What's New in Kandor
January - Mars 2012

So, we shall start with a story that Stanley L. Alston Jr wrote for a very long time. It was sent to me a few weeks before the Forgotten Empire was closed. I decided that it was no idéa to add it. But now, as the site is back again, it is added but it is not for everyone, only for you that is old enough. Here is the button to Stanley L. Alston Jr adult index, side 2:
The library is also now RTA taged.
Then we have Argon that have started to check The Maze here in Kandor. Today when people are just add artwork in different forums, it is not possible to know wich artist that is behind the artwork. Now The Maze is updated, with new drawings and several is now, thanx to Argon, removed. A new section is added, for animations. The Maze is also now RTA taged. You can go and take a look and just use this button here:
So far no one have donate anything to the website, that wasn't so good news.../Aradd


So, The Forgotten Empire is back and there is time for some updates... I have started with the section A for the RTA tag here in Kandor and the reason was a reply I got from a artist. But first we shall go to a 'old' artist here in Kandor. Alex Spastic. He have done several new artwork in the meantime The Forgotten was closed. They are now added in his section and as many other artist have made coloured versions of his artwork, it was needed to add them in a own section. Information that their coloured artwork is added here in Kandor, have being sent to the artists. Now I am sure that you here want to see the new drawings Alex have done, so just use this button:
... For those that known Alex have already guess that you need to be at least 18 years old or more... hehehe...
Then we shall continue with a new artist and if I say Aoife & Leecon I don't there is so many that know the artwork. If I instead say Horselover4000 I think there is many more of you that got the idéa who the artist is. All artwork at Horselover4000 was deleted but now they are added here and in Kondor. There is artwork for both you that is old and you that is not so old... Now use this button here:
and go and take a look. Remember not to miss Aoife 'n' Leecon's section in Kondor. /Aradd