If you like these pictures, why don't you send the Artist a message and tell them?

He does very good artwork and often with the most popular speices: Horses. Very nice. /Aradd

I was a little suprised when I find this drawing in Extro's artwork section. And of course it fits very well here in Kondor. Extro is mostly known for his other kind of artwork so remember to take a look at that also. You will not be disapointed. /Aradd

There are more artist than Surfing Charizard that makes animations. Felisallis animations are very well done.
Felisallis mail address doesn't work, so if you have any contact with him. Just let me know. /Aradd

The artist doesn't want the mail address here. The reason is that the artist think that it is enough spam and so already. /Aradd

Is a well known furry artist, but as you soon will see, she also do other kind of drawings... seems that the unicorns have more fun then we have... :-) /Aradd

If you don't know who Flinthoof is, you have never seen a horse drawing..:-) He also makes very nice furry horses.

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