What's New in Kandor

2014 have not started well, for january I didn't have time to work with updates and in february I should update some hardware in one of my very old computer. That didn't worked at all as it should, but that is another story...
The update here today is not small, so sometime you will recognize that you are on your own... The reason is that I have not update buttons to all update that is done this time, but we start with... Yes, you guessed right: Alex Spastic, you know that artist that buing food for the money he earn, boring isn't it? But sometime we must eat and other times, well go and take a look what the unicorns and mpl:s are doing, the button here: will only take you to his main index. Don't miss the new coloured drawings made by Felagund, Hannes, Jobo37, Alnabu, Ilayas and  Websterandvelvet.
After that we run to the B section and there we have Brushfire. Well, some artist make a brake and don't do any artwork that can fit here in Kandor, so it was a long time since Brushfire's section was updated. Now for those that are old enough, can go and take a look, here is the button:
In the section D we have a update for Draft At Heart and Dreamaria. Draft At Heart have updates for all ages, but Dreamaria have only updates in her nudity section. As both artist is on page 3 the button here: will take you to that page, then you are on your own...
Well, it is the same for ECMajor and Ek Goya, EC Major have done a drawing for all ages, but Ek Goyas section is for adults only. As both artist is on page one in the E section, the button here will take you there:
In the section F we have a update for Flinthoof and Freckles. Both artist have only updates for adult only, you can see Flinthoof's update if you use this button here:
Freckles have updates in two sections so the button will take you to his main index, you can use this button:
Then we have the letter H, and what do you think we will find there? There we have Honeytail, that have a update and her section is for adults only, remember that. Then we have Huthro that have also updates in his adult sections. So I use the adult button again and it will take you to page 2 in the H section:
So, we must move on to the I section. Insane Demon Freak have made two drawings for all ages. I Ate Your Kitkat is back with several new drawings, a few for all ages, yes, that is for you there. So the button will take you to the I section:
In the M section we have a update with two artists: Marian0 and Mirapony. Both artist have updates for adults only, you know what that means... They are not at the same page so here is a button to Marian0: and here is the button to Mirapony's index, she have also made a comic, yes, also for adults only. Here is the button:
So, then to R and there we find Ravenwolf. He have done a new drawing with a naked horse, omg, well we are out of lates addition buttons. We need to think on mother earth health, so we just reuse them again.
So, in section S we find Scale and he have also done some new drawings, and yes, the horses have no clothes, you know what that means, that means the red button, go and take a look if you are old enough:
Todderick Dharken is a well known artist. I have rescanned my harddisk, yes I have more than one furry horse on it, and Todderick Dharken's section is updated. He have not done so much the last year, many artist stop after several year, maybe that is the way it will be for us all some day. But meantime you can go and take a look at Todderick Dharken's section, there is also some drawings for all ages, happy you.
We shall welcome a new artist: Mickey the Retriever. He have done some drawings with horses, well, you know, the kind of horses we want to have here in Kandor. His artwork is good and it is for adults only. I will now add the red button for Mickey the Retriever. It not exacly the same as a red card in football :-). Here you go, take a look:
Then there we are, at the end of this update. For those that have visit the forum, already know that the P section is completely replaced. The update there is not small and it is not possible to add buttons for everything there. The artist on pixiv in Japan seems to be working around the clock. I checked it for a long time ago, and they are adding 1500 drawings/day. But ofcourse mostly is nothing I want to have, that is the same on other sites also, FurAffinity, SoFurry and so on. Now the button will take you to the new P section and with this we are at the end of this update. The button will take you to page one: /Aradd



Finally, a new update. Sorry for the delay and the reason for it was that the server was down friday so it was not possible to start to upload and fix contents for this update. Another reason is that I got a cold so it is a little bit slow when I am working. But now, we shall take a look at this update, and I can already now tell you that it is not small, so we need to use the update buttons twice. We start from the beginning, with the letter A, and there we find one artist that is making artwork to sell and buy some food. Boring, isn't it? More fun with a new smartphone or something like that. However, Alex Spastic continue with his artshow, and he have made a all ages drawing, yes, but only one, the rest is for you that are old, very old, we start with this button here:
Then we continue with Chris Sawyer. He have not made any new drawings that can be added here, but I noticed that one of his old drawings was missing, and it is now added as I am sure that you all want to see it, well, you that are old enough, here is the button:
Draft At Heart is one of the artist that makes mostly horse drawings, well, shouldn't all artist do that? Draft At Heart have done some new drawings, and some of them, are for all ages, so you can use this button:
Dreamaria have only made one new drawing, but that is okey as it is a unicorn, we all want to see unicorn's don't we? Well, as usually the horse have no clothes, that means that you that is not old enough, can not see it, for you others, old ones, you can use this button here:
ECMajor's character Equustra is well known by many, he have made a drawing in colour and this is for all of you, here is the button:
Ek Goya have made one new drawing, and of course it is added here. His section is for adults only, and for those that have the correct age, here is the button:
When Kandor started, it is now exacly ten years ago, it was needed to have some artists permissions that have made several horse drawings, one of them is Flinthoof. Unlucky he is not doing so many horse drawings these days, but some new ones is made, and I am sure that you want to see them. There is even some that are for all ages, so here is the button:
Foxx Fire is one of the artist that also have made several horse drawings, but not many the last year. One new drawing is added in his adult section. You can use the button here: if you want to see it.
Freckles is still working hard and that is nice. Notice that several of his new drawings is herm drawings, and they are not added here, if it is not a female horse in them. I don't collect herm artwork at all myself, but as you know, the taste is different. Now, a update is made for Freckles section and this time it is only for adults. Here is the button:
Huskie have made some five new drawings and her section is for adults only. For those that are old enough, use this button:
Then we need to start with the button one, again. I noticed a big error in Huthro's section, and that is of course fixed now. That was not fun to see, bugs is not allowed here, we keep them on other places, that is much better. The error in Huthro's section also makes the update in his section bigger as last time, it was not correct. Some drawings are for all of you, so you can use this button to go and take a look:
I Ate Your Kit Kat was a update that took some time. The reason is that she have reupload some of her artwork in better scanned versions. That is nice to see as to many artist today, spoils their work with bad scanned or mostly, using cameras, that made the artwork look bad. So for I Ate Your Kit Kat some drawings is new, other is replaced, but notice that they have different names as she upload the low resultion drawings on FurAffinity, and the higher resolution drawing on other sites. The reason is the limitations on FurAffinity, isn't it fun that the worst sites is the biggest? Well, all updates are for adults only, here is the button:
Insane Demon Freak have made one new drawing, and I think you already remember that her section is for adults only. So you other, don't need to go to see it. Well, for the rest of you, here is the button:
Kadath is also a well known artist that started to do equine artwork with his character Diamond. His section is updated and also a flash animation made by Jasonafex is added. This update is for adults only, and you can go to Kadath's index if you use this button here:
Marian0 have continued with some my little pony comissions and he have done it well. His section is for adults only, so you know the rules, don't you? The rest of you can use this button here:
Max Black Rabbit did two drawings for Wetblush. The versions here, is only for preview, but you can see the new sheriff in town, or at the totem pole. Well, it is not easy to be the law, you know. Also another drawing is added. Max Black Rabbit's section is for adults only. You can use this button to take a look:
Mirapony have also made some new drawings. Some is for all of you others, well... not.
I add the button here, then you are on your own:
Nono have also made some artwork, both for all ages and adult ones. The button will take you to her main index, then the choice is yours:
It was nine years since last update for SatyQ so I think it is really time for another update, don't you? One drawing is also removed and replaced by a better version. SatyQ's section is for adults only so that means a red button:
Scappo is back with two drawings. Much of his artwork is for commersial sites and we shall avoid to have anything with them to do. I am not member of any commersial site and the reason is that it is so few drawings that I like, so it is not worth to join any of them. I am very restrictive what I'm downloading and last years I have deleted over 10000 drawings from my artwork collections. Remember if you don't look at your collected artwork, there is no reason to have it. Now Scappo's section is for adults only, so we use the red coloured button, again:
Scott Alston have made some new drawings and also started with a comic. I have no information how it will continue, but maybe it will be some information added later. All of this update is for all ages, so you can just go and take a look here:
Then we have a bigger update for the section P. And for those that guessing that it is the artist from Pixiv.net that strikes again, have right. To avoid to much clicking around, the index have being changed to have twelve slots/page. When you are on websites, you know that the lesser click you need to do, the better is the website. Now the artist update for section P is on page 4-6 and this button will take you to page 4, then you are on your own:
Stanley Alston Jr have made a new character and she is added in The Tavern. The drawing is made by Marikazemus34 and posted here with his permission. I shall also point out that there is a new character made by Epic Furry Studio. You can go and take a drink at the tavern, just use this button here
Then we have some new artists.
Siyah was one artist that only posted her artwork at e621. When she created a account at FurAffinity, I contacted here and she gave permission to have her artwork here. Siyah's section have some artwork for all ages also, so you can use this button and take a look:
I also contacted Zannah, one of the artist that have made more than one horse drawing, that is nice, isn't it? She have give permission to have her artwork here, so now, for those that are old enough, can go and take a look,
So then we have another artist, that was included in the last update in Ellgar. Epic Furry Studio have also made some horse drawings, also his character Laura White is added in The Tavern.
Well, Epic Furry Studio's section is for adults only, so we use the red button again:
So now we have come to the end of this update and there is a request to add here. The site have being online now for 16 years and we still have no drama, maybe boring for some, but I avoid drama myself. The last drama on FurAffinity ended with that Strider and Kerstin Orion took all their artwork down. I don't know what the drama was, but if anyone have contact with Kerstin or Strider Orion, I hope you can tell them to contact me. Maybe we also need to remove their artwork here at The Forgotten Empire. Things was much better in the old days, when people just look and enjoyed the artwork instead to offer the time to blah, blah. Now there is also time to end this babbling and I have hope you enjoyed this update. /Aradd