What's New in
Kandor 2015


It is not common that we can add new comic series here in Kandor, but now there is time as some artist have made new comics. That is very nice isn't it? We start with the bad new for those of you that is not 18 or older, nothing in this update is for you. Now first we have Farm Ride by Reva Diehard. Before you go there and take a look, I should remind some of you that if the artwork have non-anthro artwork, but, it is a female anthro horse in it, it will not be in Kondor, it will be posted here, in Kandor. That is the reason that you now can use this button here:
Well, Nexus Jubatus have not done so many comics since Zoorama, but now he is back with Party Time. I suggest you use this button and take a look:
Brushfire have started a new comic, so far it looks very good, and I am sure it will continue that way. For those on Patreon can see this in high resolution. This is a ongoing comic so here is the first five pages of The Stable Chapter 1 -
Zoeys First Day:
Then as maybe some of you, that have a good memory, have notice that Kemokko lovers 2 & 3 is removed. Many artist add some pages and then some comics is reprinted. The Horse Teachers is one of them. Page 30-47 is completely new, the rest is old from Kemokko Lovers 1-3. But the english versions here, is in high resolution as it was needed to fix that. For those that want to know why the changed pages is in gif format, well gif is the best format for b/w. Myself learned that the hard way for many years ago. Now, some of the pages is in very high resolution, here you go:
So, that is all for this time. For those that have following my comment on the forum, knows that a commission is sent to Alex Spastic. I don't know when it will be finished, but ofcourse it will be posted here in Kandor. I will not post it on FurAffinity as nearly 75% of all artwork there is posted twice already. Yeah I know, that  sucks.../Aradd


This update is dedicated to:

Doug Winger
September 30, 1953 -
June 23, 2015

A great artist is now gone and he will be missed by many friends and fandom of furry artwork. Doug was added here in Kandor when this section started, september 2004, and even as he have not done so much new artwork that can be added here in Kandor, his artwork is very good. For those of you that have not seeing Doug's artwork, he made mostly herm artwork. That is popular today, but Doug started that kind of artwork for over 20 years ago. Now even as he is gone, his artwork will of course still be here as long The Forgotten Empire is still online.

Now there is time for updates...
And we start with:
Yes, with the section D, there we have Dark Ahroun Friesian. He have done 3 new drawings and all of them, well, it for you that are old enough, here is the button:
Then we must stay for a short time and drop by Dreamaria. She have done one new drawing, and that is for all of you, how nice, isn't it?
So, time to move on to I Ate Your Kit Kat's section and there you have a problem with your age, but for those other here, can use this button here:
Then we move just a little bit. Insane Demon Freak have done some new drawings. Both for those young ones and for you that are old enough. Here is the button:
Jeremy Mullins also known as Madpolar, have made some new drawings. Yes, I will use my red button, here it is:
Kadath have made some new drawings also. The are of course added in his section. Lucky for you, some are for you that are not so old. Here is the button:
Max Black Rabbit's did two horse drawings for Wetblush, remember them? Well, these was the best drawings in this site, if I can have to make a choice. Well, Wetblush got a huge donation so the artwork is now for free. The two preview drawings that Max Black Rabbit did is now changed to the updated versions. This is for adults only:
Mirapony have done some artwork also, her adult section is now updated. I recommend that all that are old enough, use this button:
Nexus Jubatus have made one new drawing, a commission. Well, Nexus Jubatus section is for adults only and the new drawing, well, it have some adult content. So here is the red button:
Nono have make a new drawing. It have a nude horse, well, maybe we not see horses uses clothes so often, do we? But in this case I must add the red button, you have it here:
So now we have come to the end of this, wait, we haven't. One artist is still left in this update: Siyah have made some new drawings. Well, mostly drawings in Siyah's section is for adults only. I think we use the update button number one again, that is nice, isn't it? Here is the button:
Well, now this is the end of the update for this time. It will not be any more updates this month. /Aradd


Finally, another update. It was, well it always seem to be more work when you start to do something, isn't it so? Well, the S section is now complete fixed with the RTA tag, for the nudity and adult sections. It took some time, but it is needed to fix other things than just updates... But we shall not start there. We start from the end, and in the Z section, we find Zyra, it is one, of many, that is not only talent, but also have being here in Kandor for many years. For those of you that are old enough, can use this button here:
After a very long time Todderick Dharken is back and as before he make good b/w drawings and also some coloured artwork as well. Todderick Dharken is mostly make adult artwork, BUT a few is for all ages, lucky you. Now use this button here:
Well, in the last update is was a very, very annoying bug in Siyah's section. So it was not possible to access all drawings. Now her section is reuploaded and information about this annoying bug have being sent to Siyah. There is some drawings for all of you here, so use this button here:
Scappo is back again. His section is for adults only so just a few of you can now use this button here: Ain't that pity...
Sailor Anna is one of the artist that have being here nearly from the very beginning. It is nice that some artist are still with us. Sailor Anna's section is one of the bigger here in Kandor, and you know how it is: Size does matter. Here is the button:
After 9 years it is time to update Sabretoothed Ermine's section, or? Yes, I could think that. Well, his section is for adults only and now with the RTA tag, mostly of you can not visit his section, sorry for you... or maybe not. Here is the button:
Reva Diehard is working hard, and now her section is in two part, no, not adults and all ages, that would be to easy. It is sorted in b/w and coloured artwork. So if you are old enough, just this button here:
Ravenwolf is one of the artist that have drawing furry horses for a very long time. He have made a few new drawings, and they are added in his section. One drawing for all ages and another for you that are a little older. Here is the button:
Pixiv member 15746 have made a new drawing that I have added to his section. The artist have nudity contents and you know what that means! Yes, red card, I mean, red button! And here it is:
Nono have also being here for some years and now her section is update. Both her all ages and adult traveller's only section is updated. Sure you don't miss this. Here is the button:
Then there is time for something to read. Hooves have now made a new story that fits here in Kandor, so after 6 years it is nice to update his section. The story is in 2 versions and even as the longer of them have some m/m contents I recommend that you read it. Here is the button:
And this is the end of the update, it is more to add, and I will try to fix next update as soon as possible. Also the paetron button will soon be added to those artist that uses paetron. /Aradd


So, the work with this update have taking some time and now there is time for a release. But it is still not complete, but I think we start from the beginning... And that is from A, isn't it?
In A we find Alex Spastic, as usually he have made several new drawings, but also other artist have coloured his drawings, and they made a good work. Now, a few of you here can take a look, yes, all updates are for adults only:
In the B section we have Brushfire. She have also made several new drawings, and a few, is for all ages... The rest, well guess yourself, here is the button:
Draft At Heart have made one new drawing, for everyone to see. I think you should go there and take a look, use this button here: From the D section we travel on to E.
There we find Ek Goya. He have made one new drawing, and this is for adults only, so you can not use this link... No, no, don't cry, it will not help you!
We also have Epic Furry Studio's that have made some new drawings. But his section is also for adults only, it seems that the bigger part of you travellers have no chance to see much in this update...
We leave E and move on to F. Flinthoof is one of the artist that have being here in Kandor from the very beginning, 2004. In september there is 11 years ago... But he doesn't do so much horse drawings today. But there is some new drawing for you, but if you guess it is for adults only, you guess right. Here is the button:
Freckles have made several new drawings, they are also a few for you younger here. So you can stop crying now, thanx! Instead, go and take a look:
In H there is 3 artist that is updated. All of them have updated the adult artworks so we continue with this, even as many of you is not allowed to see this. First we have Honeytail. She have done several new drawings, and if you use this button here:
Then we go to Huthro's B/W nudity section. There some new mare's are, and of course you want to see them, use this button and take a look, but not to close...
Well for number 10, the last button I have, you can go and take a look at Hybred Vigor's updated adult artwork, in colour, yes. Use this button here:
And with this, we are at the end of this update. As it is not complete, next update will also be here in Kandor. /Aradd


I decided to have a little update here, just to see if you traveller's are still awake:
The section P is now updated and I think we start with Purple Griffin. His section is for adults only so there is not many of you that is alowed to use this button here:
Then for the rest of the update, you can start with page 7 and the continue backwards. Here is the button to page 7 and I wish you luck:
This is just a extra update, the real update will be in the nearest days. /Aradd


So we start 2015 with a lesser update in The Maze. You can use this button if you want to take a look:
Later it will be some artist update here in Kandor, but it have not being easy to find something to upload... /Aradd