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“A Father’s woeful Trade”

By AdobeFats

Sandy, as all his friends called him was flying into Africa; a trip planned and looked forward to these many months back at college. A student of science he was soon to get a degree in Biology.

Now though he was looking forward to three weeks of fun and friendship as he visited his Father's new African expedition. Dr. Francis L. Chapman had as for the past ten years worked as his personal project, "The Nunji Tribe medicine, and a healing plant enzyme."

As Sandy, the son of the famous doctor came from off the plane he faced ninety-degree morning heat and his Father waving. Son and Father, both family and the best of friends had many of the same interests. His Father was the one who first interested Sandy in coming out to visit, and promised him the time of his life!

A five-hour ride by Jeep had Sandy unloading his gear and rubbing his rear from bumps, bumps, and more bumps. His Dad was a great scientist but had no ability as a cab driver. Many a time back at home Sandy would drive Dad to and from his meetings, less there be another accident.

The evening air was hot and humid as the stench of sweaty men and their animals mixed to make Sandy pinch his nose. A young Nunji girl named Saysa watched Sandy try to become accustomed of his new surroundings. She soon introduced herself and the two found many things in common.

One long hot night and a little sleep had Sandy walking about the camp blurry eyed. A short breakfast and to his surprise the return of Saysa to guide him around his first day. A wave from Dad seemed to authorize him going off with his new girlfriend, Saysa.

Many things he did see the day until well after sundown the two sauntered into camp. Two fathers took exception to the late return of the two young people. The reasons said were of prowling animals on the plains do their killing after dark. Yet it was of Saysa and her reputation, her parent’s reputation, and if there were some fun fandango, then there would be Hell to pay.

Worse yet was the father of Saysa being the tribal medicine man at the encampment and his words and actions told much. A rough as harsh man took Saysa by her arm and tossed her into the dusty ground. A kick and then two more had her crying as Sandy began to defend his new friend.

"No, stop… do not be a fool and confront him!' Saysa said woefully to Sandy before he could get close.

Doctor Chapman grabbed Sandy by an arm and held him back, as away, and suggesting he leave the wellbeing of Saysa with her Father.

"Sandy, Son there are many things one needs learn about living on the African plains. Another is to understand the rules of this tribe, it is as a sole society, which the natives formed many centuries ago, and live by even today.

Saysa, her father is the one man I do…not want to lose his trust of me or my Son.

He is the Medicine Man who can teach me the most about there healing ways. I warn you as well that this one man has in his bag of tricks some things, which I a doctor find to be bordering on true witchcraft, his being of the most blackest of black.

In a grove of trees one night, I watched a young boy maybe nine years old. He stole and burned what he took. They did truss him up off the ground by leather straps. The medicine Man danced about tossing a gray powder over the scared and sweating body of that boy, while all the while he cried out, and called on some spirits to abide his desire.

You know that as a scientist I deny the belief in spirits. However, the powder was some chemical as blended for just the reason of making a testimonial for all to be witness.

I stood there and watched, forgetting to take any pictures, as the boy charged of stealing screamed and pleaded as he felt his body and condemned. He screamed bloody murder until when fully coated in the powder. Suddenly, he then calmed, hung suspended in the air, he blinked his eyes burning from the powder tossed over him by the medicine man.

A cloud of darkness formed over the boy, it slowly drifted down to encircle him. I watched…, as the boy his figure form did change. It began about his feet and legs, spread to his torso, then to arms as he became as changed from human form and limbs to being a real a male goat.

The boy-goat hung there until the next morning when Saysa and two other girls came to take him down, they washed off him any remaining gray powder. I had stood there all night, watching from a safe distance. When allowed to stand as on all fours, he having four legs, hooves, was as an animal, he stood dumbfounded as they attached a rope to the goat and took him away."

"Nice story Pop," said Sandy with a silly grin.

"No Sandy, what I said is all sadly true, as true can be, I hope you take great care about being around Saysa, she is her father's youngest child, and he watches over her like a Hawk!" replied the Doctor.

"Dad, I have seen and even read of such stories but most are on late night television or posted on varied sites of the Internet,” said Sandy still not believing his Dad.

They parted company as the Doctor received word of some problem in the research tent and hurried away. Sandy took this to be a good time to talk again with Saysa, and he headed off to the native village.

Half way to the village, the smoke from a roaring campfire took the attention of Sandy. Turning away from the well-worn pathway to the village and headed across the grassy plain for was the fire and coming closer he heard a loud group of voices. As he crept up close and looked past a felled old tree, he saw to his terror Saysa.

"You are not my daughter!” So said the feather dressed medicine man, he her father. “You have borne the disgrace of your past life upon yourself with that young man, the son of my doctor friend!”

As the group of black men sat about in a circle making moaning sounds together, Saysa held out her hands as if to plead for mercy. Sandy was almost ready to jump into the circle and do the same, as to grab Saysa, and they then run for the far hills.

Ready to move, he stopped as her father took a clay pitcher and doused it all over Saysa, her head drenched in the powder, it making her scream.

The moaning suddenly stopped. All eyes were on Saysa as she screamed one long terrorized yell and then stood there she fell silent, as her arms hung limp at her sides. Seeing that, Sandy was more than ready to jump up and run, when a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"Huh, dad, it is Saysa, they have her, her father tossed...," Sandy began to tell his dad of what all he had just seen.

Saysa looked up, as if to see one last time her new friend, she then screamed as in some awful pain, she spoke some words to he who was her father. The Medicine Man also looked up and around, he seeing Sandy and his father watching, he motioned to the Doctor and Sandy to come.

The circle of old men stood up but did not take their eyes away from Saysa.

"But Dad he is wronging her, about us we...!" Sandy began to say again.

"Come my son, there are some people in this world who must see, feel, and be taught the laws men live by," said the Doctor as he pushed Sandy down to kneeling there inside the circle of tribal men.

Sandy knelt there looking at Saysa, she by then stood hunched down and forward, her whole body seemed as rather odd.

The medicine man stood looking the Doctor into his eyes, each having a cold stare at the other, as then both gave a head-nod as if agreeing.

Sandy felt unaffected by the black man or his chilly stare.

"Hey, we were just friends, nothing bad happened, she could tell you!" Sandy spouted his few words as in her defense.

Doctor Chapman stepped back, he backing away from Sandy as two tribal men rushed at Sandy and did tie his wrists together. Another as longer leather strap tied to the strap on his wrists, as four men together hoisted Sandy up, off the ground, and went about binding him as they had the boy made a goat the night before.

The four men suddenly had knives, they bright and sharp, did work well to cut away all the clothing on Sandy, they leaving him scared, naked, and every something aroused and very erect.

The medicine man walked a circle around Sandy, as he said, "I trust you not, and for these my people who live in our village I keep a strict hand on all, as the two of you shall be an example!

My Saysa was not as you knew her. She I took from the plains; was an orphan of a mother killed by a Lion. I allowed her to come and live among us, until she learned to forget her beastly past and ways. She makes well a fine example to all here, and you, you brought back her accursed lifestyle, and you then must share in it as well.

Your father wishes to learn my ways of making medicine. Rather than losing my trust and his gaining of knowledge, the doctor is giving his son as an enticement of my continued good will. This black powder here has been worked down the ages giving power to men like myself over those kept scared, they will bow to us and beg!"

"Dad…, do… something!" screamed Sandy in a panic.

The Doctor stood there; his eyes trained as Sandy, he looking ahead and said nothing.

"Your Father is as are the others. He has seen and known what the powders can do or make happen. He and I took a walk together some months ago and when he kneeling did beg to learn the medicines that I hold, I thought to give him a little…demonstration.

I blessed him will a small amount of a powder, something my own father did to as form me some thirty years now past. It is Zebra powder, and once donned upon a body, the person changes mattering by their original gender as whether they become as a male or female Zebra.

Your Father enjoying, spent what he said was a wondrous four days and three terror-filled nights being a male Zebra. He learned well the wealth of sensuousness from he being a stallion Zebra. I watched him breeding, he, your father as an animal did mate with a dozen mare, and after each conquest, he brayed loudly.

My Saysa tried to learn being human in a human social order, but you coming her was too much, it was from you what required her return and bewitchment." That said, and the medicine man began to toss a black powder over a then screaming college student.

The powder burned into Sandy, causing his flesh to discolor, changing from a sun tanned Caucasian to a muscular manly figure of a much-blackened man.

As his Father stood by watching without speaking a word. He watched his son, seeing of young eyes welled up with tears as his pains increased. He looked down to see Saysa, she too in a moment of compassion looking to her cursed friend, as she like Sandy were becoming animals of the African plains.

The medicine man did a hand motion, as ordering a tribal man to kneel down he begin to milk the new mare Zebra with bloated teats.

"You now see Saysa as she was born to be, a Zebra mare! What was born an animal is rare to be of anything else. She has lived here with us these seven years as my daughter. Now, due to you and her as a disgrace, she returns to the animal she was, but she shall not be alone!

You, son of Doctor Chapman will be her consort! You are changing as I speak, and by the moonrise tomorrow, shall you become her worthy mate. I thought to let you live and survive on the plains, but your father offered me a new value, that of selling you both to an American zoo. Together here in the village shall I keep you awaiting shipment, but being as you are, the desires and lusts being animals shall mark to all of my powers to control.”

"NO, oh God no you can…not do this, to me! Dad, father do something!" Sandy screamed, as his felt and saw his entire life of memories began to fade.

"I'm sorry I asked of you to come her, my son, better now my trusted relationship with that man, I will do as the Medicine man tells me to do, as I want to learn about all of his medicines.

I traded you for the betterment of science, you will be the savior of those who might die without the knowledge I could gain from this one man!" Doc Chapman said, he acting as without emotion, willing to give up his only son, and Sandy feeling remorse, felt the onslaught of animal instincts build in him lust.

Sandy tried to respond but amazed and terror-struck he raised an arm to see it was now a leg. Fingers, gone and replaced in black cloven hoofs, he cried out but the only sound he could muster as a lonely bray of an aroused male Zebra.

Hearing the cry of one changed to being a Zebra, the circle of black men began to wander off as Sandy hung there changing. The medicine man put a salve on and massaged it into the extended male zebra an erection. Sandy swooned at the soothing stroked salve as applied. It caused Sandy to self masturbate three times, and with the third rush of spewing semen flying from the rounded hole at the end of his black zebra cock, the man laughed.

The rank smell of spent semen filled the passing breeze, as each father stood to watch the zebra mare stand with head raised as she licked clean the stallion cock of her lover.

Then the medicine man said, "My good Doctor, fear not for the youth, as come in time, per a year of rut and mating, neither will hold a faint memory of their human past experiences.

I see his member as it is long, he has large testicles, should make for a good sire to many zebra mares. Their sale shall give added monies to our village, and be assured, that as your trade of him I know your willingness to understand the powders."

A pat by who Sandy knew to be his human father as he stroked too along the furry back of a changing Sandy, he watched his son lose all identity to ever being human. A grateful dad walked away, he never to look back, he felt as if Sandy gained a fun as freed life, and he need never feel alone.

The Medicine man walked up to the rapidly finishing as changing young man, with a smile on his face and from his left pocket came a small bottle of an elixir. Reaching up, he poured out the contents on a dark tongue of a male aroused zebra. The thick flowing liquid inched alone out the bottle in thin strings to coat a wanting tongue.

"What you are now is as what you shall remain young one! Your drinking in of this assures you of continued memories of what you were, as are, and shall remain until your dying day, I promise! The sale of you and Saysa shall bring added riches to the people and power unto me!

Oh, but with your retained knowledge I grant you to own there is this thought. A son and his sins I can be transfer to his Father, if a good sire you learn well to become. Beware young one as if you do not produce or cause trouble, try to communicate with people at the zoo, your father shall come to reside at the zoo with you.

I will make him the best learned stud Zebra any zoo would be proud to own, trust me boy!" So chided the Medicine Man of a young and learned human mind kept inside the horny body of one male zebra.


Later that day Sandy stood looking about as Saysa stood by rubbing her stretched as itchy vulva at a post. A young male zebra felt his duty and for him keeping his dear dad living honorably, Sandy does what for him as then and now, as he lets his cum spew out naturally.

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Memories intact, Saysa and Sandy shipped away some ten days after they entered their first corral. The pair as sold by the medicine man, both Zebras crated and sent by truck, then airplane to the Rio de Janeiro zoo, as a mated pair.

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