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Buttercup Saiyan
An artist that make cute My Little Pony's
long before they was so popular as they are now these days.

Clairyn's Imagery
This artist have not done so many drawings, what I know... But they are good and we can only hope there will be more. If you have some more information about Clairyn, just send me a mail.

This is a new artist that contacted me and as he are doing erotic animal drawings, he is of course welcome here to Kondor. /Aradd
This is a well known artist and now the mail and links are working again. Let us see if it can be possible to add some more drawings in a future update. /Aradd

Chris Goodwin
is a well known artist. It is bad that he have not done more than these few drawings with non-anthro animals... Anyway as you can see, they are good.../Aradd

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