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Gabriel Logan
He is a well known artist and have done mostly kind of different artwork. Very nice to see and I am sure that you will see something you like, /Aradd

He have done drawings for a very long time and I think many of you will see something you like. Gdane is also in Kandor & Kondor so remember to visit his sections there. /Aradd
Giovanni Caselli
Argon find out that this drawing was made by Giovanni Caselli, and the link below will take you to his own homepage. Thanx  to Argon for his help! /Aradd
Got a mail from this artist and as you can see he makes very good drawings. Now we can hope that he will continue to make something more for us here. Mail address will be added if Graydogm20 want to have it online. /Aradd
Hans Baldung

Well, this artist died for a long time ago. But as we all know, the artwork is still here with us even as the artist is not. Amazing that this kind of artwork was done for so long time ago, isn't it? / Aradd
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