What's New in Kandor
April - June 2012

This is a extra update with some new stories from Stanley L. Alston Jr. The new stories is for all ages and also The Green Room stories have being moved to a own subsection. The button will take you to Stanley L. Alston Jr's main index and then you can use the latest addition buttons there. Next update will be as soon as possible. /Aradd


So, the update is online. It is still some problems/work with the server. I don't know what is ongoing as I not get any information about it. Now it is time to add two new artist her in Kandor. You can also see them in Kondor and Ellgar. We start with Gdane that did a artwork that also could fit in Kondor, but as it is a anthro equine in it, it is added here. As usually with Gdane's artwork, it is for you over 21... okey, let us say 18. Here is the button to go: . But you will only come to page 1 in the G section.
Then we have Hybred Vigor. He have done very many drawings and even as he is also in Kondor and Ellgar you will find mostly of his artwork here in Kandor. Well, even here, it is nothing for you that is not old enough. The button will take you to Hybred Vigor's index. .
Next update will be as soon as possible, and I hope the problem with the server will stop./Aradd


So, this update is a little late, as there was some work with the server systems. But now we are back and as some of you already know, if you have visiting the forum, the okapi mare drawing that was in the maze, is now moved to Mark Stretch section. His section is also updated and this is not for you, but you can go as you are old enough:
Stanley Alston have not written anything new... Lazy...? Maybe, but his brother Scott Alston have done a new drawing, that is in b/w and colour. This is for all ages, so everyone is welcomed. What did you say? Can't you reach the keyboard & mouse? Well, put them on the floor and use this button: .
Then you will get lost in the P section there we have a bigger update with new artist and also some updated artist from Pixiv.net. That website is one of the biggest artwork servers in Japan, and I think there is one of the larger even in the rest of the world. So, now go to the P section, and I wish you luck, you will need it: Also notice that the 'new' icon is added for the new artist. And it is added on the updated artists new artwork. The font colour is changed to yellow in the P section, to make it a little easier to see as it is many artist updated in the same section. Next update will be as soon as possible. /Aradd


Just a extra update here. First the information that several artwork is removed thanx to Argon. Then we shall say welcome to a new artist here in Kandor, yes there is still brave artists out there, you know... Aldergames have done a requested drawing that now is added here in Kandor. It is not for everyone, and you know what that means, don't you? So to go to Aldergames index, just use this button: Remember that if you enter The Dungeon, it not sure that you will return. The Dungeon is only for the brave... /Aradd


Argon have found some more artist in The Maze, so several drawings is removed. For those that have following the information in the forum, knows...
One of the drawings is now moved to Moro, or Moro Q and I have also added another drawing. His section is for adults only, so this button will only take you to the M section, page 3:
Then another drawing was moved from The Maze to Alex Spastics section. Also some new drawings is added, and here is the button to his index:
Then Stanley L. Alston Jr send me some stories made by him, and some artwork made by his brother, Scott Alston. We start with Scott Alston and this time it is some artwork in b/w and colour and it is for all of you. Here is the button: . Then there is time to go take a new look at Stanley L. Alston Jr stories. Both the all ages and adult sections is updated. You can go to the index and choose yourself: And that is all for this time. Remember to check the forum for update information. /Aradd