What's New
4th Quarter 2013


Time for the artists... Well, where shall we start, from the beginning? Okey. Then we go to section A, remember Alex Spastic's artshow? He have done some new drawings, and Jobo37 have done several coloured version of them. Also Felagund have made coloured one drawing, and this time you will come to Alex Spastic's main index, but don't worry, all updates there, is for adults only, yes, we have the red button you know...
Then we go to C. Well, I was suprised when I found some old drawings and that I have missed. Of course also some new drawings are added and there is a few drawings for you younger here... fantastic, well, use this button and take a look at Chris Sawyer's section:
Well, enough for the children. Freckles have done some new drawings, and they are for adults only, so we use the red colour again:
Insane Demon Freak have done two new drawings and yes, they are for adults only... I hope everyone here like the red colour, it will be used most of this update. Use this button here to travel to Insane Demon Freak's adult section... Well, there is not so often horses uses clothes so I don't think you should be suprised that the new drawings from I Ate Your Kit Kat's section is in the nudity section. So, the red button again: Then let's see what Kadath have done, do you think it is for adults only? Yes, you have right there. Kadath did some commission and they all is for adults only, well, use this button and go and take a look So, for button number seven there is time to go to Mayra Boyle's section and with this update is was needed to change her section from nudity to adults only. That means that some of you should not use this button here: We will stay for some time in the M section as Mirapony did a new drawing... You there, you don't look like you are 18, so you should not go and see the new drawing by Mirapony, but the rest of you can use this button here: Reva Diehard did some commission and of course they are added in her section, and the section is... for adults only, suprised? No? Well, use this button here, if you are old enough: Then there is time for the last artist update. I found a drawing on a forum and I decided that Argon, that usually help to find artist, should get a short vaccation so I did some research myself. Well, the artist is Strider Orion and it is now added in his section. The easy way to go is as usually to use the button and as this is the last update for this time, this is for all ages:
This is the last update for october. Information about the updates will be posted in the forum. Remember to report any bugs as they are not allowed in The Forgotten Empire. /Aradd


So, as the server is online again, it is time for a quick update. The comic section is updated with two comics and the adult sections, well, that is all comics there, have now the RTA tag. You can use t his button to take a look at a part of Kemokko Lovers 2 and here is a direct button to Kemokko Lovers 3 both comics is in english. The artist update will be online at monday night, if the server is working as it should. /Aradd