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The contents of Kandor!
Kandor is the land of anthro horses. Here you can find all kind of female anthro horses with both other species and animals. Female anthro horses with humans is added in Ellgar. Male anthro horses and herms alone is not added here.
Techwolf is sponsor of The Forgotten Empire and I do the work here, for free. But we need some money to the artist. Even as many artist is doing artwork for free, we must, sometimes, give them a hope to earn some money.
All donations will go to the artist here in The Forgotten Empire.
Thanx for your help! Aradd

So now I am back with another fantastic update. We shall start with Alex Spastic that have done some new drawings, also the artist Marmelmm have coloured some new drawings made by Alex Spastic. This button here: will take you to Alex Spastic section. Notice that the updates is for adults only, but I nice and kind right now, so I added the yellow button for you...
Caribou is back with some new drawings, nice isn't it? But her new drawings is for adults only and those of you that can leave your mom, can use this button here:
Chris Sawyer is a very well known artist, but these days it seems that he is not doing so much artwork anylonger. However, one new drawing that is for everyone, yes so it is, is now added to his all ages section. You can see it here:
I don't know when Darkwolfe died but it is ofcourse very sad news. As I have understand, he was not even 60 years old. However, better versions of his old artwork is now added to his section as even if he is not with us anymore, his artwork is, and they are still very good. Darkwolfe's section is for adults only so you will have the red button right here:
Dark Ahroun Friesian have done some new drawings, but as the horses, have no clothes, strange isn't it? I must add the red button to Dark Ahroun Friesian's section.
ECMajor have done some artwork, maybe one of them are not new, but it is new here and maybe you have not seeing it. Three new drawings is added and it is a very sad day for you as this is for adults only.
Flinthoof was one of the first artist I asked when I should start this part of the website and sometimes he still is doing new drawings that can fit here in Kandor. Very nice! But this time it needed that you are old enough to use this button here:
I Ate Your Kit Kat have started to do artwork again and that is very good news. Her section is updated with several new drawings and I recommend that you use this button here:
Then it is time to take a closer look at Brushfire's section. She have made four new drawing, but they are for adults only. If you are old enough, enjoy the show: But that is not enough! Brushfire have also made several new pages to the comic: The Stable Part 3 - Job Requirements This comic is for adults only so I just add the adult button here and you will go at your own risk:
But even that is not enough. A new comic with the name Jakes Date Comic Commission is also added. This comic is for adults only, if you are old and brave, use this button here:
Then we have a webcomic by a unknown artist from Japan. This comic is for adults only and it is in Japanese language. Here is the direct button:
Furronika is a very known artist, but for some time ago he removed his artwork from FurAffinity. Furronika is one of the artist that have being on my website from the start in august 1997. He have given permission to reupload the artwork that have the contents to fit here in The Forgotten Empire so now a new comic is added. Short Conversation is the name of it and it is for adults only. Here is the red button:
As a end of this update there is a very well known artist from Japan that is added in the N section. Nezumi. This drawing is for adults only and you can go there if you are old enough if you use this button here:
There is one artist with the name Boss Hoss. He is banned on FurAffinity, and I don't know why. I am not 100% but I think I got permission to add him to Kandor for many years ago, so he is now online in the B section. Boss Hoss artwork is for adults only. If you have any information about this artist, send me a mail. Thanx! And here is the button:
This is the end of this update and it will be a new one as soon I have time for it./Aradd


Finally... Unlucky the server have being offline for several times last three years and I don't know the reason for it as I got no information from the sponsor of this site, Techwolf. However, now I hope you will like the new update for the artist in the P section and also the new artist index. Unlucky I got a hard disk failure so the correct amount of artwork will be added later. I have not lost anything but it is some work to fix it anyway. Next update will be as soon as possible. Here is a link to the artist section P. Enjoy.  /Aradd