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"Sins of the Fathers"

By AdobeFats

Religious books over the ages warns of tribulation and trials for the sins on the fathers, and carried down through the following generations, even to the forth and fifth of they who had sinned.
He who was our great grandfather on our father's side of the family stood out in history as a man of war. Warring were the times, the civil war years, and the Indian wars on the great plains. He, Major Arndell C. Mansard had his war fighting the Indians of the great southwest. His gallant misfortune was to ride through a small encampment where no warrior remained. He fought harshly with his troop, annihilating women and their children, all there save then one old man.
A chief for many years, a medicine man taught by his father, he in the sunset years needed to remain with the women.
As he stood with hands bound and having had to dig his own grave to fall into, the Major allowed his adversary the right to speak his last words.
The story since told by father to son and finally to my brothers, sister and to me, the aged Indian cursed his murderers. A death curse to be one that over the years and until now we of the generations of Mansard offspring were warned and reminded of trialed times to come. Part of the curse dealt with what the age old Indian thought of they there who killed the helpless and undefended. What one said was a great victory won, was to another view there a travesty upon human kind.
Whatever the word be the Indian warrior used that equals his idea of a travesty, he cursed all to learn it at the hands of the animal realm, "As beasts are you and your generations to follow, let they who were born as animals bring justice for what was do here today!"
Seven gun shots echoed the death ridden hills as the great as wise old man, his spirit moving on while his riddled body fell face down into the dug grave.
Much of what was and implied then and there has fallen through the cracks, leaving the curse as much a childhood story. We had made mention of the curse when getting poor grades in school, or at times of something unfortunate happening. None knew what the curse would or could do, and had we not seen it with our own eyes happening, we would have gone on until engulfed as well in some horrid bit of family doom.
We the self named Seven, were all born on the same day just minutes apart. A whole family born at one time, it saved time, but left father living his life mostly horny and a mother stretched in everything she needed to do. Six brothers and one sister, it was Benjamin being the first to take leave of the womb, his high school graduation and our class trip merged into our treading the sands of the great southwest.
All in the class had worked hard to earn enough money for us to venture an adventure, a camping trip into the depths of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
The bus ride began with great hopes, but three flat tires and two extra days of travel time, when we arrived at the Canyon hotel, our being late meant our scheduled accommodations were sold to others who arrived before us.
Nineteen considered as vagabonds were told to leave the hotel and since late arrivals, we could find our own place to sleep the nights. Naturally the planned time to take our donkey ride to the bottom of the canyon was as well given to others since we were considered as no-shows. The great class trip was becoming a travesty for all, but brother Ben took the brunt of the misfortune.
After we had set up out tents and camp under the towering pine trees, Ben became incensed with rage. He raved about how the bus line owed us our money and that the hotel as well the donkey conveyance owed us what we had prepaid for them to take us down into the canyon. He stormed off arguing with himself, acting like a madman. His six siblings followed at a distance, we looking and ready to come to his aid if need there be a reason.
He arrived to the corrals and found to his dismay the place was near to deserted. Most of the donkey jackasses had taken the trek to the canyon, leaving only the sickly or aged as tired beasts wandering the corral. They eyed Ben while slowly plodding with hoofs through the pulverized dust that was the corral.
Ranting his anger, Ben stood by the corral fence and vented his verbal disdain for all there who were in his manner of thinking as unjust beasts.
No sooner had he said the word unjust than he seemed to stand rigidly, one hand holding on the corral fence. As he stood there the whole of the donkey animals came to where Ben was standing. We watched, hapless to understand then and far enough away to be helpless for brother Benjamin.
Ever so slowly did Ben lift a leg up and pass it through the wooden poles that made the fence keeping the animals in their corral. He moved as if cautious to us, we wondering why and to where he was going, as he entered the corral and stood surrounded by a dozen or so donkeys.
A chorus of braying began, the donkeys chimed their bray in unison, crying as if in groups of three and or four, as if they ranting their disdain for brother Ben.
Ben stood with his head bowed, he not moving any too quick to get away from the beasts. His stance seemed as if he were leaning somewhat forward, as then a very large donkey female turned her rump to face him, her tail held high and off to one side, she did let stream a gush of glistening yellow. Her urine doused Ben at his chest, splattering as we watched, it sprayed some in his face, drenching him by the volume that flowed.
Tainted by the beasts with stench, as Ben still stood surrounded and oddly unflinching from what happened, we saw another animal lift a hind leg and with swift fervor, it struck Ben in the back and shoved him forward.
A mutual roar of communing brays were as if trumpets blasting.
We watched as Ben with head bowed and shoved harshly, literally propelled then head-long, his head and up to his shoulders became ass violated. He had not the time to let out a yell. The she donkey who urinated on him stood with legs spread as if waiting. A hard shove sent brother Ben to sink his face and head in past the black leathery folds of some donkey vulva sex.
He caught in a fright was then in a fight, the other donkeys there began biting, ripping, tearing from off him his clothing.
Ben tried then to fight but head held by strong lips and unable to breathe anything other than what little air was in a donkey womb, he was at the understanding of the herd.
 We ran forward, all screaming at the animals. Our few voices were unswerving to the animals, they seemed to have as know what to do.
She that what we learned later was a Mammoth donkey jennet, her body in size equal to a horse. The other donkeys moved to lift up Ben off the ground as he struggling stopped and seemed to let what was to happen. Strong donkey necks and one with his back under Ben stood to hold him as the kicking donkey turned and with head pressed at the bare feet of Ben, the animal began to push Ben in further into the donkey womb.
Slowly until the shoulders passed into the vagina, then with swift and slickening movement we on the outside of the corral fence watched as he our brother slid in and was gone from out sight for a few long drawn minutes.
The donkey herd then stood there blocking us from coming inside the corral, why would want to or what we would do then we had no idea.
She who had taken Ben inside her, she strode away to the far side of the corral, there her belly convulsed. A few uncomfortable sounding brays and with her tail again held high, we watched as Ben his head did work its way out the vulva lips and he gasped then for his every breath.
Face down, his head out, his whole naked body inside the huge donkey, he had then the greater humiliation of having her tail sway at him like a whip on a trussed slave.
That donkey then began to trot about the corral, the head of Ben harshly jostled by the animal what held him captive. He made not a sound, but was added to the embarrassment when the donkey let pop out her anus some turds. The hay yellow turds bonking on the back of his head, falling then to the ground. She pranced and then with a rush of energy she ran hard across the corral and leaping, she jumped the corral fence. As if wild with some plan, the she donkey ran off into the grasslands, her tail slapping the head jutting out her rump.
Flabbergasted, we six stood there not knowing what to do or who to tell, as if they would believe such a weird tale.
Terry, our sister then walked toward the corral, we following a few steps behind her. She slipped into the corral and began retrieving the torn clothing of Ben and his wallet, as donkeys needed not his money. As she knelt down to gather the worthless items, a donkey walked over and he facing Terry, leapt forward, covering her, his maleness suddenly out and straight from a sense of libido the like we never knew was possible.
Terry saw the animal coming and with her face up, she saw him leap up, was ready to scream when jutting into her mouth the donkey impaled out sister. As the fore legs of the male donkey stood holding Terry from backing away, he with his instantaneous an erection, sunk the cockhead in and into a stunned mouth.
I cried to her, and was trying to get into the corral to save her from such humiliation when she looked at me and I thought she tried to smile.
We five then rushed to enter the corral. The need to bend low and enter past the fence, we never thought to make use of the gate. As each of us entered the corral, a three to foursome of donkeys did surround us and with unrelenting herding methods, did separate us and tripped us.
Brian and Fred soon found their backs to the stable wall, a donkey lip nibbling at their privates, and a female donkey pressing back her rump to force each brother his face compressed into a winking vulva.
The other three, to which I was one, were herded off into a corner or the corral and there berated. Nudged into an guarded position, butt bit nipped to lean forward and like Terry, we were force fed each the vile end to a donkey cock. We sucked on the things, something in our heads suggesting this was what the animals wanted. Our positioning being such we saw no testicles present, the donkey males being gelded, the purpose to our impaling all the more weird.  
Time passed and with an hour of our humiliating completed, the donkeys let us sink to the ground, mouths as tasting such vile the ability to describe it was not in us!
Five brothers met at the water trough and dunking of heads in we washed our moths and drank some to dilute what went into our guts. After several minutes we looked one at the other, and all to once said, "Terry!"
She was not there, and a quick head whipping look around saw not her of the donkey who was orally doing her.
We five stood up and with smearing our wet hands to clean our donkey cock or cunt smeared dirty faces, from the stable we heard Terry moaning. A rush of five worried brothers tore into the stable, and began frantically search each stall for where she was and seemingly as if in pain.
The last stall, it in the dank, hot, darker end to the stinking stable. We gathered in the doorway, and looking in, there was Terry, she hunched over two stacked bales of hay or straw. Her clothing like that of what happened to Ben was torn off her body to leave her naked and vulnerable.   
"Oh Terry," I said, seeing how she lay tossed over the bales, her legs spread and a young donkey, one as yet not gelded was rutting her with his slender shaft.
I approached only to get a harsh brayed warning from another male donkey standing by, he as aroused with his own erection.
My getting closer offered a different view of Terry, she looking as if in a dreamy state, elated at what was in her and rutting her insane. She turned to give a maniac sort of grin smile, huffing her breathing as with every thrust of the cock slid up inside of her.
Eying her face, the then notation on her of distended nostrils, her lips being darker, her eyes seemed rounder, and her ears, ears sprouting of reddish brown fur, were pointed at the tips and elongated.
Brother Jonathon rushed the orgy and was hit soundly by a charging donkey. The four male donkeys there in the stall stood guarding their companion as he continued to rut my sister until she was one with the donkeys as a jennet.
I remained there and waited as watched, unable to stop what was happening.
The other four decided to go after the larger donkey and see what she was doing to brother Ben. After they went on their way and I sat in the corner of that large box stall, Terry looked at me and said, "It is what we are that this is our fee for what great grandfather did and was cursed."
"Debauchery by beasts," I said, as Terry laughed hearing me, she adding said, "We are not the first to be so degraded, mother told me what to expect and if it happened I should not fight it, or it would be all the worst the next time.
As you can see for me there is no next time, and I suspect the same as worse is the fate for Ben.
Cursed we be, and if by this I must take the full force of the curse to save you  my brothers, then..., huff..., oh how I like the way he is thrusting...me!
I was a virgin until today, and having had this fellow climax now three times, I feel it likely I will get pregnant by him. Some reasoning in me says this is righteous, and from the sensations I too like the thought of becoming a donkey and live here."
Those were her last words said to me as the thrusting and continued humping by the donkey drove Terry over the edge. She changed, a little at first and in varied places, the changing conversing in a rush as by a curse governed by spirits of the dead. An hour maybe a bit more and the male donkey finished his rutting mating. He backed off Terry, leaving her to turn her donkey changed face and braying at me, got up off the bales and walked outside to become another there to let people ride her.
That evening my five brothers returned without finding Ben. We camped together, having to listen in the night as a donkey brayed as each returned male donkey found reason to give her the feeling but nary not a drip on semen as they were all gelded.
Come the morning I was awaken by a large hand to my chest. I opened sleepy eyes to see the face of brother Ben. Surprised I sat up and saying his name, he with a hoof cover my mouth.
Stunned, and in the early morning light I saw then what became of Ben. He in his time inside the large donkey jennet had like Terry come to be a distinct part of the continuing family curse.
We went outside the tent where Ben could stand up. He was a sight, as changed by the curse and the vaginal juices of the jennet, he too was in part then a donkey. I eyed him, and he turning modeled before me his furred self. Furred with coarse donkey fur, he looked like a donkey. He had donkey ears, a human face, but lips thicker and almost as if made best for him to learn grazing.
Donkey tail covered what on humans never gets to see the light of day, his was a puckered black donut the kind I had seen on old horses. What he seemed delighted by and I knelt looking as then fingering was the sheath and what was held within it. My touching of it aroused the monster, and Ben arched it up as out, his libido then that of an equine.
Unholy it was, bestial of head and contours, it hung out the sheath a good twenty inches. He strained to force it erect, the head swelling, was flat at the end but trumpet like in shape, he stated he had made use of it on the jennet who changed him.
Legs, Ben had then four, two the hind legs and hoofs like a donkey, his forelegs not fully equine, but having hoofs to replace his hands. Changed as Ben was he did not lament of his deformity. He seemed elated and willing like was Terry to accept then the curse as if it would not touch the others in our family.
I told Ben of what Brian and Fred had to mouth and munch as wallow their faces in at the winking lips of a jennet donkey. They feeling the curse, and us the other brothers made to mouth donkey cocks, lick as suckle, swallowing the encrusted as caked filth.
Seeing Ben as he had become I suspected his changing was not finished.
I told him of our pretty sister and her debauchery frolicking with a donkey jack rutting and mating her some seven times before she walked out into the corral and was herself a jennet.
Ben seemed beyond caring of what became of our dear sister. His few remarks were as if the end was justified by the means. I was stunned to hear him being agreeable to what the curse did to us as brothers and sister.
We five remained there camping and together for the next two weeks, the others in our class wondering what became of Terry and Ben. When the time came to take the bus back toward home, the remarked absence of Ben or Terry worried all except the remaining five brothers.
We could not begin to explain, and when returned home the classmates informed their parents and they in turn informed the authorities as of the strange disappearances of Ben and Terry. The curse continues giving its trails upon our family. Trail as such, we five brothers were charged and being tried, all who knew us were assuming we had murdered our sister and then our brother, likely for some diabolical reasons.
The future looks grim, and unseen as well our five brothers having the mutual desire not to offer proof of the curse lest its doom add more to the purpose. Having sucked as did we three, our maleness is now darker of coloring, became longer, dehumanized, has a sheath, and we the testicles as of a male donkey. Time will be the bell that tolls for us to learn if the donkey of us will spread to other body organs, even to skin and then the gaining a furred body.
Brian and Fred who ate out their donkey jennet attacker from the rear did not gain the male attributes like us three. They had then the taste of liking donkeys, together with commerodic delight they venture often to partake of equine females, they becoming feminine and possibly equine. Brothers they are to us, their sexual preference and as well what the curse might be doing to them they never offer to show or wish to tell of.
What a screwed up family! Our fated futures grieve the parents, our mother especially, she not effected as are we, she divorcing dad, adding to his future the continued demeaning of a powerful curse.     
Remember, Only the rocks live forever!
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