What's New in Kandor
April - June 2013

Sorry for the delay with this update. It have being some problems with the server so when I started to upload the contents it didn't work. I also think that there is some of you that have notice that the webcounter have reset itself. If it will be so next update, the date will be changed from june 2004 to correct date. With this update Kandor also pass 5000 drawings and that is not bad, isn't it? Well, on to the update information:
We start with one of the artist that have being here in Kandor from the very beginning and now, after nearly 9 years, it is really time for a update. Remember Ravenwolf? I am sure that you have seeing his artwork before and now his section is updated. Several drawings is added to his section and the button, will take you to his new main index, have a nice ride:
Remember Stanley and Scott Alston? Yes, one make the stories and the other make the drawings... Well, Scott Alston fell in the MPL trap. The internet have being flooded with MPL artwork and the anthro versions, is ofcourse, welcomed here. The button will take you to Scott Alston's main index and you have the button here:
Then we have some new stories from Stanley Alston. Two stories is for of you and one is for those that are old enough, the button will take you to Scott Alston's main index and from there, choose wise:
One artist that is working all the time, it seems, is I Ate Your KitKat. The update in her section is not small and I am sure that you will find something you like. Also notice that a few artwork have being removed and replaced with better version, but they have not the same number. Information is added in I Ate Your KitKat's main index and this button here:
Alex Spastic is back again, yes, you expected that, didn't you? Well, but he is not back alone, also some artist have done coloured version of his artwork and they do it well, very well, now unlucky for many of you, nothing in Alex Spastic's artshow is for traveller's that is not old enough. The button will take you to his main index, then you are on your own:
Oh, so we still have some traveller's with baby sitters? Well, lets go to Strider Orion's section. The update in his section is also for adults only, but the button will only take you to Strider Orion's main index:
Freckles is one artist that is still active, yes he have being here for a long time, maybe he can not find the way out from here, well, there is no way out, but don't tell the artists that. Now it is so bad news, for some of you, that Freckles update is for adults only. For those that are old enough, use this button here:
Yes, I can see you, it will not help you to hide in your bed... Darkwolfe is back with a new drawing, and it is for adults only. Darkwolfe have being here in Kandor for many years and it is nice to see some new drawings from him. I will now add the adults only button and you know what it means:
So now it is time to take a look at the artist at Pixiv.net. Pixiv artist Aiono Broome have done two new drawings and they are nudity here, well otherway it is not so often you can see a horse with clothes in real life, however, this is the adults only button, and use it carefully:
More nude horses is in Pixiv artist 2666166's section. Well, you can use this button here:
Then there is two new artist from Pixiv.net. Well, one of them I think you know, Thc - Nikuyoku, is one of the artist you also find in Ellgar. Now you can also find him here in Kandor. The button will take you to his section and it is for adult travellers only: . Now we have soon come to the end of this update and I think it is time for something for you all, artist 557114 is a new artist for me, and maybe for you to. So why not take a look? Here is the button:
Before I end this update information, I shall also mention that The Maze is updated and it is for adults only. One drawing there is added in three different versions. I think the first one is original and the other two is changed by someone. You can go and take a look here:
With this I will end this update but I hope that we will meet again, later this summer. /Aradd


So, time again... Well, maybe it will soon be time for a celebration, as there is not so much left to reach 5000 drawings here in Kandor... But there is a few drawings left as with this update, we have 4966 drawings made by 394 artists. Thats nice, isn't it?
Now we start this update with Extro. He didn't remember that he was here but after some days I remember that last contact we have, was for a update in Ellgar at the end of mars 2008. Yes, the time is running, but those, that is old enough, can use this button here:
I like these new adult latest additions buttons, don't you? The lesser times you need to click, the better websites, unlucky there is nearly no one still left out there of them... Well, I think we continue with the adult artwork, but the button will only take you to Alex Spastic's main index, as there is several new drawings added there, unlucky all of them is for adults only, but you can start with this button and then the choice is yours: I don't think you are brave enough... The update also including some new colourings by Jobo37...
Chris Sawyer is a well known artist here in Kandor, but as many with him, they don't do so much new drawings these days. That is very bad, isn't it? However Chris Sawyer have some new drawings added in his section, yes, a few of them is for all ages, fantastic, isn't it? Here is the button:
For those that keep one eye, or two, on Huthro, have notice that he have upload some drawings, in FurAffinity, but not all of them is new, some is reuploaded, I don't know why, but of course they are not reuploaded here again, you can check Huthro's section if you use this button here:
Another artist that have not made so many drawings the latest month, is Hybred Vigor, he pointed out that he was not dead... Well, I hope he is sure about that... Anyway, the few new drawings are added in his section, and you can see it if you use this button here:
So, Kadath have finished one drawing that fits here in Kandor, also the link to his section on FurAffinity have being corrected. This drawing is for adults only, so no one of you here can see it, or?
Nono have done one new drawing, well as there is nudity, and you know what that means, I will now use my adult button, you have being warned:
So next update is Strider Orion. Nice to see that he, at last, did something with horses... Shouldn't it be some kind of law that artist must do horse artwork? Yes, that would be a perfect world, wouldn't it? Well, this is for the old one's here in Kandor, so the younger one's have no reason to go to Strider Orion's section, the button will take you to his main index:
I sent a notice to Insane Demon Freak. She have done artwork for some time and as you can see, here newer artwork looks better. I hope Insane Demon Freak will enjoy her stay here in Kandor and her section is in two subsections, one for all ages, that is for you, and one for adults only, that one is for me. Now here is the button to Insane Demon Freaks main index:
Well, there is all for this update and the next update, will be as soon there is something new to add. Information will as usually be posted in the forum. /Aradd