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Unlucky Hawse27 didn't do so many artwork, but we are happy to see the few there is. /Aradd

Unlucky Hlitg didn't have a scanner. That is the reason for the quality of the artwork in this section. I think I am not the only one that hope Hlitg will fix a scanner in the future. /Aradd
Horse Maestro
Is a well known artist that have being on internet for many years. His new serie is very good and Horse Maestro is also trying to make some different idéas as you can see on the thumbnail above here. Very nice, isn't it? Aradd

Argon find out that the artist behind this drawing is Hukuroushi.
But it is not possible to find the artist website, remember to contact me, if you have any information. Thanx to Argon for his help!/Aradd

A artist that make very good drawings, don't miss the rest of her drawings,  you can see them on her website.

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