If you like these pictures, why don't you send the Artist a message and tell them?

So you like dragons?
Sure, I also do that. And lucky for us, Artonis made very good drawings of them.
You find other drawings on his own websites. /Aradd


He is doing high quality drawings in greyscale and they are all for sale. You can find more information at Awe's own website there you also find non-erotic artwork. /Aradd

If the artist read this, contact me when you have time. Thanx! /Aradd

A new artist that have started to do 3D artwork. I think many want to see how he will proceed with his work as the beginning looks good. /Aradd

Becky Short
Becky's artwork is it not many that want to miss. And I am sure that you also like this artwork. We can hope that Becky will continue to draw for us. She also takes commissions. /Aradd

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