a version with higher resolution.


So...sometimes it seems that it is just a waste of time... I trade some movies with one guy and downloaded 92 movies. As you already guess: 85 movies was old, someone from this site. Of course all movies was renamed. Anyway; I upload a new horse movie, hope you enjoy it. This time it is orginal, so you need Divx to play it. The file is a little more than 10 mb.
I also send a mail to Tom Ault and asked why he didn't rated this site. He have rated all the others. I hope the visitors here think it's worth a high ranking. And I am sorry if you are missing java scripts, banners, popups and stuff like that. But now, go and take a look at the new movie, and why not take a look at Tom Ault's website? Just
click here if you want to visit him.
It will take around 2 weeks from now to the next update.../Aradd.


Well. A small update: Added one new picture from Klaus Dobermann, also fixed his mail address.


Okey, this time you have to check yourself in the horse mating movie section. I have upload some stuff, and the movies is now in a different ordning. I have re-upload some stuff that I earlier had to remove, because there wasn't any serverspace for it.
When Techwolf was kind to give me some more serverspace, I have now put the stuff online again.
Got a mail from Redcat. If you liked the lion mating movies, I suggest that you visit Redcats Yahoo groups. Yeah! I know Yahoo sucks, but if you want some more cat movies and pictures, Redcat is your man. You can visit his group at:
From there you can join the rest of the groups he have. Around 20 so you know. :-)
Index of Horse Breeding CD 3 is now online. So if they are anyone that have a movie with horse mating and/or semen that not appears in my collection on the 3 cd:s I hope you will contact me for trading. I am not trading movies with other mating animals for now. Later there is possibility to buy the Horse breeding cd 1 and 2 from me, if you have nothing to trade with. Chien Fou, you find his artwork in the beast gallery, have promised to do a non adult cover to the cd:s. They will be delivered in a double jewel case. More information about the cd:s later, when they will be for sale. And the release of them, I hope, will be in the first week of november. /Aradd.


Fixed some changes in the index for cd2. Now all thumbnails, filenames, filesizes, videosizes and info about sound or not is fixed.
Short info: CD1 & 2 is soon finished. I have some checking for them first. Very sorry for those visitors that have wait so long for this, but it will be worth the waiting. The contents for both cd:s together is this:
210 movies!
Playtime: 2 hour, 2 minutes and 47 seconds.
I will soon have a beta version of CD 3 online.


Uploaded a beta version of the Index to cd 2. The contents is 77 movies more. I hope later this week, that it shall be finished. All thumbnails and filenames or correct. Only the mics horse movies are not correct.



So... I little update. :-) It is nice with the internet, you can easy communicate with people. So I send a mail to RedCat, one of the person that know everything about cat mating movies and pictures. He recommend the lion001-003 movie. But unfortunately there is something wrong with the lion 001 movie. It is not possible to unzip because winzip can't join the files.
So I just uploaded lion 002 and 003 for you.
I shall check the problem with RedCat later, and we will see what we can do about it. /Aradd


Now I have added 2 artist in the Animal Mating Drawings section. Soon we have come for one of the reason that I started this site. There is drawings that I think you also have found, but no one seems to know who have done them. We start with this easy task: I know the artists name, but I have no contact with them. But maybe you have? Tokimitsu and Umauma Uri are, I think, from Japan.


Well, some very good news is Klaus Dobermann. A artist that draw erotic animal drawings. He do it very good and I know that there is people that have search for his drawings around the net. Now you don't need to search. Just go to the Animal Mating Drawings to see. 30 pictures so far. I look forward to his Spirit pictures he had promised to do. But he didn't say when...sigh...
If you not have seen the Spirit movie I can recommend you to see it. It isn't the best movie you have seen, that's right, but to do "horse-movies" are not easy. Most of the aren't any good at all, but this is okey to see...Okey...I have added some new mating movies. Also added a ? in the choose meny. A special suprise for my visitor when or if, we reach 20000 visitors.


Shall we take the bad new first? Okey, I decided to make a little break with index to horse cd 2. That's the bad news. The good news is that I instead now make a update to the animal matings den, with a kangaroo movie. Next, a hope, good news  is that my Drawing site soon will be back up again. It will take a short time, because there is around 70 mb of stuff to upload.../Aradd


So, now a little update. Just my index from cd 1. You find it on the Choose menu. I will now start to work with the index for cd 2. It is a large work and the contents for cd 1 is 134 movies. The cd 2 will be around 80. Cd 3 will be some movies on also and around 1000 photos. Whasn't that enough? Okey, let's say 1500 photos. I hope that I can fix a update to this website. It will not be horse mating movies, I think we take some other animal, but first I have to fix some space here.../Aradd


So, the Aradd index is removed. Preparing for a update. Replaced the pegasus animation with a unicorn, so you know that it is the unicorn that rules... :-) Added a "not online" thumbnails so it is easy to see if something is not aviable.


Okey...time for an update. Deckakt 4 in high resolution. Also notice that my Drawings Den is down. That because Spray/Tripodnet have stoped it. I have sent them a mail and asked what they are doing, because they have told me that the reason is copyright law. But I have the artists permission to keep their drawings on my site, but you know the "Microsoft" style: Shout piracy copying first, ask after what's the fact. Well, if it possible I shall ask Techwolf if he can add some space for my drawings Den. If so, we will celebrate it with some more cartoon movies. The next update on this side will be the index of my horse mating cd 1.
Have I nice summer! /Aradd


I just update the horse mating photos index. I have moved the video captured photos and they will not be online for now. Techwolf send me a mail and tell me that he hope to buy a new hard drive soon. If so, maybe he can give me some more webspace. We must all remember that he do this for free, and he is the only reason that this site exist. There will be a new update in the nearest 2 week, and after that I have no more webspace on his server. So start to pray, that he will offer his money to buy a new hard drive, otherwise...well, we will see... If you want to visit his own site, and if you like wolfes (I do), you are on the right way if you click here!


Well, I think it was time for an update, so here it is. Sorry to say that I ran out of server space. So many of the 'old' movies are deleted. I shall ask Techwolf if he can add me some more space here, otherwise I have to remove some movies to upload new ones. Hm, maybe time to collect mating photos instead? Take lesser space, you know... :-) So, the update: Added the italy1 movie and the reason is that I want all visitors to see what problem there is with the renaming of filenames. It's also seems that some people think it is funny to put the clip in wrong sequences. I have made the italy1 with the sequence in correct ordning. So go now and take a look, I hope you gonna like it... /Aradd


Okay. Nothing is new here yet. Just upload some of my movies here. Enjoy. I hope I soon can update this site, but it will take 1-2 week...
Best wishes.
Aradd .


So time for a little update. But first a little information: Since last friday a can not access my Drawing site at Spray with my ftp program. I have check with another computer and a different ftp program with the same result. So now I have to send a note to Spray help team and the need my account info. What can happend? Well,
1) they fix the problem and everything is okey. Or
2) they don't like the contents on my website and delete it.
So if the link to "Aradds drawings den" stop working, you know why. And that's also the reason that I not have updated it. I have some cool cartoon movies to upload to it... But now back to this server that works much better than spray: I have upload 3 movies in the Other Animal Mating section. Enjoy!