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Sailor Anna

It was nice to see that Sailor Anna also made some anthro animals. I think mostly of you travellers here in The Forgotten Empire known her from her artwork collection in Kandor. /Aradd

Sarah Wheeler
She is a well known artist. You can find out more abouth what Sarah have for sale and also free drawings on her own website. /Aradd

Well, Scale have only made one drawing that can be added here in Kondor, but I am sure you will like this as it is something different in species. Remember to use the teleporter buttons below if you want to see Scale's other artwork. /Aradd

I think it will be many visitors happy day when they see Shatten's drawings. The Sacramento comic is one of the most popular comics and now Shatten is doing a new version of it. He is searching for anyone that can help to add the correct japanese language to it. So if you can be to any help, just send him a mail right now. /Aradd

This is a artist that now decided to return. That is good news! Aradd
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