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"One on another"
By AdobeFats

The need to exercise meant making his daily walk Fred walked every day in the city park and but on this one fateful day looked for new scenery. The walk form home to town took an abrupt turn as he thought to walk along a railroad track. The warm sun was working to bake the black tar creosote from out the wooden railroad crossties, to save a mess on his shoes he decided to walk on the outside edge of the track.

"Hey," said Fred, he talked to himself often, would argue with his present situation, deciding what he should need do to make it a more harmonic an outcome. Walking, looking all around him was open countryside, he had gone near a mile when in the sunshine he saw a brightly twinkling something lying only partially covered, nestled into the black cinder ballast.

Walking to where he thought of reaching down and pick it up, Fred found a silvery chain, and attached to it was a silver medallion inlaid with gold in its center.

Fred noted where the chain clasp had let loose; and likely, the original wearer of it then lost the bright bobble when as a passenger riding a passing train along this section of track. Fingering the slippery silver chain between his rather uncoordinated fingers, he worked the chain, pinching the broken link back together. Seeing he had there a necklace of sorts, the whole of the chain and its Medallion on it began to feel as if it were becoming warm from the sunshine.

He looked at his strange but to him a priceless find, and donning the chain around his neck; he felt the weight of the medallion bobble as it lay hung against his chest skin and sternum.

Normally, Fred a happy man on the outside, always jovial and friendly to everyone he met; he had to work with a jerk. On this day his insides and self-respect had hit an all-time low mark in his life.

Happier and carefree times had led him down a curving road. He had accidentally left up on his work computer some short story he wrote, it found by one of the coworkers, they told all there of his perverted ideas. As from his youth he did have a private wish that somehow he could discover a method to transform himself into a different form and live a happier way of life.

Foolhardy play, and having added to his disgrace he posted his greatest of desire upon the Internet. This story and his posting only added to the fervor of those at work who felt elated when having a chance to ridicule a fellow worker for whatever a reason. The present situation only proved to him of making his daily life as disreputable and unhappy. He wrote stories about his deep feelings and a want to be free of all responsibilities save one, that of reproduction of what species he liked better than was his.

So on this one morning walk when he found something of possible real worth, his spirits lifted and the warm sun above felt then as if it were a friend.

As he walked along and alone, he fondled the chain, stroking its sleek smoothness, and fingering his fingertips across the golden inscriptions on both the front face and the rear of the heavy medallion. Walking and the solemn calm all around him made for his letting his imagination run wild. Time, a enemy to all who live did slip away and so did more than a mile of track. The walking led to entering of surrounding open pastures of small farms abutting up to the embankment and the railroad track.

Fred stopped finally, seeing in a nearby pasture a few horses grazing.

They were use to being quite alone there in the pasture, and seeing what they thought might be a human with a handout of something tasty, they trotted toward the fence that held them in and those unwanted, out!

Stepping cautiously, Fred almost sliding down the steep embankment, he came to stand by the fence as the horses stood there inquisitive and looking for a treat.

The horses Fred noted were four mares, one young and frisky filly along with a larger horse, he so enthralled with seeing a rare visitor; he became aroused, his maleness rolling out the filthy sheath, his black cock stiffening more from the feel of a light breeze.

Fred had nothing with him to offer the horses, but being that the grass seems to be greener just out side the fence, Fred plucked up hands full of it to feed to his new friends.

Admiring the horses from his own imaginative fantasy views, he took note of the exceptional male organ the stallion stood there exposing. Leaning over at the waist, Fred eyed the showing off of what the stallion had as if it being the basis for his own sense of pride.

The stallion took to sniffing about the rump rear of one mare, she munching on the grass Fred found for her; but well able to multitask, she raising her tail as if an invite to her aroused stallion.

Fred stood there a bit overwhelmed when this 15 hand high stallion, stud, horse did suddenly rise up and mounted the mare. Fred not but ten feet to one side of the two mating animals, Fred stared as he saw the stud probe and then with its remarkable libido did squirm and press into the mare; sinking in his black fire hose sized shaft.

Thrills to at least three of those all standing there, the mare, she munching with her head hung low in submission to a stallion, the stud horse, he was having his worthwhile thrill, and Fred, getting a firsthand lesson as an eyeful of animal husbandry.

Fred watched, wide eyed and intently enjoying the beastly sights happening there before him. He let his fantasies get the better of him, as with still one hand clasping the recently found treasure and the other hand reaching out to smooth along the low hung neck of the mare being serviced; Fred openly voiced a wish that otherwise he would have kept as very private.

"Damn me, or whatever it takes, but I do wish to know the felt sensation as what that stallion feels and his big penis now enjoys!'

No sooner said aloud and then with a sudden sense of feeling faint, Fred and all he saw then dimmed into a deep, dark, blackness.

After a span of some unknown length of time, Fred and his mental awareness regained slowly his conscience thought, thinking, he then worried as of the horror that he could not see. Feeling as if he were somehow as if physically paralyzed, he was unable to move feel or make move his hands or legs, as all felt strangely there, but limp, numb, and confined.

Slowly, did Fred regain back his personal constitution, braving his situation, he began to try to flex and or move, to open his eyes that felt as if stuck shut.

He felt as if he was breathing, but oddly enough, he had no sense of smell coming to his mind. His mouth felt slightly dry but try as he might, he could not find his tongue, let alone use it to lick his very dry lips.

Pondering his strange situation, a cool and freshly chilly breeze did swoop over his entire body, offering him the sense of realizing inner warmth and the tickling sensation from something cold.

Although unable by his muscular accord to sit up, stand, or move to walk home, there came slight movements every now and then. He felt an occasional shivering shudder; it racked his entire form from head to toes, he yet feeling as if he were in whole of body as limp.

As time passed, Fred felt his face and body getting warmer. As if then sweat began, and with a passing sudden breeze, he felt a chill, this caused about him some minor sensation of movement.

His whole body felt hotter and the sweating made him feel uncomfortably moist, while the feeling of a cramped tightness held him from any willful sorts of movement. Something seemed to bring upon him a sensation as if he were gaining back his strength. Fred realized some of what he felt, as if a rush of adrenalin forced him to begin moving. He felt as were his legs began to stretch and strength pulsating in them as if they were stout enough for him to stand.

A sense of urgency seemed to overwhelm his whole being, he suddenly felt as if life-giving blood was moving, filling him and making his entire self seemingly come alive.

The dryness of his lips and mouth seemed suddenly moistened, Fred thought of trying to speak, but he still felt no tongue in his mouth, as if this remained for some reason as still unworkable or, paralyzed.

So excited, Fred then felt as if from his mouth he was drooling. His mouth held in it the ability to taste, he could realize this and sweet, salty, sour, sensations came flooding into his mind still not up to the usual standards. Yet he had a feeling, a flavor of salty mixed in a blending with a brackish and sour taste.

The moisture of beads of sweat began to ease the sticky eyelids and Fred worked hard at getting them to open, his hands and arms still felt numb, as if he did not have them at all. Seeing in a blur, Fred felt and seemed to see some crusty flakes fall from what had glued his eyelids closed and kept him as if blind.

The opening of his eyes came with sharp pains as some of that dried crust that fell into his eyes, it feeling to him like sand, he longed to rub his eyes, but without the use of hands it was a useless want.

Blinking his eyes in a maddening urgency to see again the world around him, Fred began to visualize what seemed as something in front of his face.

Still unable to see clearly, Fred could see dark shadows before him, he thought of peering down, as doing so the eye movement helped clear away the crusty flakes. He seeing then the world, Fred gasped at the sight.

At the same instant he could see down in a clear and unobstructed view, what he saw was the ground, and grass, and of what was from his eyes and down the length of his body as a dark shadow.

Undecided as of what he could then see, his entire bodily self shook, heaved itself upward, thumping into some sort of furry thing, and with a just as sudden slackening of his sense of strength, he felt his entire body fall, swinging, and swaying in an uncontrolled manner.

Unquestionably, something about him and his whole self and world had drastically changed. Fred felt horrified in concern for his wellbeing, as from somewhere seemingly above his head and brain he felt a pressure.

The pressure came down over and through him, as if an engorged flood of sensation. Flood was the perfect word, although seeing and then the acrid taste in his mouth, Fred gained full realization of his troubles and the world he was then a virtual part.

Looking with such horror, Fred saw bursting out his near numb mouth a virtual spewing flood of brackish greenish yellow urine come out of him. Fred grimaced using what he felt he had as his face. An understanding hit hard, he was hard, in part as being the sheath and more so the erect maleness of some stallion horse. As something so unbelievable, he, Fred was of his full body being then as the penis of an animal.

Mother warned him many times, she knowing his lust loving fantasy about animals, horses mostly, but almost as much wishing to be a bull and or a goat, even to drawing a wishful idea of his becoming a transformed and transgender as some mythical female a Satyr; all of what he wished seemed far better than his becoming a penis. How mom said that old saying as of, "Be careful of what you wish, as you might just get it!"

In a split second of wishful admiration for the stallion and how he was then getting his thrill, enjoying the deflation of a full bladder and of an erection, it spewing something all felt neat to the stud above. Fred had wished he could know or realize such the erotic feel of the horse mating and he as then the penis would know the sensation of entering inside the muscular depths of a mare. What better way for whatever answered his weird wish, than to doom Fred that he become as then a horse cock, an elongated penis of a stallion, but at what cost right then he did not care.

The rush of the vile tasting urine lasted but a long minute, as then his body began to shrivel, crinkling of skin, folding back up into a limp knot, held in a horse stallion sheath; the sheath holding the eyes of Fred, being then as if his face.

As his body felt almost engulfed by the sheath, he had a surging pressure as the stallion body and bladder set above Fred, did surge forth a few short remaining spurts of that horrible flavored urine. This then was the worst first moment of realizing where he had to live. Fred felt next the sensation as if some damn creature were reaching under the stallion and giving the sheath that was Fred a good licking.

Although his eyesight had its limitations of movement and sight, Fred saw from one side the huge nostrils and lips, a tongue doing the licking, it he thought, was likely the mare wanted her stallion to service her again.

Suddenly the horse took a step and Fred shook all over. He felt his body slapping from side to side as the mighty horse moved. Then the animal started to run as Fred felt his feet and knees fold up all the tighter under him; as if his entire body did meld into his face, and darkness again covered his sight.

The horse ran, and Fred bounced up, down, and side to side. Although he felt the movement, he felt no pain. Soon the horse slowed and then stopped.

"Light," Fred thought, as the brightness hit his eyes. He felt as if he was soon to stand out and erect again, a rush as his whole body suddenly felt alive. Fred stretching out of what he had feelings being his legs was in reality the lengthening cock body of the horse penis.

"What," thought Fred, as he looked to one side, seeing two boys pointing and one reaching a hand over to give the sheath a hearty squeezing.

How embarrassed Fred felt at that moment.

As if from the ears of the horse above Fred, he could hear the boys speaking, talking and he in his limited frame of mind could still understand their human words.

"Wow brother, do I wish I had a cock that big and the same length, imagine the feelings of owning such a big horse cock." Spoke one brother to another.

Fred remembered, he had said just about the same thing. Then a feeling of himself peeing like a racehorse, and until then that was his realization to living of a penis life.

Somehow, Fred felt that the silver chain and its medallion bobble was the cause of all his troubles. While he hung there as an arousing organ on an aroused stallion above him, Fred learned to admire his feelings of being the cock of a proud stallion horse.

The boys went away, but came back again later as the horses again grouped by the fence to greet them, the stallion felt aroused, while Fred became again his stout and stiff new self.

Seeing the belly and down to the ground, Fred felt elation and this made his stallion become rigidly aroused. Eyes peering down and around, Fred saw then there on the ground laid the silver chain, the medallion on it, his horse master trampling the thing under his hoofs and those other eager horses.

Thinking, "If I could only grab the chain and make a wish," Fred thought to himself, but the ground was still too far away, and his mouth being the piss hole of the stallion penis had not the ability to reach, grab, and hold anything!

As he looked down and wishing, Fred felt a new sense of horror, the two boys approached. One boy reached under the stallion and poked his finger into the penis end hole. This caused the stallion to jump and he then trotted to a safer distance. The other boy reached down seeing a shiny object, he picking it up, as chain and medallion on it did vanish past the limits of what Fred could see.

"Hey Bro, look what I just found," did exclaim one of the boys, as they both ran off with the only hope for Fred.

Fred looked as long as his horse would allow. Then as the stallion walked away, Fred felt the same ole' feeling of his body softening, and pulling of him up into that dark sheath of a home.

Days became as interminable weeks or months, as Fred felt assured his fate was sealed. He had spent long hours held in dark warmth. He felt alive when his penis body stiffened and again urinated, it happened so regularly, Fred began to learn and enjoy the taste of it as the flood passed out his cock mouth.

All of this Fred felt was as if a proper. He was dauntingly alive as if a sordid sort of curse on the remaining human mind, yet all seemed as of being in heaven when he the cock of his master stallion did mount and mate with a mare. The beast seemed to enjoy each mare longer, Fred enjoying too the sensation and this in turn kept the stallion aroused, he mounted and thrusting in longer durations.

Fred felt sated if not satisfied at his situation and living the life of a horse cock. His working mind continued to help and urge the stallion to take longer a time when mating. They both loved the sensations from hump thrusting, and after a climax, Fred urged the animal to remain lodged in the mare and allow them a continuing of mutual sensations.

The sexual habits of a stallion changed, and so noted by his owner who seeing the stallion as some bestial than placid a male with the mares, he loaned the stud to other farms and Fred too, found his sensual fantasies as fulfilled.

So as one swings and wags the pleasure of a horse cock seems to be limited. The beast to which Fred belonged increased his breeding fame due to the sensual delight a college educated cock can give.

One day when Fred found himself thrust into a hot tunnel of moist warmth, and delight. As the stud thrust, the mare clamped onto the great shaft. The stud jumped back and Fred fell out. Looking around from his small eyes, he saw there those two boys.

The one boy was wearing the silver chain. He knelt down giving a fond looking close at the horse cock. He reached a hand out and took a firm grasp on Fred and his cock body. Bending and pulling the cock end out from under the stallion horse; allowed Fred to get a different view of those standing there.

This young fellow, younger than what was Fred before he became as if than an inanimate male organ; he saw too of a pretty face as of a woman came into view, she opening her mouth, did then engulf the full flared end, that of what Fred considered as if still part to his face as if his mouth.

Stressed by this human doing what to a pecker-head was as a weird act; Fred saw behind the woman a man holding a camera and taking video pictures; all of this made Fred feel ill.

"Wow, oh wow, this is great, Angie suck it, stroke him, get him to cum again and we shall double your fee!" The one young man urged, he Fred was one of them boys who he saw wearing the powerful Medallion that began what to Fred was as an eternity of vile living.

The woman surely did her part and soon like in many times before then the stallion ejaculated, spewing so much of his white juices and thick pasty semen. He overly filled her mouth and made a mess of her face, all captured on video by two very excited and aroused young men.

"Damn it Charlie, I never would have believed this was possible! What, it was six years ago since we first saw this stud and got the idea to make some real money. Angie, you are a great, really, and Charlie we are going to have a lot of fun selling these pictures," said the Cameraman, he being to Fred as likely the one brother of Charlie, as the essential director of the whole sham.

Angie scurried off to get her face cleaned from the pasty slop she nearly drowned from, as what came out of the stallion body and down the length of his friendly cock.

Charlie stood there petting the stallion, he seeing what was a still fully aroused stallion penis hanging, and nervously given a sudden sway from time to time.

Kneeling down, Charlie took hold the massive long shaft, and felt of it as he balanced himself there, his one hand holding firmly onto the silver chain his lucky, if magical Medallion.

"Damn stallion but I wish to Hell itself to have what you got hanging there, boy is it...what is that...hey Charlie come and see this...eyes, there are eyes in the top of the sheath on this stallion. Eyes, damn if he has eyes to see where he is sticking his rod...wow, just think if..." The young man said, he astounded from seeing two beady little, still the blue eyes looking at him as Fred watched in silence.

Getting right up close, the young film director made his grand a mistake too. He in a fit of royal stupidity wished a wish while holding onto the Medallion.

Everything felt suddenly vague and wrong to Fred, he could smell the horses, and hear people talking, but stranger yet, he could feel as if he had a body again.

"You ready to go then Charlie, we got to get away from here before the owner of these horses comes home, let us go man!" The brother said to Charlie, but Fred heard it and felt the tugging touch of the brother urging his brother to get moving.

Fred was free; he, they had traded places, the film director, and now the mind that was Charlie set to wonder, he to realize soon how he would live life by being a stallion stud cock.

Fred, or as Charlie he leaned way forward, peering up into the stifle of the stallion to see what were his own two blue eyes peering with tears back at him.

"You got to where I have set now for many a year, six or so I believe your brother stated; well now you can feel as cocky as you want, and like me you may learn to enjoy the various flavors that rush and boil out the open end to that your shaft body.

Anyway, do try to have fun, you need to learn to close your eyes when the stud mates, otherwise the mare fanny juices cause the eyes to burn and when the stuff dries it glues the eyes shut! Bye!" Fred said from inside of what Charlie had as his young and healthy human body.

Fred had to learn about the person he had become, he not knowing anything about Charlie or his history.

The magical medallion in his possession meant that Fred and or Charlie would have some weird fun with people, animals, and those associated with who he was and became. In the days, weeks, and months that followed, Fred learned how to live as a film director, and with time as a friend, he managed to move up to working in the television industry. His wild bestial ambitions were done, he live and loved as do people, but at times he almost wished his penis was the same as was his horse cock body.
Gaining in wealth, Fred or he being by then as Charlie purchased an estate, and built there a stables. Having a very personal remembered relationship with a by then elderly stallion, he purchased the horse as well several young, neat mares.
Fred had still the powerful Medallion what was there to build him his forture, he decided to pay hommage to that stud horse. He made a wish, he wishing the stallion would rejuvenate, become again as a young stud, and with some enhancements to his cock, he should make use of it keeping many a mare content. The medallion replied with a warm glowing and a happy humming sound, as did the stallion when he stood upright and mounted, sheath deep, throughly enjoying life.
Remember, Only the rocks live forever!
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