What's New in Kandor
July - December 2012

Sorry for the delay with this update, but it was needed to fix some new buttons. I decided that it was a must to have some of the old artist in this update. Kandor was started at the end of september 2004. The name, Kandor was not official that was changed later, however without artist and travellers it is not possible to have any empire at all. Now we shall start this update with Huthro. His section is complete fixed and several drawings was needed to change the name to fit the artwork. The update is so big so it was no need to add the 'new' icon to the drawings. I recommend that you download all drawings again. Now you can go to Huthro's index if you use this button here:
Yes and there you can see the new button also. I am sure that you all are impressed!
Then it is time for another artist that have being here in Kandor for a long time: Kadath. I think he is well known by many of you and I got a reply that Kandor is a blast from the past, well Kadath's nudity and adults only sections is updated... Here is the button: And you there! You don't look old enough so just visit Kadath's all ages section. I am sure that you will feel very lonely there...
Malmad is another artist that is well known for her eguine artwork. The update in Malmad's section is not small either. I am sure that you will get lost there, or do you do it on purpose? Well, here is the button to Malmad's section: All Malmad's sections is updated.
Now we shall use the new kind of button here. Since a long time back, it seems that the more the visitors need to click around, the better. I don't like that at all. I like when you can go where you want and use things easy. It have being annoying that it was not possible to get direct access to the adult updates. However I shall point out that I have never got any problem with the adult contents in The Forgotten Empire since I started this. And that is over 14 years ago. But now I decided to do a new adults only button. Aoife 'n' Leecon have done a new animation. They do this kind also as commissions. Now you can go direct to Aoife 'n' Leecon's animation section with this new button:
So it is time to go to Strider Orion's section and the update there is not small. One of the reasons for it is that it was a long time since Strider Orion's section was updated. Time to do something about it, right? Notice that the drawing Commission for SteelWings have a filesize around 10 mb.Yes, I thought that and you can use this button here:
Ultra Violet is still active, nice isn't it? Yes. She have done some new drawings, well not so many, but I am sure that you will really like the drawings that is now added in her section. Well, there is time, again, to use the new button:
Another well know artist is Nexus Jubatus. I shall point out that he have done a character sheet for his famous zebra, Tina. I think he is a little jealous that she is more famous than he... Hehehe... Well, you can visit Tina in the Tavern. I was suprised that she was so big, but that is cool. For Nexus Jubatus other artwork, that is also now update, well you need to be old enough:
Well, it is time for Alex Spastic. You know the artist that work for food, well, I think mostly of us must have it sometime, or maybe candy can be enough. In Alex Spastic's sectoion there is also a colouring artist Jobo37. He got a own section, yes so it is! But there is of course more that is updated, you can use this button here: to take a look.
Darkwolfe is one of the artist that have being with us for a very long time. Now he is back again and that we must celebrate! Well, mostly of Darkwolfe's artwork is for adults only, that is nice as I now can use my adults only button:
Well, then it is time for some new artist. I Ate Your Kit Kat is a artist that have created a character that I liked and as it is okey to add her here, I think we shall say welcome to here. Unlucky for mostly of you, I Ate Your Kit Kat mostly do adult artwork, but for you few other, you can go and take a look here:
So then there is two new artist from Pixiv. Well, I think no one here is suprised that it alsways seems that artist in Japan works 28 hours/day... :-)
Well, there is some nudity here so I use this button for artist 5288554 -
U r s u s.
Then there is the other artist: 3234048
Maru's. I think that is one of the drawings that was in The Maze. But thanx to Argon, the artist was found. This drawing is for all ages, so no one needs to be afraid:
With this, the update for this time have come to an end. Information about next update, will as usually be added in The Forum. /Aradd


So, time for a update, again...
We start with a commission that have being made by Gdane for Kandor. Thanx to Francis we got some money to get the first commission to the site. For those that have not understand it is so that all donations will go to the artists. Techwolf is the sponsor of the Forgotten Empire and I do the works here for free. More information how the commission will work will be added later. Now this is a adult artwork and for those that have read Dragontalon's stories at FurAffinity got the idéa: This is a scene from the end chapter, as I think. I have send a notice to Dragontalon, so he know... At the end, uncorns always wins, so it is. Here is the button:
Then Alex Spastic have done some more drawings. Nice to see that some here is working, this is for adults only so the button will only take you to his main index:
Well, Hybrid Vigor have not doing so many new drawings, but I decided to make a update to his section. Hybrid Vigor's main index is changed and a section for all ages have being added. I hope that somebody will visit it... No...? Is there only american visitors here? Oh, well, Hybrid Vigor's adult section is also updated so no one needs to be upset, here is the button:
Then it was a little fun as for the pixiv artists there was three artist at the same page that is updated. This button will take you to page 4, and then you will be at your own:
So then I have a little suprise for you... That is old enough...
Sometimes it happen that artist want to remove their artwork, for different reasons. That is never mentioned in any forums or here in the What's New section. The artist is silent removed and both artwork and so is removed. That is not possible at FurAffinity for example. You can remove your artwork, but the account can never be closed. For a long time Furronika was leaving FurAffinity and added a comment that he didn't wanted his artwork reposted on any website. When I closed his section I send a mail to him about it but got the reply that it was not needed for my homepage. So now Furronika is back here and his section is updated... For those that know Furronika I don't think there is any suprise that his section is for adults only so I don't think there is so many of you that can take a look at it, but for the few, here is the button:
Then there is two new artist: At page 2 in the p section
Pixiv member
153991 is new. Here is the button: . Then there is also a new artist from Pixiv at page 5: Both artist have nudity in their sections so the two buttons will only take you to the main pages.
That was the update for today. Next update will be as soon as possible. /Aradd


I got a mail from Stanley Alston that he have done a new story.  It is chapter 3 in the Germania Meets Lady Liberty story serie. And it is for all ages so this button: will take you direct to chapter 3.
Well, I think we shall continue with Scott Alston that have done two new drawings, they are both in colour and b/w. You can go to Scott Alston's main index if you use this button here:
Then there is also a update in Alex Spastic's section. He have done a new drawing with Molly but also a new colouring artist is added. This is for adults only and the button here, will take you to Alex Spastic's main index:
For those that don't know have Canis Major being moved from the C section to the E section as he now use ECMajor instead of Canis Major. He have done a new b/w drawing, and it is not for those under 18, so the button will go to his main index: The zip file to quick download his contents is removed.
Then we shall go to Mario. His section have not being updated since the site started in 2004 so I think it is time, isn't it? Mario's section is for adults only so you will only come to page 1 in the M section. Here is the button:
It seems that the artist from Japan is still working... Well, Pixiv member
2598229 is updated with 2 new drawings, and his section is for adults only. The button will take you to page 5 in the P section:
I found a drawing that Salamander did for a long time ago, it is now added in his section. Salamander's section is also only for adults, so you will come to page 1 in the S section:
Then there is time to add some new artist.
Argon found that one of the artist in The Maze was S S. There is no information about the artist, so I have add his artwork in a own section. Now this is for adults only so the button here, will only take you to page 8 in the S section.
Then there is 2 artist from Pixiv added and you can find Pixiv member
Aoino Broome at page 2, here is the button: and Pixiv member
Kyuuhari at page 3, here is the button:
This is all for this time, but it will be a new update as soon as possible. /Aradd


So, time for a update, well, asually the update, maybe, could be bigger, but we start with this; Dragontalon told me that is was also another artist that have done a coloured version of his unicorn character. That artwork is now added in Alex Spastic's section and a notice is send to the artist. Sometimes I never got any reply, but that is okey as some artist don't think Kandor is any important place.
If you want to see the coloured version, you can use this button here: Then also a update to one of the pixiv artist is done. And also this is for adults only, so you will only come to page 4 in the P section, if you use this button here:
Then i got a mail from a new artist. His name is Andersson Camargo. His artwork is in very high resolution and it is for adults only. Andersson Camargo have no own website so only his mail address is added. Well, if you want to take a look, just use this button here: But of course you will only come to page 2. /Aradd


So... The server is online again... The update is a little delayed but better late than ever. Now we shall start with a update for the artist Alex Spastic, you Alex with the art show. And the show must go on... Alex have done some new artwork and other artist have also made some coloured versions of his drawings. The coloured versions is of course added also and the artist have got a note about that their artwork is added here in Kandor. Notice that the coloured versions name is changed to match the original name on the artwork. So, then we have a uncoloured update: As some of you have notice there is a lesser yellow colour in some of Alex drawings, that have being removed and they are reuploaded. If you prefer this versions, or the original versions is, of course, up to you. Now you can take a look if you use this button here:
We shall then continue to The Maze. For some time ago someone posted a rar file with My Little Pony artwork. Unlucky all of the files was renamed. Otherway it could have being a little more easier to track the artwork. I have added new sections for My Little Pony artwork and also moved some of the artwork with MPL that was erlier in the other sections of The Maze. As 99% of the artwork there is new, i decided to not add the 'new' icon. Also other sections is updated. You can go and take a look if you use this button here:
Then I think some of you remember Pixiv.net. The big artwork server in Japan. Well, the artist is still working there and I decided to add three new artist from Pixiv.net. You can start with this drawing, that is for all ages... Omg... Then we have one new artist on page 3: and 6:
All updates is now added in yellow colour and remember the 'new' icon is used if the contents for the artist is new, even as it is a older update. The 'new' icon is removed when a artist is updated.  For information about the next updates, check The Forum./Aradd