What's New in Kandor


So, now we have come to the end of this year. I think it is a nice idéa to start the update with two of the old artists here. When Kandor was started, in august 2004, it was already many artists here, but before that, it was needed to ask for permission to have artwork here. One of them was Flinthoof. Now, unlucky these days, Flinthoof is not doing so much of this kind of artwork, but his section is still one of the biggest here in Kandor. Flinthoof's section will later be changed as today it is only by species, so adult and non adult artwork is in the same section. But now it is really time to continue to Flinthoof's section and here is the button:
Then we shall continue with another artist that, lucky for us, still is doing a lot of artwork. Chris Sawyer is a well known artist and he have done several new drawings. You can also find his artwork in Ellgar and Kondor, and if you want to go there, just use the travelling buttons added to Chris Sawyer's index. Now here is the button to his section here in Kandor:
Then we have a update of a brave artist, Alex Spactic. I send him a notice that he have not tag his drawings, so I nearly missed them. When I visit sites that I not like so much, for example, FurAffinity, I only check artwork by tags, just to be there as little as possible. So if the artists not tag the artwork correctly, it is a risk that it is missed. Well, I got a reply that I always should check his archive before any updates here in Kandor. Brave worlds, isn't it? I shall explain that soon, but first I think you shall check the new artwork from Alex Spastic that also including some new colouring versions done by other artists. Here is the button:
So know to some news: For those that have read the short story, Twice as nice, know that it is mentioned that the unicorn have leave Ellgar and gone here to Kandor, The reason is that it should have being much more updates here in Kandor, but the big update for Ellgar have taking several hours of work. Now for 2010 it will be more updates here. So we can only hope that Alex Spastic and the other artists here, will still drawing this kind of furry artwork. I know there is many that like the cute horses, as we soon have reached 333 000 travellers and that is very good if we think of the few updates that have being done here this year. I shall also point out that all travellers here in The Forgotten Empire is worth much for me, and I hope, for the artists that is here.
I wish you all a Happy New Year. /Aradd


It is time for a update in Scott Alston's section. This time it is for everyone, yes, that means that the new drawings is for all ages. As both b/w and colour sections is updated, this button will only take you to Scott Alston's index:
Then we have a scandal, yes so it is: For a very long time ago, I got permission to add Ace Siemens artwork, but that never happen. Today I don't even remember the reason, maybe that he shall be first in the A section and then it was never added. Now when I have started to check Kandor's archive, I noticed this annoying error. Also it seems that it is not possible to get in contact with Ace Siemens, but if anyone have any contact with him, remember to tell him that he now, finally, is online. Well, better late than ever, but that is no excuse. This zebra is not nude so here is a direct button: /Aradd


It is not my fault as it seem that many of the fans of Kandor will not abandone it. When I am writing this , it is only a few traveller's left to 328 000 as here we don't count hits, that is for amateurs and here we all are professionals. That is suprising with the few updates that have being done here. It will be better as soon I got some more time for this. Now we shall welcome Undonielle. She have done two horse sketches... and we have some nudity here, and you all know what that means. For those that have the correct ages, and I think you here think it is all of you... Well, here is the button to page 1 in the U section there you will find Undonielle: /Aradd


Yes, Kyian is back again. But I don't think there is so many that can see his new drawing as this is added in his nudity section. Well, for those that is old enough, I don't think there is so many, or is it? you can use this button here: to get to Kyian's main index. /Aradd


For some time ago, Karno, or maybe some of you know him as Kjartan, added a page with the name dragonmare. It was really cool and I decided that now, after over five years, it is really time to make a update to Karno's section. It was needed to make a new index to him, and as maybe some of know, Karno's section is mostly for those over 18. There is a few drawings for all ages, but there is no more than the dollars you will find in your wallet at the end of the month. Now, here is the button and you will be on your way: /Aradd


Got a mail from Nono. I think many remember her and the update is nine drawings. Also here thumbnail picture is change to a new one, i am sure you will like this,... But, well, remember your age? It is not needed to register and login here to see adult artwork, but some caution is needed, don't you think? Well, here is the button that will take you the n section, page 2: /Aradd


Got a mail from, guess who...? Yes, Kyian. This time two drawings are added, one for you all, and one for, well, for those that are little older. As usually the drawings are marked with the 'new' icon. Well, here is the button: /Aradd


Well, I got a new mail from Kyian and I am sure that you here want to see the new drawing as this is both in b/w and colour. As we still is in the nudity section, the button here will only take you to Kyian's main index:  /Aradd


Already back? Yes, so it is. I got a mail from Kyian and he have done a new drawing, that I am sure that you want to see. Now this is nudity... Well, otherway, is it often horses have clothes? Well, you will only come to Kyian's main index when you use this button here: I think I am not the only one that prefers this horses without any clothes.
I am also sorry for the long waitings for updates here, as I can see it have being over 320 000 travellers here in Kandor. The only thing I can promise, is that if it will be possible in the future, and that means with the artists help, it will be more updates here. Right now I am working with another part of  the site and that must be finished before I continue with the work here in Kandor. /Aradd


It is time for another update and it is bad that it have not being so many so far this year. The reason is the time, but I hope that will be better in the future. Now it is time to add a Furronika drawing, this is not new, but it is a coloured version that was posted on a forum for some time ago. Furronika's section is for adults only, so this button will only take you to his section:
Then we shall welcome a new artist. Well, for some of you, she isn't new, but Reva Diehard is one of the artist that is doing very different kind of artwork. That is good as it is many times it is something for everyone. Well, here, I know what you want to see, so the button here will take you to page 1 in the R section. The reason is that Reva Diehard's section is for adults only... Well, I see you there under your bed and you are not old enough, but for the rest of you, can use this button here: /Aradd


This is a little different update as this time, the character section is updated. Remember it? I call it The Tavern and there you can see and read more information about the furry equines. I hope in the future that it will be possible to add much more character there. Now Scott & Stanley Alston's character Brunhilda McEqqus is added. You can see the information if you use this button here: /Aradd


So it is time for another update. Scott Alston is back with a new drawing and it is both in b/w and colour. This is for all ages, yes lucky you all! Well, the button here, will take you to Scott Alstons index at once:
But luck usually is not for a longer time, so the next update, that is a story written by Hooves. Well, this is for the very adult traveller's here, and you will only come to Hooves index when you use this button here: /Aradd


Well, it was needed to do a brake in my other work to start with this as there is 2 artist you can blame when it comes to what you see here in The Forgotten Empire. (As you can not blame unicorns for anything...) One artist is The Magician, the other is Furronika that is now back again. I know that it is very good news for many out there as he have a lot of fans. Well, now Furronika's artwork is for adults only, so this button will only take you to page 2 in the F section: /Aradd


This update, is dedicated to Lady Hawk that past away last year. The update also include a update for her mate, Darkwolfe. I know that he is not the only one that will be missing Lady Hawk. Even as she is not with us anymore, her artwork is still here and that will also do that she will not be forgotten. Now Lady Hawk's section is for adults only, so the button here, will only take you to page one in the L section: Well, then it is also time for Lady Hawk's mate, Darkwolfe. The update in his section is also for adults only, sorry for you underages, well, I think some of you dosen't care about your underage... Right? Well, anyway the button here, will take you to Darkwolfe's index, the you will be on your own: /Aradd


Yes, I got another mail from Stanley Alston Jr. and he sent another new story. Nice as it was also a excuse for me to do something other... This is a new wrestling story and even as it is some violence here, I add it for all ages. If you want to read it, just use this button here:
Also notice that the speed of the gif animations have being changed. So sorry to say, no, it is not your computer that is faster, it is the same slow machine that you have also yesterday... /Aradd


So, we shall continue with a little update here. Stanley Alston Jr. sent me 3 new stories and they are now added in his section, that also have a index 4 added. Notice now that some stories here, not for those of you that is too young. Yes, I am sure that you all know the ages. It is bad that it have not being possible to add something more here in Kandor, but that will be fixed in the future. Meantime here is the button to Stanley Alston Jr's story section: /Aradd


Eh, well, back already with another update: I got a mail from Stanley Alston, he have done a new story. Well, this fight is not for everyone, for example you there, that is under 18 years old. Now the rest can use this button and go to side 3 in StanleyAlston's section:
Also Stanley's brother: Scott Alston is back. He have done a drawing that is now added in both colour and b/w. This is for all ages so you can all take a look if you use this button here: /Aradd


So... I got a mail from Kyian and the two new drawings is a character that maybe some of you know, yes it is Equustra, Canis Major's character. We have some nudity here so you will only come to Kyian's main index when you use the button here: