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Chris Sawyer
Well, if you don't know who Chris Sawyer is, I think you have surfed offline the last years. He is a furry artist and have made more than 500 drawings...You can go and see his furry drawings on Velar.

Chris Wayan
Chris is a well known artist on internet. For those that don't know, Chris is doing all kind of artwork, want to see more? Use the teleporter buttons and enjoy the tour. /Aradd

I got a mail from Comus so now his new mail address is added here. Also a new drawing. Thanx to the traveller that contacted Comus! /Aradd

I got a mail from this artist, and he give the permission to have his movies here on my website. We can only hope that he will do some more. Cranphin doesn't want his mail address here, for the problems with spam and virus. I understand that, I have also that kind of problem myself. /Aradd

Nothing Online

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