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He is a well known artist, but not for the non anthro artwork as he only have done a few of them. You will find much more of Huthro's artwork if you use the buttons below. /Aradd
Hybred Vigor
A very productive artist that make different kind of artwork. Remember to also visit his sections in Ellgar & Kandor. /Aradd
I Ate Your Kit Kat
Mostly of her artwork is in Kandor, but of course you want to see her here also, wouldn't you? Yesm I could guess that. Remember to visit I Ate Your Kit Kat's section in Kandor, just use the teleporter button below. /Aradd

I have no contact with this artist. He was a member in a Yahoo group that was deleted for a long time ago. But if he reads this or if you have any contact with Ixy, just let me know. /Aradd

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