What's New in Kandor
July - September 2008


I got a new mail from Nono and decided to make a break with the other work I am doing. So her new artwork is already online, remember now that it is some nudity in Nono's section, so the button will only take you to page 2 in the N section: /Aradd


So I got a mail from Nono, it was over a year since last time... Well, very nice to see her new drawings. She also included a male anthro horse, but that drawing is not added here. You can go and look at it on her own website. Nono told me that it was the best drawing she have done. Hm... I think many of you here not agree with it when you see the two new drawings that is added here. Well, we have some nudity here so the button will only take you to section N page 2:
Notice that Kandor is not included in the Run like hell update. I hope it will be possible to add a bigger update to Kandor later this year. The name of it? Well, it will be the epilogue for the Run like hell story... The name if this will be done is: 2 legs are better than 4. /Aradd