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Foxx Fire
He is a very well known artist and Foxxfire does a large amount of different kind of artwork, so you that know him, is not suprised that he have done non-anthro drawings also. /Aradd
He have done many anthro artwork, but now it is time to add him here in Kondor also. I am sure you will like what you see. /Aradd


Fugueraven's artwork is very good and I like the size different between the characters. A kind of macro drawings. It is very nice to see and we can only hope that he want to continue to do this kind of artwork. /Aradd

Very nice that one of the visitors found  FurNut. He have given permission to be here and as you can guess, he is very welcomed. /Aradd
One of the first artist that I have from the beginning of this project that today is called: The Forgotten Empire. I don't think Furronika need any presentation, his artwork is well known and I know that there is many that wanted to see some more, maybe somtimes in the future. Furronika have given permission for the artwork that is here and in Kandor. Use the teleporter button below if you want to see the anthro horse artwork. /Aradd
He have made some very nice interspecies artwork. So don't miss this. /Aradd
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