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Harnessed Delights
By AdobeFats

A checking of police records and of the written account there of a missing person report in the year 1999, a young woman by the name of Cathy Wolphin resided at home while she was attending college. She had a birthday-family get together for her having attained then the legal age of twenty-one. As with many who reach the legal age of sudden maturity, she too received many presents that were as a mark of her coming of maturity.

The two police officers investigating the incident was a Paul Martin and Richard Doyle who were assigned to the case. Their interviews with the parents of Cathy, the filed report claimed their daughter as missing or possibly kidnapped. The location strangely happened at the family residence when Cathy was alone. A pains taking search of the neighborhood and an investigation went for months, discovered nothing, she was never seen or heard from again!

The two parents grieved for the loss of their daughter while the  boyfriends and others sat for hours before the two detectives defending their integrity to grueling questions seeking for a lead. Yet all those questioned had only good things to say about the warm and friendly girl. None of those questioned could suggest why she might run away from home, or of who in the world, would wish to do her harm.

At last, after all the possibilities suggested and checked were discounted as leads, with not a single witness of Cathy leaving the house that morning, by neighbors, friends, or after. The birthday presents which came sent to the house the police took into custody, checking on all to see if any clue might be there. It was after weeks of dead end leads, that Officer Davis wrote up an inventory of what all came and from where..

As expected, the many presents only added to the anguish for the parents. They many gifts remained there inside the house for a week after their returning by the police, when then Misses Wolphin called Goodwill to come and take them away.

Detective Paul Martin was not one to accept defeat on a case easily. He sat inside his patrol car watching the Goodwill truck and the two men loading all of the presents. It was when the one man carried the steamer trunk out to the truck; Paul remembered a comment of his partner.

Richard Doyle was one smart farm boy and being a very good detective, he noticed some things that Paul did not know about or never might have thought was odd. As of such was an old world steamer trunk, when they did the last inventory, it was Richard who made note the leather horse harness was missing the head bridle and bit.

This seemed to be a real clue, but at the time Paul did not understand the suggestive possibilities the missing items might imply.

The wary detective drove along behind the truck, following it back to its warehouse were Paul, called for Richard to meet him there. A surprised pair of goodwill workers watched as two detectives took custody of one ole steamer trunk. Paul asked Richard about his wonderment of why the bridle and bit were missing from the harness set. It seemed odd for her Aunt Joan to send a fine leather saddle and harness set and without the bridle and bit.

Richard looked the items over repeatedly, thinking as of the possible value to this set to be close to a thousand dollars. So then why and or where were the primary parts missing, the detectives looked at each other and continued to wonder.

Richard asked to take possession of the trunk and its contents, and Paul helped him load it into the trunk of his police cruiser. He wanted this crucial item kept safe in police custody. The trunk as well the valued contents were some sort of lead, as to what they did not know.

It was after ten when the family had gone to bed that Richard arrived and walking, wandered about the property. He saw nor found nothing to suggest Cathy did not leave there of her own accord. He returned to his vehicle and the trunk in the truck was so large the car trunk lid was standing open. He leaned and then turned and sat on the lip edge of the car truck compartment, put his arm on the trunk to stead his precarious place to sit.

Sitting beside the trunk, he opened it and began to smooth his hands over the rich feeling, fine tooled, as smooth and black leather straps.
As he touched the leather harness a funny feelings came over him. He looked at the saddle that glimmered in the moonlight of that night, a bright orange color to a rising moon glaring as if a natural nightlight.

He turned his attentions to the saddle, eying closely the smooth satin finish of the all black, nicely polished leather, knowing this as a fine piece of workmanship. Some artist had hand stamped many zodiac impressions into the leather, some deeper than others done lightly.

Then he turned the saddle over, seeing there the wool pad affixed to the bottom making an added nice cushion for both rider and the horse.

Feeling tired, Richard thought to use the underside of the saddle as a back support while he sat there pondering the unsolved case. He set the saddle on edge, upside as down and the saddle horn against the side of the steamer trunk setting in the car trunk.

A sigh as he relaxed and leaned back into the curves of the wool and underside of the saddle. He was there for just a second when his head suddenly began to ache. He put his hands with fingers interlaced behind his head and scooted more into the trunk and against the saddle wool, thinking to use it as an added bit of comfort.

A funny feeling raced from his spine out to every part of him as he laid there rubbing his neck and the back of an aching head.

Then his eyes went wide as he saw the straps of the saddle rise into the air. One to his right and the other to his left, they stood there and then began to reach one for the other. He watched in a strange fascination as the one belt looped through the cinch. It tightened the straps down, down, and down until they touched his belly.

Stunned as mesmerized, he laid there not knowing what happened as whether it were real or just then a dream. He soon though found it to be very much real, as with the cinch tightened he saw his belly begin to bloat. If this alone was not something strange, his shirt began to split in shreds, deteriorating before his eyes. He saw then his bare skin belly that as the saddle strap touched, his skin began to change color. Darkening in the moonlight, he saw what was pink skin becoming black and the blackness spreading over him like a wave roving up upon the shore.

He reached out a shaky hand to feel his bloated belly, trying to fiddle with the saddle belly straps and the cinch. He felt horrible feelings flooding into his whole being, he wanted to scream for help. The mesmerized befuddled mind began to think of fear, he seeing as his hand touching the saddle straps saw fingers rolling into a fist and from his cuticles oozed a blackness that covered his hand and shortly became on him a hoof. Then change happening to  his hands then spread, moving up his wrist, forearm, and upper arm causing it all to look deformed.

As he eyed the strange way his fingers had merged they seemed to swell more as they became then a larger hoof. A struggle then commenced with a frightened man trying to rid the saddle off from him, as it felt more binding and as bound tighter to his body.

Try as he might, his hands changed were just the start, as arms changed and grew into legs. His body went wild with growth, he soon fell forward landing face down on the gravel roadway. Richard no doubt rolled around trying to rid himself of the saddle, but it held fast to his bloated belly.

Silvery gray and black dappling colored hairs sprouted from blackened and changed skin that became as animal hide. Richard moaned, was likely horrified at the magic doing to him what he realized it had done then to Cathy if for some reason she had donned on her head and face the missing bridle and bit of the birthday present harness.
A life and death struggle commenced as the dark powers took control of a man and with a new plan for a changed body and soon a life, he who was a man would become a horse.

Rolling into the green grass of the lawn there, the smell of the grass added to the power taking over both mind as body, Richard then ceased his struggle and let the saddle do to him what it had as a plan. Growth of body as it changed and legs as muscles, bones conformed to the new identity, Richard snuffled at his future, he stood on all fours, walking in a circles he eyed his new and massive body, he cocking his head low saw something that from his new sheath made his imagination run wild and aroused an erection the like size he never had known he would enjoy the feel.

Come the morning, and while still in bed detective Paul received a frantic phone call from a scared and wondering Mrs. Wolphin. What she said of her fears were enough to get him out of bed early. A then fast drive to see what she said as if true, when Paul arrived at the Wolphin spacious country estate, parked out front was the police car and the trunk open as it still had inside it the old steamer trunk.

A quick check of the trunk in the truck so noted the missing saddle.

Paul got back into his car a drove quickly along the long driveway to the main house of the Wolphin estate.

Soon after his arrival he stood next to a crying woman, she pointing to the corral. A green grassy paddock used to show off the abilities of her prized horses, there in it stood prancing as if eager or nervous a fine form of one obviously mature dappled gray stallion. The saddle given to Cathy set strapped tightly in place on the back of the horse. Though the stallion seemed nervous or anxious, it showed little or no concern to the saddle on its back but was quite aroused sexually at its thrill of being alive.

As the detective approached the paddock fence, a prancing horse acting as if joyous and wanting to greet the man, ventured what was his first valiant try of galloping. With head held high as well tucked toward the strong neck, he acted as if proud of being a horse, went high stepping around the fence line of the show paddock.

The huffing deep breaths told of the feeling of excitement in the animal. Mrs. Wolphin watching from a distance said the manners of the horse suggested a it was a horse of defined spirit, likely a stallion of great worth. The Misses told how she was unable to sleep the previous night, come early near to dawn she ventured out into the dark.

The sounds of horses acting up, noisily excited, when she walked around and behind the barn as in the corral there were three mares and this stallion busily mating with one mare as the other two watched and waited for their chance to mate.

She said she could do nothing but watch and wait, as when after the stallion had worked up a sweat mating the three mares, he seeing her by the corral fence came to her as if tame and willing to be obedient.

Paul opened the gate to the paddock and walked halfway to where the stallion stood. It pawed the ground snorting and flicking his tail acting as if elated and happy to see Paul there. It nodded his head several times and then like out of Star Trek, its entire form shimmered and with a pop, the horse and saddle suddenly vanished into the morning breeze.

Seeing that, the Misses watching then fainted!

Paul stood there gawking at the hoof prints in the very wet from the early morning lawn sprinkling left the imprints of where the horse had stood. This large horse, of whom just vanished before his eyes, went as did Cathy; police Detective Richard Doyle had vanished from that place on the face of the earth. Paul was reasonably sure if he dared to report such an unbelievable story, even with Mrs. Wolphin being a witnessed, he would become the laughing stock of the police department. The cool morning breeze had swept a vanishing friend and one mighty steed in saddle to some other place, maybe another dimension, but nothing was there to suggest how Paul might find his friend.

The police Captain having read the strangely construed report as what Paul filed being then the lone remaining detective officer, he felt there was a distinct need for a tired officer to take a month of vacation and get some rest.

Paul an unmarried man sat at home, as days passed he would sit for long hours and stare into the cocked open steamer trunk and eyed there the horse harness minus the head bridle and the bit as well the reins.

Officer Martin began to piece together what might be the truth to why Cathy Wolphin vanished along with the head bridle, the mouth bit, and the reins that would fit a horse. He stared at the remaining body harness, and thought of the saddle, it strapped snugly to the silvery dappled stallion, was what changed maybe his partner somehow.

Cathy vanished as had part of her present sent to her by a deceased Aunt.

Richard had vanished as did the strange stallion wearing the birthday present saddle!

All that remained still was the steamer trunk and the horse body harness inside it. He sat there with his eyes fixed on the steamer trunk and a harness missing of parts and of the black saddle. It was a Sunday night when Paul heard a car door slam. He looked out his living room window to see Misses Doyle, she the widowed wife of his partner Richard, she walking up the front walk to his door. She had in her hand a piece of paper as when she came closer to the door, he could see her face was red and tears were flowing.

She came in and gave the yellowed piece of parchment like paper to Paul. A story then followed of a sudden rain shower the day before and of a single lightning bolt hitting the patio lawn chair her husband favored most to relax in after a tough day of police work.

Her son saw it and when the blinding light was gone, this piece of paper laid there, not singed of soiled as was the lawn chair toasted to cinders.

Paul looked then at the paper closely, a yellow crusty piece of parchment paper like some he had seen in a museum. A note written upon it done in quill pen and ink read as follows:
To whom are worried,
Richard arrived today and joined with Cathy, both are well.
They have discovered their lives here to be of such pleasure, they requested to stay. They both feel a sorrow about leaving behind loved ones, but want all there to know they feel so much more alive, living here now as horses, being useful and enjoying their stabled environment of leisure comfort.
We here are of heart felt gratitude for the return of the bridle, bit and recently too of the saddle.
Most Sincerely,
The year of 1784 at Colbyshire Castle,
 Stable Groomsman, Pete

Suddenly Paul had a thought but it like the letter seemed plainly stupid. The steamer trunk still sitting in his living room was open with inside the harness. Paul walked inside the house and over to where the trunk sat, he reaching inside the trunk picked up the harness looking at it, saw there it too had the same engraved zodiac signs, as then he cast a smiling looked at Misses Doyle.

She suddenly knew what Paul was going to do and rushed at him trying to save him from what she thought was a terrible mistake. A short scuffle and the harness set down over and around the two as one fought to save the other from a possible beastly fate. As the struggle ensued, the harness seemed to increase in numbers of the straps as if it having within it two alive, it began to make enough of itself to capture them as part of it had done to Cathy and the saddle to Richard.

As each told the other to let go and a man demanded he wanted to decide his fate, he saw Misses Doyle and her face quickly covered with darkening hide and sprouting from the hide were roan colored hairs. Her lips became puffy, and eyes wild as if filled with fire.

Paul stood there stunned, as she garbled her words tried to remark about Paul and of his face changing. He becoming black with a white blaze along the face, they struggle then not with each the other but with how the leather harness straps were binding their body into conforming to what such a harness was made to fit.

An hour passed quickly as two people became more than friends, they were as partners in the flesh. Misses Doyle became a red roan carriage horse mare with white stockings on her hind feet. She whinnied as to her feelings, swishing her tail, shook her head and flicked the mane, calmed herself as if what happened was to her something wanted.

Richard too became as carriage horse, with his black body and white hind feet stocking he was almost a match to she who shared the harness that changed them both. Each eyed the other as both noted they were wearing a body harness minus the head halter and a bit in the horsey mouths.

A wealth of new sensation struck both mare and a stallion, it was the male horse who noticed the rich scent wafting in his direction from the mare. He turned toward her and first met her face to face, as with some snuffled remarks, he stroke his muzzle along and done her neck, across her torso, to her flanks and up as under her then high held tail.

Equine instincts took control as what were properly moral people had become physically as well mentally anything but moral horses.

Wild eyed was Paul, while he under stood his being a hearty stallion, the prim and proper morality he had held to for so many years being a man seemed to melt into ideals of being male and domination of a mare.

Misses Doyle the mare stood there nervous, shaking, she shivered, feeling the relentless equine urges in her to let the stallion as stud, to give her a good sound romp of equine mating. Paul was of the same line of thinking, but from a male masculine set of ideals. He stood feeling his erection extending from the sheath, its building to become a massive male organ, the like and size most men wish was theirs to enjoy.

Sniffing at where a man with a woman might not so place his nose, Paul not only pressed close his soft muzzle to the winking lips of mare sex, he stood stunned when he let out his tongue and slurping, licked her vulva and anus.

He expected the flavor to be revolting but his equine mind thought differently, as evolved inbred patterns of passions told the stallion she was ripe and ready for being mated. Aloof to his lust and the learned social morals as known by a man of the laws, Paul struggled to remain calm and not give in to the wild feeling that urged him to wiggle the new libido of his horse penis.

He stepped back from the lovely lusty smelling mare and breathing rapidly his inhaled breaths worked against his morality, Paul whinnied as he saw his legs walk forward and with a leap he was mounted over the rump of the roan mare.

Stiffened fore legs straddled along the flanks of the mare as with strong hind legs pushing, his torso slide further over her back. As Paul whinnied in fright from his urges and feeling the flared tip of his engorged horse cock touched the wet and winking lips of mare sex and with a jerked shove he plunged his maleness hilted deep into the mare.

More new urges and instinctive movements mixed with the monthly police notices of how sex offenders had mastered having sex with their victims. All this information Paul used to work deeper and thrusting, he enlightened she his mare to the sexual sensual wonders known to horses. Once, twice, he went over the edge and while still embedded with his cock in the mare Paul spewed forth his two loads of semen. When feeling spent his male member softened, he saddled back off the mare, his cock sliding from out of her like a Python snake slithering out a wet hole.

A mare fully in love passion with her being then a mare, she turned and greeted her friend and stud. The two whinnied and lip nibbled as best they could to mimic trying to kiss as do people. Something about the expended passions of each made contact to the stable groom at Colbyshire Castle.

Like a vision to each they stood and saw not the living room all disarranged from two horse frolicking as they mated. They like had Richard and Cathy saw there the entrance to the crude seventeenth century royal stables at Colbyshire. It made of mudded field stone and rough sawn wood beams, as there in the stalls were many horses, and a lanky looking groomsman, he bowing as if wishing to welcome there two who were fine looking horses.

"Good day and a hearty welcome,
You have donned the remaining harness and after discovering its special properties did consummate the binding ways making of each person now to be a horse for the rest of your remaining lives.

Come now, shake your heads and walk forward across the threshold and enter here the stables.
Your two friends are here, she Cathy there, and he.... Richard the lionhearted stallion is in the far stall; kept away from any mares coming into heat.
A new mare coach-carriage horse and her friend as a mated carriage horse, you are welcomed and we have a place for you to live here for many years. How many years is what all ask, well it is as part of the covenant of grace as set forth in the holy bible. As the master Wizard told me and I to inform those new to being as horses, the magic leather brings you here as horse, two year olds all!
The holy book tells of the given grace to human living a live path of three score and ten years, that is as seventy years of healthy horse life living as do animals, but knowing still of whom you were and what as where you are being here. My knowledge is limited, but coming here as twos years old ages that less off the seventy years means at the least you can expect to live here as horses for sixty eight years more!

Aroused at hearing the prospect of a sensual life for many years to enjoy, Paul shook his head in approval and so did his mare friend as they strode stepped across the threshold and walked into another time long past.
Weeks later the vacant steamer trunk set in the office of Captain Styles. He stood there wondering as he scratching his head, having the police report and photographs of what was the living room belonging to his detective Officer Paul Martin. The furniture looked as if a battle or great struggle had occurred there, but otherwise not a sign of blood was found.

As luck would have it, the steamer trunk was as an antique and found its way into a small shop, where I found it for sale a month ago.
The truth of what had happened, happened while cleaning the interior, with leaning inside, head down, there began this strange vision. Another person might have just passed it off as a sickly fluke, but when a vision happens that calls to you a beckoning, asking one to come and live in yet another time, it well makes a person upset.
Several times more the same thing happened when for a few moments I did again hang over and partially inside tried the trick again, head down as in and eyes open to see clearly the vision.

I could hear and did actually converse then with someone. He told of two men and a girl, a horny wife, they living wondrous lives as horses, all there in some olden time castle called Colbyshire.

You ask why tell all this now, well I too have a friendly offering to but crawl inside the trunk and close the lid, there soon to gain a new life somewhere for me too!

A friend over when the wife was off learning how to knit, and we thought to try the trick in the trunk. Silly at the age of near fifty, and wondering about an offer to be something young and different with a promise of being a hearty male. We both had just one thing we if there would want to do day in and day out. Adequate in form at a place in another time and as well granted again youth!
Told of this promise came from our vision of seeing a lanky man what said that we being male would still be male if decided to come there. Given time, we then as there and held in high esteem would be quite virile and held in high prestige with the females.
We leaned back to sit kneeling and looking stunned as aroused at the prospective offer said and heard.
A rumbling of the steamer trunk and the lid slammed shut. I was the one who reopened the lid and there, inside the steamer trunk set a note, it handwritten with script, but still quite easy to read.
"Friends of friends, if you come again and seeing the trunk lid closed and as locked, tell not a sole of what you have seen or heard, lest you be made to look a fool.
If then by chance the lid be up or down, but not locked, then by opening it and crawling inside, close then the lid and see there for you, your lustiest wishes come then true.
You then will come here to visit, your stay  is made permanent!
The coming through to here grants residing here to live with your friends and others who came before. Once here, you will be as like are they, having a lifetime of physical stimulation and  enjoyment together in unending frolic and fun !"
We each having read the paper as written, the lid to the trunk being opened by me, my friend looked at me, he leaped forward into the trunk as the lid slammed shut.
I waited for him to say something and open the trunk lid but nothing happened, I knocked at the trunk side and asked Perry if he was alright, but he made no reply. With the parchment paper note still in hand I opened slowly the trunk lid and to my amazement there in the trunk was everything of what Perry was wearing when he jumped inside.
Kneeling there I wondered what to do. Thinking and feeling scared as what to tell his wife who was downstairs knitting with my wife, I leaned over and put my head into the open trunk and said "Hello?"
A shimmering scene of a green overly grazed pasture dotted with trees and as I turned my head, panned my view, there standing by the gate to the pasture stood that lanky looking man.
"Greetings,"He said, "Your friend arrive and was in agreement to come and reside here for the rest of his life. He was fifty-two when there with you, but coming here he remained still mature but is as a hearty pony stallion, just two years in age.
See him there,"He said as he pointing to the left I turned my head and looked to where he said was Perry. "That is Perry!" I said, sounding as stunned as I was by seeing there a shaggy dark brown stallion pony stood there rutting harshly, he making good use of his bestially looking cock, had it deep inside the sex of a pony mare.
"It is he, he was asked if given the body and life of worthy to reside here in the stables, what did he have a passion for being. He told of his once owning a pony and of him learning about the bird and the bees from watching the beasty masturbate and breed with mares.
I told him there was a need here for such a stouthearted pony to breed with pony mares, donkeys, and of if he wanted to come he was welcomed then to stay and remain here permanently.
He quickly agreed, coming here as said a two year old mature young stud, he will live a long time, the wizard likes him, he was given a changed princess and told to impregnate her for certain! He is now into his forth mating with her, and from the size of his pony balls, I believe he will assure she will return to the wizard stocked full of pony semen.
You are welcomed to come, we have need of more horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and if you are really wanting, there is a need for a bull to breed cows everywhere in the shire!"
I stood up, looking down inside the open trunk, having gained in knowledge so much of what happened to all who came and took from the trunk, as then from downstairs my wife called upstairs, "Coffee and cake is ready, you two up there getting hungry?
Remember, Only the rocks live forever!
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