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The contents of Kandor!
Kandor is the land of anthro horses. Here you can find all kind of female anthro horses with both other species and animals. Female anthro horses with humans is added in Ellgar. Male anthro horses and herms alone is not added here.
Techwolf is sponsor of The Forgotten Empire and I do the work here, for free. But we need some money to the artist. Even as many artist is doing artwork for free, we must, sometimes, give them a hope to earn some money.
All donations will go to the artist here in The Forgotten Empire.
Thanx for your help! Aradd

So, really time for a update...
There is 5 months since last update for Brushfire's Stable series and of course there is new pages done... You can easy go and take a look, if you are old enough here:
Then you can take a look on a old comic that I noticed was not added here in Kandor. Casual Waggling was relased for 9 years ago by Kadath. It is also for adults only, and you can take a look here: And okey we continue with Kadath's artwork. There is 20th months since last update for Kadath, so there is some new drawings there. Unlucky for some of you, the updates is for adults only and here is the button:
There is nearly 12 years since Lady Hawk died, but gasaiyuno69 have reuploaded her artwork in a little better resolutions. So even as Lady Hawk is not with us anylonger, her artwork is, and her artwork is also for adults only. Here is the button:
Mark Stretch have done one new drawing, well, even as it is 21 months since the last update in his section... Some artist don't work especially hard, do they? Well, Mark Stretch's update is for adults only, so here is the button:
Max Black Rabbit's section is also updated after 21 months. Well, I noticed that his section was not complete as many older artwork was missing, so many as it was needed for a reconstruction of his section. That is now done and Max Black Rabbit's section is also for adults only. Here is the red button:
Reva Diehard's section was update in the same update as for Mark Stretch, so it is some time ago... Reva Diehard have done some new artwork and her section, is for adults only, just use the red button here:
It is the same time for Ravenwolf's last update so it was a time ago... All Ravenwolf's sections is updated and he is one of the artist that have doing this kind of artwork for a very long time and he do it very good. Here is the button:
Seems that june 2018 was a very popular month. Sailor Anna was also updated that time. It was needed to remake her index, so it have now 10 sections instead of 8. But the updates are in the adults section so I use the red button and here you have it:
Well, last update for Scale was august 2018 and now he have done a new drawing that make me change his section from nudity to adults only... Hey, not so fast... Only you that are old enough... Is allowed to use this button here:
The same time as Scale's section was updated, yes, in 2018, also Siyah's section was updated but now it is time again! And it was also needed to remake her sections from 3 to 4 sections. Lucky for you all, some new drawings are for all travellers. So here you go:
Todderick Dharken's last update was for 2 years ago. Only one new drawing is added there, but it is good, you know, and for all ages. I need to reuse one button as a only have 10. So here is a yellow button for you all:
Now take care of yourself in these Corona times. I know if I should die, it doesn't matter if I come to heaven or hell, as I have friends in both places.../Aradd