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“Brothers, in the Flesh”

By AdobeFats

(Revised chapters 09-08 and 09-10)

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Tim and Todd liked to hike as do I as we met for walking a certain forest trail in up state New York. Our meeting was not by happenstance, but a set appointment, a mutual friend by the name of Brett had gone to jog the 14 mile long trail, and just disappeared. The local authorities impounded Brett’s vehicle, but the search offered no reason for his vanishing. Tim and Todd being the original inquisitive pair joined with me and my trusty camera, we wanted to do our search for any clues. As in times past when hiking the other winding trails there seemed something odd about western boundary trail, and the privately owned property directly adjacent.

They had that passion to always see over the far hill, for each of us what happened shortly thereafter, became most strange!

Myself, I fancy as an artist using a camera to take pictures rather than painting them on canvas. So, as I clicked my camera shutter, we three walked the winding trail. My two friends talked just like brothers, both of the same flesh, but that was where the similarity stopped.

Todd was the adventurer, trying most anything as the thought of danger meant nothing to him.

Tim was far more cautious than was his brother, seeing the danger and planning for what might come; and not flying by the seat of his pants. In my eyes Tim was the courageous type, a leader, but reserved in his actions.

Late in the afternoon, with the sun granting all around us a growing reddish glow only added with our feeling tired, it was Todd who suggest as the most direct route back to where we had parked our cars, led us into a forest glade. This was part of our continued reasons of walking the trail, the many times we heard screams or cries for help and then only silence. This part of the trail met with the thin three strands of barbed wire fence, and it on occasion changed to a short height of common cattle fencing, either being something of ease to jump.

So then our mutual trek took us to us up to a fenced boundary, it not marked as with any “No trespassing,” signs, as well not the hog tight, bull strong and maybe pony high proper fence for a farm with grazing animals.

As we conversed whether to jump it and continue on walking in the direction my compass suggested would bring us to the town of Kingsbury, or to take the longer way around. Foolishly as for some of us, Todd and I found agreement and with tired feet from walking, we decided to leap the fence and take a shortcut.

Tim stood off he hesitant as Todd jumped over the fence first, landing easily on two feet and stepping along quickly to the nearby ridge that overlooked the plush green valley below.

Tim readied to leap next as I stood there preparing to take a picture of the expected fateful jump. As Tim stood with both hands atop a wooden fencepost, Todd, already standing upon the far side suddenly moaned as if in some horrible agonizing pain. We saw him as he crumpling into a lump, reeling and falling backwards into sprawling upon the grass.

Tim gave me a questioning look, and then with the strength and urgency of that moment of need, he too jumped up and clearing the short fence, did dash to the aid of his older brother. He took but several striding steps before he too groaned in pain, falling to his knees, and turned to look my way, his eyes and facial expression was enough as if to warn me from following him into some situation made painful and strange.

Dumbfounded at what to do next, I stood my place on the outside of the fence, and looking at the brothers lie next to the other, they began to appear different. Different in an odd way, as their lightly suntanned coloring of skin began to darken, changing miraculously like, becoming then as some deep purplish black color.

I called to them, pleading that they respond, but I received not an answer or even a simple groan.

Scared for them and enough apprehension to remain where I was, I searched for my cell phone, only to see it had not one bar worth of signal.

Anxious for the two new friends I paced to, and fro, trampling down a twenty-foot long pathway of dried grasses.

Todd groaned first, he moved then slowly, wiggling himself closer to the edge of the cliff overlooking the valley below. His face appeared swollen, it looked as if coated over with a dappled tan tone of hairs, and what I could only say looked like the growing of a mane.

The seeing this growth of hair on his head, neck, and elsewhere did cause in me feelings of even a higher level of anxiety and fear.

“Todd,” I called to him but he just continued to weasel his body ever closer to falling over the edge of that sharp cliff.

Tim replied though with a moan, he lifting his head and turning to eye my direction, he allowed me to take note, as how by then his face resembled that more as of a pony. As from his then changed face with broadened nostrils, to pony like ears peaking the top of his then elongated head, he, as did then Tim slurring his words cried out, he suggested to me that they were cursed, spellbound, and becoming different, he too seeing as feeling how they looked bewitched.

I lost all track of time, it passing as did the very form and bodies of the two brothers, both remaining similar of flesh, if but then changing more to become equine of species. I could say much more, detailing how their clothing disintegrated, and wearing thinner by the minute, shredding, as would badly worn cloth, and becoming as a gray powder upon the dry ground.

Todd was first to clamored at the gaining of his footing, he coming to stand upon all fours, he had then four legs, solid hoofs, and became to all outward appearance a matured, burly, Mountain type of a pony.

He stood for just a short while as if getting his mental bearings, then stretched out his body in a long and lean manner; maybe testing his joints and the massive new strength of his very stout pony body.

Minutes later the slightly smaller Tim repeated the same process, as had his older then a pony brother. Both stood as if nearly identical ponies, the same colorings, and only slightly different of size.

Then from the far side of the hill we all heard a terse cackling laugh, it sounding quite disgusting to me personally. The laugh came from an elderly woman who had come climbing up the far side of that steep hill. She crested the hill, pointing a crooked arthritic finger at Tim and Todd, laughing with a blood chilling and menacing tone, as if filled with glee over the transformed brothers, and their captivated predicament.

“The young and brash dare to trespass on my land,” she said with that gravelly voice, as then she saw yours truly standing still on the hiking trail side of her fence. To me she said then, ”Dare you to leap the fence and join them shall you, lose everything you are as have, short of your memories!” She then turning to eye her two new stallions, and with her kinky finger she pointed at the two completely changed brothers. As if by so doing she were adding something to their damnation, cursing the two of them to want for their remaining permanently as ponies.

I half thought to make and arguing in their behalf of my two friends, but considering of what I was a witness, the thought of her magical power leaping the fence line and doing something as bestial to me, seemed likely, if not completely probable.

The elderly woman walked between her two newest pieces of property, pulling from her apron pockets a crude halter made of slivery colored thick string. She placed one first upon Todd and then over the head and face of Tim. The addition of these halters tended to change away their acting as if scared in demeanor, as if being then as pony animals was quite the norm.

Todd to my right, and Tim standing to his left, as both stood motionless, like a person thinking about something all consuming. It was how Tim stood there poised, he acting then as from his drastic changing he gained a wealth of new sensations. He like his older brother felt their being as each a pony and stallion, to be as in their thoughts quite enjoyable, likely invigorating, reacting to this as would a stallion they both aroused, let hang each an exceptional large erection.

The setting sun turning everything reddish orange, held just enough light, and I lifted my camera to take a photo of that moment in time. I decided to forgo including that evil witch of a woman in the photo. I took the picture, saving for others to see what happened to Todd and his younger but slightly smaller brother, he looking at me while standing there in the foreground. The slight clicks coming from the camera shutter action bade the old woman to eye at me and give a slight grin.




Framed nicely was a sundown picture, as red rays adding an erotic charm of the two held spellbound, transformed, as then both brothers were horny as happy pony stallions.

A very high-pitched whinny broke the thick cloud of anxiety and apprehension of all there that stood being as male. One pretty slenderer form of a young mare topped the hillside, and stood up wind from the two brothers, they already aroused by her scent. I watched as Todd the larger and closer to the mare became horny, and beating his erection on a furry belly made a friendly fellow into a brooding stallion stud.

Tim turned his face toward the camera and gave me an odd sort of complacent look, his eyes barely visible through the long locks of mane hairy hanging off the crest of his pony shaped head. He oddly quiet and acting as if his complete transformation left him accepting it, comfortable to stand naked on all fours and behave too as might a immoral male animal.

His reaction matched that of his older brother, both became rather painfully aroused from the scent of the mare. Each then sporting such size of erections, and seemingly ready, if not willing to give up everything they were, and to be as pony animals; they the property of that old witch of a woman.

One pair of eyes met mine and with our visual bit of communication over in a flash, I thought it best to exit the area. Turning, I began what was a wild flying run to hide inside and between hedges of Juniper trees. Puffing my every breath and scared half out of my mind, I lay there anxious for my two friends, but helpless to save them from their beastly predicament.

When the eyes of that elderly woman took to staring into mine I felt as if she were reaching into my mind, wandering about inside my thoughts, and from what she found there, she deemed me safe to release and let go. Whether she did it or not, my head actually hurt to each temple, and with my heavy breathing an ongoing reaction to the fear I felt, my heart thumped and goose pimples popped.

Helpless, I watched as the woman coaxed Tim and Todd to walk beside her, as a pretty and young looking mare joined their throng.

Todd seemed to take a continued interest with the mare, sniffing at her, rolling his upper lip high as if straining to gulp the rank and different scent she offered his changed mind. I watched as he stood boldly defying the old woman and her trying to tug him along. He seemed completely enthralled with the mare, reaching his head out to its furthest length, sniffing at her rump.

That mare seemed just as thrilled with Todd as he did for her. She turned and offered him a clear eye of her posterior, swishing her tail as she held it high set, and slightly to one side of her well-rounded rump.

A few hard tugs at the rope on his halter attached over his head, and Todd revolted! He lashing at the rein, and with his newly formed and excellently sharp incisor teeth, he bit the rein, parting it and the hold the old woman had over his lusty desires.

The foursome stood just below the rim of that high hill, but even from my vantage point and view, it was understandably easy to note what happened when Todd stood almost upright.

He stood there and gave a twisting gaze toward his younger brother, he then also a stallion pony, and with a screaming whinny of indifference to what he became. I watched in horror as he began to make moves that suggested the mare and he were in the act of mating.

A shrill whinny came from Tim as the old woman tugged him off to the corral and or barn; leaving Todd to his then chosen style of life.

I having seen and as well heard more than enough, I got up and nearly ran the many miles back to the car. I sat inside the vehicle, somewhat surprised that this overly plump individual just ran that distance, something he could never have run if not fearful that Satan was close to his heels.

Slowly my sense of the chase availed me to calm down, but that same sharp ache remained to tweak my memories of witnessing the transformation of two friends into avid beasts. As I started the engine and slipped the shift to drive mode, I sighed, wondering of when I returned home, as how can one explain leaving two friends, as did I?

The three of us had driven a fair distance up into the highlands and it would take me a good five hours to do the return drive to home. As I drove the vivid memory of standing on one side of that cursed fence and watching as two good friends changed, seemingly somewhat painfully too, but in the matter of just minutes they both were transformed into being as if born ponies. This constant repeating visual memory kept repeating time after time, until finally I turned into a rest stop area and thought to use the facilities.

I remember opening the car door and as one foot touched the pavement, the vague scent of cows enveloped about me. With sudden intent leap to my feet and turning around I eyed the parking lot but not a sign or nary a sight of any cows. Nowhere was there even a truck full of cows, or even a pasture with cows grazing, but I sniffed an undeniable smell that fully reminded me of cows.

Tired and feeling the personal urge to relieve an overly full bladder, I began to walk toward the restroom marked “Men.” About half the distance to that open door to what usually had its own vile stench; I felt a grumbling sensation down in my guts, as if famished for food.

A soft sounding and comforting female voice brought me back from the insanity that suddenly had overwhelmed my every sense. She talked to me, asking me if I could speak, touching the top of my head as she used her nimble fingers and did playfully squiggle them through my thick tuff of hair. The feeling of her hand as she toyed with the strands of hair on my head seemed to annoy me some. Yet, from the tone and her speech, she spoke as if concerned about my wellbeing, but as well alluring in some strange way.

I tried to ignore her, since I already in the last twenty-four hours had seen what an evil woman could do to nice men. Her temping at me worked its way to where she touched me with what I felt was very inappropriate. Feeling her warm and soft hand take a firm grip to my maleness, I jerked my head toward her, lowering my nose to near the ground and snorting angrily, I pawed the earth to show my forcefulness.

“You do not understand do you?’ she asked of me, and her tone of voice held no fear, but just an outright note of true concern.

My anger subsided, replaced then with a horrid sense of not knowing something that seemed greatly wrong. I stood for a long moment, trying to think and remember, but my quick thinking mind seemed clouded, foggy, and unsure as what I should realize.

I honestly did not have the slightest inkling of what happened, but with seeing this friendly and smiling face of a pretty woman taking some interest in me, I tried to reply with a simple, “Huh!”

That simple huh resounded out my mouth with the most mind-boggling, understanding that anyone could or might ever know in their entire life. Instead of a human note of wonder and surprise, I let out a low toned and deep base sound of a placid Moo.

Needless-to-say, I stood there stunned, somewhat horrified, and decidedly wondering why I said, what I said.

Just then, the young woman stood directly in front of me, me with likely surprised looking face. She took her two hands and cupped them together, making a support underneath my funny feeling chin. Looking me directly in the face and with eyes meeting eyes, she spoke, her words stunning me, I became dumbfounded.

“Did you know and or feel as from what I can see standing here is one handsome looking Minotaur, you seemingly as one feeling carefree and wanting to begin learning to graze here at this rest stop? More so, you are as that Minotaur, and to me such as you is for me my great longing to befriend, and have even as a lover,” she said, telling me of me, and as much making an offer a man or Minotaur would be stupid to refuse.

Stunned, I looked at her with obvious surprise, suddenly realizing that my entire demeanor and form had changed drastically. I felt foolish, my mouth having the remnants of foraging upon the grass, as would some grazing animal, and from what I felt and she had said I was an animal!

Wide big eyes stared at her, my lower lip began to quiver, as a realization swelled within me, the horror of what I was witness to that afternoon coming to apply some curse then over me.

She slowly changed her facial expression, as a friendly like smile and with her cupping those soft petite hands under my then bovine shaped chin, I felt suddenly at ease with being near her. “Not many Minotaur beasts living anywhere near here, you surprised me, but it seems obvious that you are not some bloodthirsty and furious beast! In essence you appear quite tame, possibly even surprised at what you are, as if this beastly form of yours is something new to you, is it new to you?” she asked of me, I as not then on all fours, my mouth still slowly munching the last clod of grass chewed off the ground.

Unable to speak anything humanly intelligible at that moment in time, I instead, shook my head to signify agreement, as in fact when I came to the rest stop I felt quite normal.

“You looked to me at first like one of those furry lovers that occasion this rest stop from time to time. I saw you on all fours and trying to forage as if a real bovine, but your form and actions suggested to me of something out of character. Oh not that I am some easy mark looking for a wild romp, but once I came closer to you there was this strange alluring sensation.” She saying to me of her kindly feelings, considerate and loving, as if my strange looking self had powers I did not know or could realize.

Slowly I began to try to stand more upright; my hands looked to me as partially changed, as then cloven hoofs but having a completely human shaped thumb. I took note of this first as I remembered my move from standing literally on all fours, to pushing my bulk body into a crouching position and then standing erect.

I gave a hearty surprised snort out my broad nostrils; the sudden sensation of my changed form welled up and gave me the feeling of being some sort of exceptionally muscular beastly thing. Hands partially changed to being as if bovine, my arms still human but coated in a thick black pelt of soft fur. I began to admire my bulk and in a hunched stance, my thighs blazed of muscle mass, knees near buried in changed thighs, as the heel of my human foot became as a hock. Extended out to a thick boned foot was a massive cloven hoof, enough to support the bulk mass of this, my bestial form.

Tucking my then massive bovine head to touch a fuzzy chin to the thicker and soft black hair the adorned then my flared chest, I peering down saw what felt rather revealing. Bovine like form that I had then become, my body was indeed naked, open for all to see, and there protruded a bullish sheath and below it, low hung big…, balls held loose in a fuzz coated sack. A pair of balls better belonging to a bovine bull than would be useful or even practical as a body part on a human being. They hung there, would sway with any movement, most definitely part of me, and just seeing them made me take a deep breath.

“You are new at this my friend, I wondered when I first saw you, and since coming closer is when I saw your clothing all neatly folded and placed under a honeysuckle bush. Seeing the clothing and knowing that a honeysuckle bush has connotations of witchcraft; I would imagine you met Auntie May and or, had some dealings with her today.” Said the young woman, she wearing a face then without much expression, either concern, or glee.

I felt a bit of embarrassment, me naked as even being rather animalistic, but thinking of learned morals taught to me over my younger years by a mother quite prim and very proper. She could tell I felt some embarrassment I had no idea, but she had a smirk and said, ”Feeling a bit revealing right now I bet, well forget it, you are not the first I found lounging about this place or several others. You met my Aunt May; she is a witch and one mean, tough, old bitch of a witch! Why a few years back she caught me watching her and how she would finger play with one of her victims. I felt her anger for a month, and made me wear fall clothing to cover myself during the forth of July festival and county fair.”

Hearing her tell of similar personal exploits to my own, I cocked my head to give one halfway focused eye a glaring stare in her direction.

“Believe it my friend; I sported eight teats upon my chest and abdomen for that month. She graced me as well to get bristles growing from chest down and through as well my privates, thickening there to make me itch and need to scratch. I grew a piggy tail and had pangs to enter a sty, but I weathered her storm and from not adding to her temptations, I stand now immune from her devious ways!” She said as if stated with pride for having whether the worst and come through to be her human self.

I hearing her express a mutual understanding bade me remember to stand upright, finding my regular six foot seven inch height had increased due to then standing on the hind legs and extended feet with human toes as then big thick cloven hooves. My guess would be I stood closer to eight feet tall, dwarfing the nice young woman.

Upon my coming to stand in a more upright stance, everything that was of the bovine nature then stood out bolder than before. In an instant of standing up my thought of being then naked before this nice and concerned young woman felt confounded by my feeling the oddity of wearing a male organ protruding from my belly. Bad as it was to see, oh the feel, and have big bovine bull balls, I then tried in vain to cover my exposed bullish sheath and that which began to peak into the late night streetlight glow.

Seeing my feeling so awkward and more than revealing, the young woman stepped very close to me. She tilted her head far back and gazed up into my dark orbs. A comforting smile eased my sense of humiliation, and what she did next caused me more than to feel stunned. As I said, she stepped close to me, actually snuggling her nice looking body tight to my bovine bulk. Her kindly smile eased my general sense of apprehension, only changes my entire attitude when her nimble female fingers went to tweak and tickle at the long hairs gracing the opened end to what was my very bovine size of sheath.

Finding her action a bit too forward even with me being then a mostly a bull, I stepped back and with those cloven hands as they were, I brushed at my sheath, desperate to calm and quell the feelings of a male arousal.

“Good, I was just testing you to see just how much of your human morality remained, as with some that Auntie May did with her magical powers; she changed them of form, but as well erasing their morals,” said the young woman, her name still at that moment unknown to me!

Motioning for me to come with her, she stopped and pointed to my nicely folded clothing set under that bush at some point during my changing.

“Please, you must retrieve your own clothing if you wish to ever regain your humanity. Be sure to keep them folded neatly, as this is a positive aid for returning you to being human. Now then come with me, you can ride in the back of my van to where I live. Once we arrive there, I want you to exit the van and go quickly into my small barn behind the house.” She made mention of how I should act and do as if more forceful if not urgent that I obey her wishes to the letter.

Once we arrived at her small and very rural home, I did as asked and moved quickly and direct from van to her small barn. As the door to the barn opened I stopped just inside and listened to the din of muttering noises coming from about five animals housed in that barn.

“Inside, and be quick about it, Auntie May has spies with eyes watching me and others who know of what and who she really is, so beware!” said the young woman, as she gave me a hard shove of her boot to my lower back.

Falling in and to all fours, as at a kneeling position I turned and cocking my head eyed her with a bit of disgust as how she had booted me in my backside.

“Huh, you thinking of me with mean thoughts, the coming here you can begin to see why I was expecting someone like you to come along.” She said, her voice having urgency and as well, some sense of anger.

I got up slowly and still feeling quite awkward walking on strange legs and cloven hoofs that made me feel out of balance, stood there with wonder as to what next? She walked around the barn, opening harshly of two barn doors, did stand in the moonlight, and pointing, there standing like some statue in the corral stood the full bovine idol of what I might become!

“Wham slam,” that the sound of the barn doors behind where I stood She being there but not alone.“See here this fellow has the name of Brett! I discovered him as well at the rest stop too, but he had lost much of his human morality, and later mated with several cows. Since that fated mating his mind and memories began to fade, he knows people and remembering them as either fried or foe, which is about the limit to his state of intelligence. The act of mating causes confirmation of a complete transition from male human to being a content bovine, in his case a Red Angus bull. To be assured, the spell of Auntie May is a potent one, making of every animal a champion breeder; whether male or even female.” She saying, her word as close to telling my fortune, me being just another like was Brett.

The intruding idea of me wanting to become like was Brett, maybe too as ignorant as he, he standing so still and stiff, reminding me of pictures that made mention of cows being similar at times to statues. I shook my bulky heavy head, trying to free myself of some pestering bugs; but it was the way my mind and thoughts were changing that I thought as pesky and a worsening aggravation.

This friendly young woman stood quite close to my left side, I could feel her body heat and she wafted a scent, this bade me to think of her in basic bovine terms, as if little more than just being female. My character as well outside what was the normal mannerly ways when in the company of a woman, I craned my huge head lower, sniffing at the top of her head, and burst forth with a sullen deep moan of a bovine groan.

Quickly she responded to my manner of interest, as with her hand she pushed herself off and away from my flanks. A couple of fast steps to one side and she looked up at me, said, “Tina, Tina Pratchett, that is my name, and forget how I tested you, I am not an easy mark, nor do I play with those I am trying to piece into back their humanity. If you give in to the strange pressures of being a lust loving bovine bull, then my Auntie May will have for herself a fine figure of one healthy, long life expectancy of a Shorthorn breed of a bull!”

Reminded of my present state and as much making this new me look out at the bull still standing calmly by and ignorant as a stone, I let my posture slump, as if to say I was sorry.

“I do want to help you, as I have helped others. Some though, like Brett, or…” Tina turned again to face back inside that small barn, “Some as back in the last stall over there,” she pointing to my far right, “Back there is Justin, he found his change as if a true calling and did his utmost to remain then as a Welsh Mountain type of pony, being a stallion and one fine sire. He never even tried his mighty shaft on a mare, but once he discovered the ease of lifestyle being a pony rather than a hectic existence in the world of corporate business, he mentally chose to remain as a pony!”

Tina walked to the head of the aisle that separated stalls on both right and left. She called to Justin, asking him if he had all he needed, and got a response as a loud and happy sounding whinny.

She then pointed to another pony standing near to Justin, “This one is a mare, I let Justin mate with her and she carries now his foal. Carrion was and is yet her name; she went to Auntie May selling magazines to continue her college education. Her bold manners won her the donning of a black patent leather bridle with silver coins attached. The result changed her and with being so different, she found peace and contentment she never knew as a female human. Like Justin, she too ran from Auntie when the changes began and found her way into my welcoming little barn.”

Tina stepped closer to Carrion, patting her on a hairy rounded rump as the pony mare made a soft whinny.

“Over there stands Baron, hi Baron,” she said, and in speaking his name with some sense of affection, pointing out a side door where outside the barn stood a large horse, he facing his master.

I stepped into the aisle and with my exceptionally tall stance peered over the plank wall and down at her friend Baron.

“Baron, his real name being originally George, came to this country as a foreign exchange student hiking across America as he would do in Europe, there he would stay at night in friendly hostels. His travels brought him to see our county fair and while there, he met or approached by either Auntie or her man she keeps as a wrangler working at her farm.

Something went wrong and Baron, as according to a disgusted Auntie May telling me, leaving him not as one handsome mount she might sell to some regional horseback riding stable, instead, he became Schleswiger breed of a strong draft horse, he beginning his new self by becoming likened to a six month old colt. He grew and matured quickly, and if he stood up his height would be quite close to yours,”
she meaning me, as standing attentive to our conversation, George or Baron represented his new self one excellent specimen of a draft horse.

“Brashly foolish, dear Auntie May had him gelded soon after realizing what he would grow to be, and being now without any link to his heritage, he understands that American is now his home.” Tina said, she offering George some soft sounding tone in her voice as if wanting to apologize for what happened to him.

One ragged bray echoed the valley glen, as form outside in a small pasture across from George stood; a nervous acting dark brown colored donkey stood surrounded by his growing herd.

“Shush Martin; you will get everybody in here all excited! You are here because of your use of that virile male dexterity. I told you to remain celibate of three days and the spell Auntie used would fade and let you return to your evil life.” Tina turned her head to give an eye in my direction, saying then, “Take note, three days of living without using your tool and the spell will begin to fade. Martin did as have others and Brett, he being the more foolish yet! Martin felt the urge and found for his delights two female students walking the rural roads. He displayed himself to them, and they felt that funny vale of arousal that emanates from a changed person. Soon after they met, he had the two of them engrossed in such wicked a display of bestiality; the orgy only helped to spread the spell, binding two unsuspecting young women to join him in his life of donkey debauchery.”

Martin, I took note had a much larger stall, larger even than the one which held George. My wonderment became short lived as from lying near their stud, two smaller donkey jennets, as they scrambled to stand up and be one each at his sides.

“Caution, be wary of these three as from their playful debauchery, the spell found new strength. They are all three quite infectious, this is why even Auntie May, has reason to fear Martin, and if he got away or his consorts did, the lovely river valley would become over-run by the braying changed people.

It might come to it, me having them put down, as their life revolves around constant orgies. The two jennets cannot stop their lust for want of feeling Martin, and he being as such a youthful stud jack, finds the sensual thrill continuously invigorating. I would imagine the Demons planed their situation and by dark powers worked well, their evil take comforts from human and beastly weakness when all else comes down to things dealing with intercourse, sex, and living in vile ways.

Even from quoting the Bible, the book of Genesis makes note of animals to multiply; so then this aids such spells and the Demons, their powers and plans to turn mankind away from truth, and righteous living.”

I stood there listening, looking and paying what I thought was a close attention to every word spoken, but nary did I consider what this woman might do. She offered me a place of sanctuary where being as a Minotaur I could hide away from peeping eyes and remain as I was without any further degrading of body and mind.

This her offer I quickly accepted and she talked while motioned for me to plod over and take my place, me in a heavily barred bull strong, hog tight, and horse high stall. Once I had stepped inside the stall, she swung the iron bar door shut with a slam, the banging noise scaring me half to death.

Folding my muscular legs to allow a seated position, I tried to relax in the thick straw covering the concrete floor. Pacified from a sense of friendship by this young woman, I let down my guarded attitude. Given to some signs of that time, the only sound one might hear came from the three donkeys stirring about their box stall, Martin the Jack was likely doing his utmost to keep two horny jennets at bay and satisfied.

After that the woman came and delivered to each individual in his or her stall a bucket of grain, some hay or silage, and a large bucket of water to quench a mighty thirst that comes from foraging on things bone dry.

Soon enough I had my belly full and mind at ease to lie down, snuggling in the sweet smelling straw and drifted away into a well-needed time of slumber. In the dark dim light of a mercury vapor security light, doing its beaming a golden-yellow ray of light in to the barn through some few windows, I awoke form hearing the footsteps of a person moving with great care and caution.

Playing as a Possum, I laid there acting as if soundly sleeping and made not a move and nary a sound except to snort with exhaling a bated breath. Her soft voice called then to me, telling me to awaken and sit up. Me knowing only of her by the way she acted out of concern for my safety and wellbeing, I expected nothing of what happened so quickly.

Lifting myself up on heft muscular arms and elbows, and turning my massive bovine shaped head toward where she stood, I sniffed of her perfume and felt a sudden inkling of want and passion.

Bravely she knelt before me and in the dim light, my eyes beheld her bare chest, and this made of me as one stimulated, becoming distracted as from out of the darkness a blistering sharp pain enveloped my nose.

A snap, and then a click and my nose burned with a sharp pain.

I leaped to a standing position, my nose hurt and the bulk of my body slamming the woman, tossing her bodily from my stall, she landing with a heavy thud in the cobblestone aisle.

Bellowing my sudden disgust, pain, and dislike for this woman and of what she had done to me, I stepped toward her only to have her slam that iron bar door against my sore nose adding more anguish to an pained face. Cloven fists took hold of the iron bars of the door and shook it with the might and callous distrust, I then being as one angry Minotaur.

The others all then awoke and jumping to stand, they did voice their seemingly questioning of her actions and motive. I questioned her motive as the action of what she did caused much pain, and in my way of thinking did label me as if I were just another bull like Brett.

She told me it was necessary, as when my changes did continue her only manner of control with such a brute bull was by the aid of a halter, heavy chain rope, and my new nose ring. Hearing the why of what she did, offered me little satisfaction for the pain in my nose, or the sense of dishonor I felt after baring such stile of treatment deemed me as if already like a brute beast; even before I might become as a true bull.

My heavy breathing slowed and she saw how I calmed down and returned to where I sat when she came for her visit. She opened the iron bar door and as I sat up alert and with a half bovine thinking mind did wonder; she knelt before me, pressing her body to mine, chest to breasts, her hands smoothed through the thick hairs of my upper arms, and cooing to me as if a Morning Dove, she quelled a monster to relax.

My mind filled with thoughts both bestial and brutal, being bovine in part and still enough left of the man, offered me a thrill for her to come and frolic in this way. What she told me of Martin and his two nymphomaniac jennets became so similar as she and I did cuddle, hugging, and she opened her heart to one barely able of pretending he was anything yet as a man. Toying fingers coaxed from my hearty big sheath the stoutest erection I had known to date. It protruded slightly at first, its pretty pinkness peaked out with only the slightest form of a head.

She fondled me, working her soft hands along my lengthening shaft, beckoning what might come, as did we mingle with passion and desire one for the other; as enjoyment of companions continued until the break of day.

Come the morning and feeding time I stood grasping the iron bar door with those much cloven shaped hands, my muzzle and nose ring stuck out past the iron bars. I stood there snorting and sniffing with an anxious anxiety, in hope to capture the scent of my woman or just a whiff of her perfume.

All there she serviced first their nutritional needs, but when she came to me her attitude seemed harsh and indifferent. Sniffing and snorting with an obvious anxiousness about me from the long night of frolic and hard play, I wanted in some cordial manner to thank her. Cordiality comes in bovine bull terms with a peaked and protruding of a lusty shaft, maybe not quite what she had in mind as a proper way of showing her my thanks.

She said nothing, but tossed into my stall a quarter bale of fresh hay and taking a watering hose, she filled my water bucket with cool refreshment.

Urgently anxious for her to speak and say something, I snorted out my bovine nostrils, and from the short time of slumber after we made love, I blasted forth a glob of snot, it smacking her across her right shoulder.

A gloved hand wiped it off, tossing the glob of yellow and greenish yuck back at me and splattering the stuff on my thick bone of a forehead.

Grumbling at me, she then spoke but harshly, prophesying to me that from my manners and actions through the night I would make a better bull, rather than any likelihood that I would ever be able to return to being again a man.

She stomped away and out of the barn as those there who had by the passing of time and their own passions, then found life as an animal something enthralling and delightful; they seemed to laugh at me!

Unsure of my own self and what I felt was the right path set before me; I peered out the steel bar crisscrossed window at Brett, he standing there in the grassy pasture just below my window. As he stood there enjoying his breakfast with a precariously a bullish bovine intent.

My longing passion turned to anger after some time of thought and near irrational rationalization of what I meant to that woman, and as well her intentions for someone like me. Pacing about inside my stall, my feelings of it as being more like some jail cell with every passing minute.

I breathed deeply, and in a fine Irish temper stomped on cloven hoofs, high stepping in circles as I worked a strained mind to think, reason, and find the answers to my many questions. An uneasy Minotaur makes for one anxious group of animals inside that barn.

My heavy breathing soon changed to much snorting, becoming of my own thinking as if gruff and near ready to scream out my rage and sense of insult.

In hindsight, everything I did then was like a common bull, acting out of insult for some other creature entering his space and causing him some bother. The result of my long time of mental rage only added bulk and massive strength to arms, legs, and a bestial torso. I slapped my bony tail across broadening thighs, it made slapping sounds, and they tickled my ears and the hairy hide of growing flanks.

Reasoning and rational thinking gave way to bovine thoughts of male domination, of keeping my herd close, and this woman required reminding that she too was then part of MY herd! The more enraged I became the less I thought and wanted to reason as would a man. Lust and a personal desire for male dominance brought me to the brink of giving my all to living as did Brett, and me soon then becoming completely as an animal, beast, and one virile big bull.

The raw feelings began, they enticed me to think and want for being more like a bull. Part of what was still me tried to say “NO,” but the urges and sensations from what it feels like to be naked and covered in hide and fur as is a Minotaur, makes one feel freer.

Odd, the sheer lack of wearing clothing tend to lead a person to like and or want to be more like the animals. Nudists, I remember some of movies and other such derogatory comments about those who for some reason chose on weekends and vacations to venture to a private place or park and wear nothing!

Although, one look at me as anyone would admit, I was way beyond what it is to be as a Nudist. They do not have bestial skin, and it covered with a thick fur for moderating warmth for in or outside my body. Uncommonly none of such humans had a head becoming so bovine that I find it necessary to use my thick lips and graze at food set before me. My ears protrude horizontally from the sides of my head, hung there mobile and movable. Then too, are my eyes, as what and how I can still see colors and have a focusing ability; my eyes have not solidified into remaining focused as if a nearsighted bovine.

Nary, would I say that any human has fingers partially changed to be as bovine cloven hoofs. I have yet a thumb but it barely is of any help in grasping things when used with my hoofs.

My legs have shifted, changing my stance to a hunched angle when I try to stand upright, as would a man. Hunched in this way puts my balance off kilter, my bony tail then hangs to touch the ground and it too feels uncomfortable when I stand as might a man.

Cloven toes now then as my soon to be hind pair of hoofs works well to support me and grant excellent footing. I still feel the want to stand on my full-length feet, but being the way they changed, as heels are now my hocks, and with the knee and pelvic conformation that of a four-legged animal, I stand, and walk much of the time on all fours.

A growing sense of discontent and even anger makes me lash out at the walls that do confine me. I long desperately for the manner of freedom that Brett standing outside my one window, he having freedom to move about, not kept in a stall made filthy by me, from my bodily wastes.

Looking out my window past the iron bars that limit my ability to leap and crash out of this jail stall cell. I watch, looking with a head half turned to see Brett, and using my changing vocal cords to sound at him, making noises like some incensed and agitated bovine.

The more my want and passion for enjoying true freedom as does Brett and even those of the cowherd I can see standing and or wandering the far pasture, the more my mind becomes agreeable with the thought that being a bull is my best way to live what remains of my life.

That sense of anger comes from feeling desperate to be free, wishing wholeheartedly to be near the cows; my bovine maleness is as well causing some urging there too!

Bellowing loudly, feeling throttled or held in check by this woman who says she is my protector, only adds to the building anger within this changing me.

I smell her and she is female, as are the many cows out in the pasture so green and lush.

My sniffing at the breeze for scents; is as knowing then those who are of my own and even not of my kind by their gender rather than using names as do human kind. A bestial attitude enhances my want, when and while I long and stand my stall window, coaxing with cloven hands at a bovine sheath. I urge at what on me is most sensual, fondling my sheath, and with anxious snorting to enhance the feels and want I press out a brightly pink colored shaft. It comes forward and out of me in short and quick jutting actions. The first jutting reveals but an inch or two past the shaggy hairs adjoining my sheath. Another bit of urging forces the shaft out about six inches into the light; looking narrow and pencil like, a mere vague representation of what it is when fully erect.

My urges then extend down to the pelvic regions of my bulking form. As the shaft protrudes I use my pelvis motions to urge me into an act similar to when a bull stands and is humping a cow; this brings on enhanced urges, as lust then builds, my nostrils run out strings of snot, and I salivate, drooling like a mad man in his fit of rage.

Enraged to a heightened sexual passion for attending the cows and feeling true bovine bullish pleasures, my want and lust come to a quick and painful halt as the lengthening of my shaft slams outward, jammed into an inoculate wooden wall. The flaring tip of my sensual shaft meets then hard wood and not warm moist welcoming flesh.

Worse, is the blank feeling as with a quick jutting outward from the sheath my near to twenty inch long shaft is stopped, becoming then kinked, and this brings on a royal amount of pain and genuine discomfort.

Pain erases my feeling for lust and passion, the sheath sucking up my length of might bovine shaft in a matter of seconds. Feeling my almost instant sexual retreat, there remains a human want to hold it, caress it, and at the least enjoy what I have as my very sensual male rod. In vain, I grab at it, but the retracting muscles of the sheath are quicker and seemingly stronger than are cloven hooves and a human thumb.

You can imagine what ends up happening, as with e very day I stand becoming more bovine by lusty wants and an insatiable urge to be free from the stable stall and held away from my kind; I chose to accept what seemed proper if not as well irreversible.

God created the universe in six days, and as much time spent with me lagging and longing for being ever more a bovine, I was recreated, becoming somewhat embarrassed for being then a bull.

The protector woman released me to join Brett in his green grassy paddock; there we met, grazing together in relative peaceful coexistence. My human wits returned, as the rational thinking human mind met the forces of bestial existence and animal sense of right and wrong.

Embarrassed, I saw the woman standing by the fence, she holding what I knew then as a camera. She poised it, ready to take a picture of one whom by witchery comes to accepting what was for him or me, as non consensual, but with time, I too would delight in what it is to be a Bull! I think to myself, remembering my name and as well the new name of Gladiator, this I feel in more a title to what I have become.

At first I had great apprehensions about my change of form and having to live the lifestyle of a brute animal in even more brutal and bestial situations to come. True enough, I was a bull, being fully bovine of form, if just a different color from Brett.

When Brett saw me take the lead into his small pasture, I thought he came to meet me in friendship and of a sense of camaraderie. I had a lot to learn about being both a bovine bull and of being a part in the realm of those living things people call as animals.

Brett pawed the ground with one of his fore hoofs, tossing sod and dirt so high in the air a piece of grass sod landed up on his back. I saw this and bellowed a laugh as best as I could bequest though one different larynx and out a mouth not made for such style of commenting. In total ignorance, I stood there, bowing my huge head and returned the gesture. Unknown to me my snorting sounds instilled Brett into a fine bovine rage.

Brett charged at me, and foolishly I stood my ground thinking this were as friendly play, and not a duel to the death for the rite to breed; this being the reality of what the whole became a brutal situation

Thick skulls met in blatant force upon the other!

I held my stance but felt a bit dazed from the force Brett asserted at me.

A brain rattling blow to the forehead of my then bovine strength of skull, gave me to shake my head in wondering why, and finding some sense in me that suggested I should get mad too, and charge at Brett.

What I at first thought was Brett wanting to play became a long and drawn out ritual of two bulls jousting. Slamming each into the head of the other, my mind and brain felt out of place. I became angered by the continued attacks, feeling then aggressive toward Brett; I snorted and attacked him. Our forceful time lasted for hours, we fought alone, no people in sight, and the only ones paying any attention to us were the some uneasy smelling cows.

My one side eye caught sight of the whole herd standing silently and waiting, as was customary for the winner of such jousting that he would mingle with the cows and mount in delight.

Brett boasted of bovine bull experience as we fought.

I had some wise moves still firmly set in a changing brain; the years of boxing lessons helped move even four legs to keep the competition of balance and off his guard.

Brett charged me in his continuing fashion, I sidestepped past his charge, wheeling, I slammed my head into his shoulder, this knocking him to the ground. Winded and his face smeared into the dust, Brett relented his attacking of me, and all seemed suddenly placid in the pasture.

Feeling odd, I discovered by so winning over my friend it won me the rite of a bull to do what instincts suggested was a duty to perform. Feeling elated, I sauntered toward the herd of black and red Angus cows, some with calves by their side. The bellowing sound of another who would be king for a day did turn my head, seeing there a young bull not yet a third my size. He seemed to feel the desire to take up his rite of breeding, and stood there trying my patience.

Ignoring the young bull, I walked toward some Black Angus cows standing nearest to witnessing the fight with Brett. My coming close had them all gawking at me, one seemed either scared or anxious, her head up and confronting me directly. I took note how the cow stood with eyes bugged, showing the white rim of her peepers, a sign I knew from being human as animals use to show their sense of dread. Considerate even when as a bull, this one cow was the first of many that day to replace dread with felling tranquil. It took but one drift of her scent and put my entire body into overdrive. I became as if a really wild and brutal bull excited in every part of my being of passion for mating with a cow.

Later, when calmer and given time to think and contemplate what I did and happened, the sordid details were still a blurred remembrance. Ever so very short that special moment of feeling and the sense of triumphant joy for having mated came and passed as if a fleeting memory. Done with that cow in just a minute or a few, mindful of my performance, the falling off and return to standing on all fours, left me a bit sated, if still wanton with an urge to try the cow one more time!

Mating and grazing meet with equal sensed desires in a mind changed to think on simplistic a level as is the needs of any a bull. There are no great plans and hopes for the present or future, there is just the realization of now, nothing more than now!

Counting my days and weeks while being a bull seemed so futile! Indeed, why bother to look beyond whatever day it was, as for the future there were grim times to come. Soon enough, those cows having dropped at least three calves, would soon go off to market and meet their deaths.

Some of those cows I thought of as if friends in some ways, they like the bull found enjoyment from living together as a herd and of copulating. Although the younger the heifers some were my own bovine offspring, they too I did take and mate, the social order for being a bull or cow knows nothing about the human terminology.

The longer I spent my days doing whatever felt right and proper for the moment, the more I let slip away that what I learned and knew from being human. Long times of placid calm drain the mind of any reason to want for thinking a thought. Lack of thinking, instigates ignorance, and dumbness only gets worse with the longer one fails to exercise their mind. Grazing finished until the stomach aches for something more, the cows and bull would retire to lying in a group nearer the gate leading to the barn, or in the shade of some large tree. This living works by patterns of movement during day or night, it takes no real thought just going with the flow makes for a very mundane a lifestyle. The fantasy dreams of people wishing to find peace and frolic by becoming an animal are in for a terrible realization if they get where they wished they could go.

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