This comix including mating lions. Enjoy!

Bitch in heat 13 -
Riding Lessons

I noticed that it was a short (very short) showing of a horse mating scene. You can check it if you want... /Aradd


I have no name for this comic and it is in Japanese language. But it is good so let us hope that we in the future can have a english version of it. /Aradd

Cat X Snake
I am nearly sure that this comic is not complete. But if you know something about it.
Contact me/Aradd

Jungle Emperor

Well, this is a comic that I downloaded for a long time ago. It is good so don't miss it. As usually it is in Japanase language.../Aradd


Jyu-Han means animal fucking
This is another cool comix from Japan. Thanx to Cyber Iguana, we now know the name of the comix. He also send one of the missing pages.

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