What's New in Kandor
January - Mars 2013

Yes, I think there is some that want some update here and so it will be...
One artist that have being here for some time is Nono. Her section is now updated and also changed to one section for you there, yes... and also one section with artwork for adult only... I think many wants to see this so here is the button to Nono's section:
Then we shall be in the P section... Yes, the artist from Japan are really working. We start with artist 1199446 that have now closed his account. That is possible at Pixiv.net but not for FurAffinity acounts. I tried to close my own acount there but it is not possible, so I still have it. However, the artist have opened a new acount: 6196435 and you can see the update for it, but this is only for adults: .
Then we have artist 2598229... Well, his artwork is also only for adults, you can see the new drawing if you use the button here:

More for adults? Okey... Aoife 'n' Leecon have made one new drawing and you can find it in their m/f adult section. You can use the button here:

Then... What? More adult artwork? Well, is there only old travellers here today? Well, I am not sure about it, but we continue with one new drawing from Sudonym. It was a very, very long time since he did a female horse. It was really time for it, wasn't it? However Sudonym's section is for, yes, adults only, you that are old enough can use this button:

So now for some new artist from Japan... And this is for all ages, can I get a drum roll here, thanx... Well, Pixiv artist 3958109 - Kavaa have done a drawing that is for all ages, yes, and you can use this button here:
if you want to see it. Well, we end this update with another artist from Pixiv, artist 2336324. This mare have no clothes, so it is for adults only, here is the button:
Next update will be as soon as possible... /Aradd


We shall start in the F section and there three artists is updated. Flinthoof is one of the artists that have being here in Kandor from the site started, but the last years he seems mostly to do other kind of artwork, but the few new one's is now added to his section. Notice also that Flinthoof's section is reconstructed but the new artwork is, as usually, marked with the 'new' icon. Here is the button:

There is another artist that have continued to do horse artwork, I think many here know who Freckles is. His section have also being reconstructed as the update there is not so small. Here is the button:

There is many that wants their 15 minutes in the spotlight, I have noticed that several artist makes new account and have one for commissions, another for own artwork, and another for specific characters and so on. You know what I mean, and next step is maybe one account for good days another for rainy days, and so on... Then there is artist that no one knows anything about. Furronika is one of the most popular artist on internet and I found one drawing posted on a forum. Furronika send me a mail and told me that it is okey to add it to his section here in Kandor. For those that know Furronika, already know that this is for adults only:
Without Furronika & The Magician, The Forgotten Empire have never being started at all...
There is only two things that I have not done, and one of them is a furry equine calendar. The reason that I cancelled the project for some years ago, is that the price for the calendar should be to high as it should be a
commercial product it was of course needed that the artist should get money for their work, but also printing and shipping costs made that the costs was to high. Now, lucky us, Mirapony have done a anthro calendar, not only with horses, but it is for free and if you want to donate some money, just follow the instructions that is added. Mirapony was earlier added here in Kandor as Mira, that is now changed and her section is updated. You can go and take a look if you use the button here:
Huthro have reuploaded three drawings and one new, the reuploaded artwork is better scans and I recommend that you replace them. You can go and take a look if you use this button:

Then there is time to go to one artist that make artwork for candy... I mean food, of course... Alex Spastic is working on and also Jobo37 and other artist that makes very good colouring versions of Alex Spastic's drawings. You can use this button here and take a look:

So the last update is just some information that a Paypal donation page have being added in The Castle. Of course only the first name of those that have done a donation will be added. Remember to be very carefully to post photos and your name all around as it can come in wrong use. Also information about which artist have being commissioned is added. You can check it here:

This update is not complete so it will be a new update as soon as possible. /Aradd


So, a new year and a new update. But there is some bad news for you, not all of you, but mostly of you... This update today is mostly for you adults, yes... So, there is not many of you that is legal to see the update. But for the few of you, that are old enough, we start with Alex Spastic. His section is update but also Bro-harl and Jobo37 have made some coloured version of Alex artwork. The button here, will take you to his section:

Ok, I will take a update for you all then. Aoife 'n' Leecon have made one new drawing that is for all of you. Here is the button:
No, you don't need to thank me...
So the artist I Ate Your Kit Kat have made several new drawings. A few is for all ages, well, the rest, guess yourself. The button will take you to I Ate Your Kit Kat's main index:
And remember to look at the all ages drawings... And also I Ate Your Kit Kat's character Cotton Candy is added in The Tavern, you can check it here: Oh... Well...
Kadath have made one new drawing, and yes, it is for adults only... Hm... The drawing is with his character Diamond. What they doing? Well for those that is old enough, you can use this button and see yourself:

So, the artists from Japan, well I think mostly here remember Pixiv.net... When I checked it for a long time ago, they added 1500 drawings/day and we shall remember that they not add photos and stuff like that there, that is good, isn't it? However, it is not easy to try to follow all artwork there but there is three artist that is updated: Tazima - Tazimasiru:

Then there is Yosshi:
. The artist 1199446 also made one new drawing, you can use this button here:
Then we have Stanley & Scott Alston. We start with Scott Alston: He have done three new drawings, and also two drawings is replaced with higher resolution version's. Also there is coloured and b/w versions added. Here is the button to Scott Alston's main index:

So, then Stanley L. Alston Jr have write two new stories and one is for adults only the other is a new storie that is in The Green Room story section. Do not only read the Job Evaluation? story... Well, the button here, will take you to Stanley L. Alston Jr's main index:

And with this we have come to the end of this update... Information about the next update for Kandor will be added in the forum... /Aradd