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tag of the adult and nudity websites is still ongoing.
As now the following sections have the RTA tag:
The Maze and artists in section A & B.

The contents of Kandor!
Kandor is the land of anthro horses. Here you can find all kind of female anthro horses with both other species and animals. Female anthro horses with humans is added in Ellgar. Male anthro horses and herms alone is not added here.
Techwolf is sponsor of The Forgotten Empire and I do the work here, for free. But we need some money to the artist. Even as many artist is doing artwork for free, we must, sometimes, give them a hope to earn some money.
All donations will go to the artist here in The Forgotten Empire.
Thanx for your help! Aradd

It seems that we always are back to letter A in these updates... Well, now again: Letter A. The reason is that I got a notice from Marmelmm that some of his coloured version of Alex Spastic's artwork was missing. Well, we can not allow that thing to happen, so now Marmelmm section is updated. I also noticed that one of the b/w drawings was missing so that drawing is also added. You can use this button here: Then use the new latest addition button to go direct to Marmelmm's section.
Aura Moser is one of the artist that have being here from the very beginning of this section of The Forgotten Empire. After nearly 14 years there is very nice to add a new drawing to her section here in Kandor. Aura Moser's gallery is for adults only and here is the button:
Another artist that have being here for a very long time is Heather Bruton. Very nice that we can add 3 new drawings and Heather Bruton's gallery is for you that are young enough... Well, here is the button:
After 2 years there is time for a update Honeytail's section. I think she is more known as Vera. Well, for those that are old enough, use this button here:
Huthro is a very well known artist here in Kandor. He have done some new drawings that is now added in his section here in Kandor. For some of you, there is artwork that you can see even if you are not so old. Just use this button here:
Lone Fox was added here in Kandor as a new artist for 11 years ago. Now there is a new drawing added in his gallery. Lone Fox's gallery have nude horses, you know. So we use this button here: ... Just to be sure...
Mark Stretch is a well known artist. His gallery is for adults only. Even as it is several new drawing added there, it is 6 years since the last update... Well, shouldn't the artist only draw horses? Well, it seems that they not understand that, but take a look now at Mark Stretch's section. Here is the button:
Max Black Rabbit have done several new sketches so a update in his gallery is very needed, isn't it? As you can guess his gallery is for adults only and you have the button right here:
Mirapony is also a artist that have being here in Kandor for some years. She still doing artwork and her section is now updated. The button will take you to her main index, but the updates is only in her adult galleries. Here is the button:
I have not seeing any new drawings by Moro Q but Argon noticed that some of the drawings in The Maze was made by Moro Q. They are now moved to his section and Moro Q's gallery is for adults only:
So that is all for this time. Mabye some of you think the updates not going so fast, but it is not so easy as if you check other websites and remove the gore and the vore, the herms and scat and so on, there is not so much left to see... That means that it is not so much to add on a website like this.../Aradd


Well, now it is really time for a update and we shall start with the section A...
There we find Alex Spastic and he have done several new drawings. But he is not alone, Marmelmm have coloured 2 new drawings and there also 2 new artists: Anthrogoddess have made 3 drawings, that means that the artist have a own section in the coloured artist section. For those that have being in Ellgar, already known Pandaburger as he did a edited and coloured version in Ellgar. Here it is a coloured version that is added in the misc colour artist section. I suggest that you go and take a look yourself:

Then there is time for the section P that have not being correct since last year. Now everything is fixed and that means that the update there, is not small. We start with Pixiv member 320135 - Aoino Broome that have made a new drawing. His section is for adults only:

Then there is a update in Pixiv member 1073512 - Yosshi -Nyonyo96's section. A part of the update is for all traveller's. Lucky you. So you can use this button here:

Then we have Pixiv member 1539710. This artist made several versions of nearly the same drawing. I have added several of them, but not all. This archive is not small and if you like green horses, this is something for you:

Pixiv member 1578906 - Snk is also back with one new drawing. His section is for adults only, so mostly of you can not use this button here: I think...

The Pixiv member 1985612 - Thc - Nikuyoku have stop doing artwork and also not doing anything on his patreon. Maybe the artist will not return, we have to wait. The last drawings and one old is added here, and this is for adults only:

Pixiv member 2121541 have done one more drawings and this is also for adults only, as the rest of this update...

Pixiv member 2666166 - Kikurage is a well known artist. He have done some drawings, some is not so new, but they are good. Well, remember what I said about the adult button:

Pixiv member 3361460 - Amakuchi have also done some new drawings. His section is for adults only and I think you remember him if you liked the comic The Horse Teachers. Here is the button:

Pixiv member 4583713 - Ber00 - Bermasin have made one new drawing. You can see it here and I add the adult button, this seems to be some kind of standard for this update...

Pixiv member 20891521 - MK 4 is a well known artist and he do very many horse drawings. His section is for adults only as he nearly never do anything for you that is under 18. Here is the button:

So now it is time for the new artist and I shall already point out now, that all artist in this update, is for adults only!
Pixiv member 7156 drawing have some nudity, so if you want to see it, use this button here:

The next artist is Pixiv member 16492 - Sindoll - Mukasino - Yatu and I don't think he needs any bigger presentation. Exept that mostly of his artwork is for adults only and here is the button:

For those that have being in Ellgar, I think they will be suprised when this artist now is here in Kandor. Yes, Pixiv member 177470 - 68 have done one drawing and of course it is for adults only. Here is the button:

Pixiv member 1016349 - Akitaka is another new artist and if you are old enough to see his artwork, I am sure you will like it. Here is the button:

Pixiv member 2257690 - Lowgun is one of the artist that have only made one drawing that fits here in Kandor, but it is good so use this button:

Pixiv member 2365847 have also only made one drawing and for those that is old enough, here is the button:

Pixiv member 3045998 - Megane Inu is not well known to do artwork that can fit here in Kandor, but this drawings was the only one I have found made by him that we can add here, so take a look:

Pixiv member 9716612 - Dizzy Jezzy Filly - Jes is a artist with many names, as it seems. One drawing is added, but it is not from his Pixiv account. You can check it here:

Then we have Pixiv member 29465569 Even is the last artist for this update. And his section have a nude horse, holy shit! So I use this button as usually:

And with this, there is time to end this update. Next update will be as soon I have time for it. /Aradd


The Maze is now online again. The button here:
This was a part of a zip file I downloaded for a time ago. As usually, mostly filenames is not correct so that is no help either. /Aradd


Bug fix! Reva Diehard pointed out that 5 drawings was not made by her. They are now removed and for those that have being already there should notice that this 5 drawings is removed:
They are made by Vera and this artist is here in Kandor with her old artist name: Honeytail. Thanx to Reva Diehard to point this out. It is very importent that everything is okey here in The Forgotten Empire. /Aradd


This update should have being done in the end of november last year. In the upload work a friend visit me for a cup of tea and after the break, the FTP program couldnīt access the server. Now after over two month, the server is working again and now we add this very delayed update. Sorry for the wait!
We start with a update in the artist section T. I think all of you still remember TOR. His friend Actaeon started to scan TOR:s work in higher resolution. So now  two old drawings is replaced in higher resolution. This is a update for all travellers here. Nice, isn't it!
One artist that is really good with horses, is Todderick Dharken. He have some new artwork and they are added in his section. Some is for you all, others not. Here is the button:
Siyah have also done several new drawings. But also notice that a few is replaced with correct filename and/or higher resolution. This update for Siyah is also for everyone, young as old... Well, are you so old? Well, you are welcome anyway. Here is the button:
Remember Scappo? Well, he have done 2 new drawings that you can take a look at, if you are old enough... Here is the button:
Scale is back. And it is not often he done something in colour. Also several b/w drawings is added. Scale's section is for adults only. But for those that are old enough, here is the button:
Sailor Anna have also made some new drawings. Only the adult section is updated. Of course if you are a new traveller here you can take a look for the other section. Here is the button to Sailor Anna,s main index:
Romus Dark Matter is one of the artist that have disappeared from internet. I don't know why and it is not fun when artist just quit. But I have checked Romus Dark Matter's section and several drawings is now replaced and changed. His section is for adults only and here is the button:
Reva Diehard is a well known artist and her section here in Kandor, is for adults only. Both b/w and coloured section is updated and I am sure you want to see this:
Ravenwolf' also known as Stasis Delirium on FurAffinity have done some new drawings.The update is only in his adult sections so I add the red button here.
Brushfire is working with her comic, The Stable and now 15 pages is added. It seems that is the end of chapter 2. I am sure that many of us want to see chapter 3... But meantime, those  of you that are not old enough can use this button here:
Argon have also worked to find artist to the artwork in The Maze. 14 drawings is now removed. Very good work of him. And with this we end this update.../Aradd