What's New in Kandor
October - December 2010

We must start with that we go direct to Traci Traci Vermeesch section as a error was noticed there: The update was never done so it is now added here and the button will take you direct to Traci Vermeesch section:
Then I think many of you remember Stanley & Scott Alston. Well, Scott have made a new drawing, both in colour and b/w version, and you can look at it if you use this button here:
Then Stanley Alston have written part two of the Germania Meets Lady Liberty story. This time both Scott and Stanley's updates is for all ages, you can go direct to Stanly Alston's story if you use this button here:
Then we must hurry to Todd Dharken. It was an error, and it was not so nice that no one have pointed that out, so now the coloured artwork is online, they was missing and also a new index with... well, someone have fun with a horse. For those that is old enugh, here is the button to Todd Dharken's index:
Then we shall continue to Huthro. He have done several new drawings so all his sections is updated. The button here, will take you direct to his index, then it is up to your age how far you can go from there.... No? Well, if you say you are 69 I believe you, sure... :-) here is the button:
Then we shall add new artists and now you will be on your own as the update start at page one in the P section. Pixiv.net is a big artwork server there they add around 2000 drawings/day. Pixiv net have soon reach 14 000 000 drawings. It is as boring as mostly of the new script based websites, you know, a ant, dead or alive, have more personality than this new websites but the artist are there so we that want to see anything new, need to be there also, like it or not. Here is the button to page one in the P section and the you will continue to page two and so on yourself:
I also got a mail that the drawing  colsonbrooks.jpg that was in The Maze was made by the artist Doe. The artist have removed all artwork on FurAffinity but I think this information is correct so the drawing is removed from The Maze.
This is the last update for Kandor. /Aradd