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Draft At Heart
(Aoife n Leecon)
Horselover4000 is a well known artist, but that account is no longer in use at FurAffinity. The link below will take you to the new account 'aoifenleecon'. The artist also take commissions and you can use the button below if you want some more information.  As horses is the most popular species in Kondor, I think many travellers will like this. /Aradd
Drages is mostly know for his beast artwork, and you can easy find that if you use the teleporter button below here. /Aradd

Egon & Elska
Egon makes very good artwork. I am sure that you will like them. /Aradd

His lineart is very, very good. I am sure that Canis will have a big fanclub here in Kondor.../Aradd

Ek Goya
Well, Ek Goya is very known on artist. He is doing the most different artwork, and he do it well. Use the teleporterbuttons to see his other kind of artwork here in the Forgotten Empire. /Aradd

Empty Set
I think many of the travellers here in Kondor will like his artwork and the interspecies drawings are very nice, isn't they? /Aradd
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