What's New in Kandor
January - Mars 2010


We start the update with a down date, or what we now shall call it. Thanx to feralesbian two drawings in The Maze have being removed. QSDLfist is made by Corsair. The drawing lr is made by Fissure King. Thanx for the information.
Now we shall continue with the update:
Robert L Huth mostly known as Huthro have done several drawings and comics. Huthro decided to take down his artwork from internet, but then luckily changes his mind and have upload a few artwork on his section in FailAffinity. Unlucky is the filename not correct as many artist do not add them with correct filename. This will be mentioned to Huthro and i hope we can fix this to the nearest updates. The update here including both drawings and comics. Some is for all ages, other for yes you know, not for you... But now go and take a look and don't forgett to see Huthro's new section in Ellgar, if you want to see that also, just use the teleporter button. Start now with this:
I think many here know who Molly is... No she is not a artist, she is a donkey and created by Alex Spastic. He have done a new drawing, but this is for adults only so the button here, will only take you to Alex Spastic's index:
Reva Diehard have done three new drawings, well, one is old and should have being added in a early update. Reva Diehard's section is for adults only so I don't think it is only 3-4 of you traveller's that is old enough. Well, this button will take you to page one in the R section, then is the choice yours:
We shall now go back in time, to
2004-09-27 that was the start of the Furry Equine Website and for you that was here from the beginning, knows that the old layout was yellow and blue. It was only a beta version of this site and three artist didn't leave permission to add them as they didn't like the website layout. Of course I never mentioned to them, that it was only a beta version as those that some think it is important how it looks. So that is not for me; easy to use, quick to access, that is the rules. But the reason for the colours, blue and yellow, was that it is the Sweden colour and now Sugarcup have done a Swedish pony... It must be a winner, as I am also from Sweden and here is the button:
DarkSilver, now also known as Fezdani, have add a new drawing, as usually it is a old drawing as DarkSilver have some problems to do new artwork, but I don't think I am not the only one that hope she will be aviable to do some new artwork in the future. We have some nudity here so the button will only take you to page one in the D section:
Then we shall end this update with a new story from Stanley Alston. It is a new Green Room story. It was needed to reupload it as he have misspelled a word in the story. Of course if unicorns must do extra work, it costs. I have sent a mail to Stanley and mentioned that... I think another story will be a good payment, what do you think? Well, this is for mostly ages, so here is the direct link, use the button: /Aradd


Yes, it is time: We start with a old artist that have being here from the beginning: Darksilver that also now uses the name Fezdani, have being updated and we have some nudity here and you all know what that means... Yes, a link to page 1 in the D section and then you will be at your own. For those that need to hold their parents hands, should not go:
So, then we have someone that have started to colouring Chris Sawyer's artwork. Nice, isn't it? Now we have a problem with the horses that have no clothes, yes, the button will take you to Chris Sawyer's index, but if you want to see
Beta-Minor's coloured versions, you will go on yourself, I think mostly of you, are brave enough:
Then we shall introduce a new artist; Sugarcup. She have done several furry horses so I think I am not the only one that think that she will be very welcomed here in Kandor. To make this little more easier, I have sorted them in two sections, one for all ages and the other have nudity. Before you go, hey, wait a second... I shall never mentioned the nude section... Oh, well, before you go, there is one drawing that have being renamed: sugarcup_ponycarin.jpg to sugarcup_ponycarin2.jpg. The reason is that it was two files with the same name. A notice to Sugarcup about this, have being sent. Are you ready to go? Ok, here is the button: /Aradd


Well, I haven't got any replys from artist I am waiting for. Maybe that is bad if you send notice and uses FurAffinity as if artist is not there, they not read it, of course. Well, we can not wait any longer so it is time to add the two new stories from Stanley Alston. This time is one for you all and the other... well, for you that are old enough... Here is the button: /Aradd


Well, this time it will be something for you to read, before you go to bed...
This new story from Stanley Alston is for all ages, so the button here, will take you direct to his new story:


So, a new year and new updates... Last year was a bad year for Kandor. As many of the fans here already noticed it was not many updates done here and the reason was the large work in Ellgar. As that is now finished the updates here will be done more often. So we start with a old artist, well she is old here but not in real life... hehehe...
Dreamaria is still doing much artwork with horses and the update in her section is not small. It was nearly needed to change her index but we use this one and as she will do some nightmare's that I hope can be here in Kandor. We must scarry the traveller's! Now the button here will take you to Dreamaria's main index as even here adult section is updated.  Here is the button:
As last comment just remember that the information in The Main Gate about how many artist and artwork it is here in Kandor, is not correct. It will be corrected later this year. I hope you all will have a nice year. /Aradd