What's New in Kandor
January - Mars 2008


Yes, as promise, already a new update... We start with that the taken1 drawing by Alex Spastic was not his character Molly, so it is moved to his adult b/w section. There is also a new drawing added, in b/w adult and nudity section. Notice that the taken1 is also added with the 'new' icon even as it was in the previous updated. This button will take you to Alex's index:
Then Mira is back with 4 new drawings, now his section is also changed from nudity to adults only, so you will only come to page 2 in the m section when you use this button here:
In Yosshi's section a new page is added in his old comic section. It seems that Yosshi have started a new comic and that is added in a own section. This is for all ages and this button will take you to Yosshi's index:
Then we have another update: The Maze. That is the location for drawings without any information, or when it is not possible to read the artists sign on the artwork. 32 drawings is added. Remember to contact me if you have any information about any of the drawings in The Maze, here is the button: /Aradd


I was suprised when I noticed a artwork made by Alex Spastic that I have missed. That not happen often, I can tell you. So I contacted him to be sure that this was correct and it was so... Also 2 new Molly artwork is added in Alex section. The last drawing, is send to Alex by mail to check as it have not the correct filename. Now you can take a look but remember that this is for you older one's.... :-)
Then I also got a mail from a new artist: Mira. Well that was a nice suprice. Well, we have some nudity here, so the button will only take you to page 2 in the M section. We can hope that Mira will do some more artwork. Here is the button : I have also noticed that it have being many new artist around that is doing this kind of species and that is nice to see. /Aradd


So... I got a mail from Stanley Alston. I think you remember the name... He is the writer and togheter with his brother, Scott, creator of Eva McEquus. No, I have not meet her. Well, the last time I got a mail from Stanley I told him that next time he sent some new stories, it will be a lesser graphic layout change. It now looks little more as it looks here in the What's New section and also the html pages is a little smaller. But the stories is still the same and now we have two new ones: The last chapter in Halloween party is added and also a new story; All out of war ring is added in index three. I think it is time for you all to take a look, yes, this time it is for all ages:
Notice also that A week at the Ranch still have the old layout, that will be fixed tomorrow.
Next update, I think, will be The Maze, so remember to check it to see if you have any suggestions about who have done the artwork there... /Aradd


I got a mail from Dana King. She told me that she have change her name, to Unknown. Sounds nice. But that is not all: Her old section is removed and it is now replaced with this new section and all drawings there is new. Notice that she have also changed her drawing style, that was also nice that she told me that as it is not easy to see that Dana King and Unknown is the same artist. Now it is so that Unknown's section have some nudity and you know the rules? Yes, that is correct, it is only alowed for you grandpa... Here is the button: /Aradd


Yeah, really time for a update here and we start right away with Alex Spastic. The new artwork from him is a bondage drawing. I sent a comment that the horse have no hooves. As you can soon can see, she have feet... Hm. this is the reply from Alex:
With bondage people like to see feet. Dont worry i havnt given up on hooves....
Well, I am not sure how many of you that agree with Alex, but I want hooves, so it is!!:-)
Well, this is for adults only, so when you use this button; you will only come to Alex Spastic's index.
For some time ago, I got a mail from Furronika with some new artwork. One of the drawings was already here, but as you will see, the versions is not exacly the same. This version is in higher resolution and also there is lesser other changes, for example the curtains... O, so you are looking at other things than the curtains in this drawing? Well, I must admit that I am doing the same. This is for adults only, so you will only come to page 2 in the F section when you use this button here:
The fans of Gabriel Logan wanted a new character with bigger boobs. The result is the unicorn Unicha. I have hope that Gabe should have finished this preview before this update, but right now you can see the preview here. The button will take you to Gabriel's index as this is for adults only:
It is needed to add the information that the artist Moody Ferret is Micah Fennec. He decided to change his name and of course the changes is done here also. Moody Ferret is a well known artist and he have done several new artwork. His section is for adults only, so you will only come to page 3 in the M section when you use the button here:
Usually the forums around is only posting artwork that is already well known. But to my suprise I noticed a artwork that was new for me, and as usually it was no information added to the artwork. The drawing style looked like Ek Goyas and that was correct. So now it is added to his section. Ek Goya's section is for adults only, so the button here will only take you to his index:
Later it will be some changes in The Castle. /Aradd


Got a mail from Stanley Alston. I think you remember that he have done some stories in The Library... His brother, Scott Alston, do the artwork so now 5 new drawings is added in his section. All of them is for all ages... Yes, i can see you there, this time it is no need to hide under your bed... Instead, use this button and you will be right on the way:
I noticed that it isn't any suggestions for new artist added here in the forum, so no new artists is added. /Aradd


Got a mail from Zebu Rider and one of the drawings will fit here in Kandor. As Zebu Rider's section is for adults only, the button will only take you to page 1 in the Z section:
Then Gabriel Logan have done some new drawings. It was now time to rechange his section so now the artwork is little more sorted. Here is the button:
As it have being a very fast travel to reach nearly 1 100 000 travellers, Kandor will be updated some more time this year, otherway 2007 was the last year for The Forgotten Empire. /Aradd


ime for the first update for the new year... I think many of you know Alex Spacstic's Molly. Now she is also here in Kandor, and you can also find a wallpaper with her. Alex Spastic's section is changed, but as usually all new drawings, are marked with the 'new' icon. So for those that have the rigth age, I guess around 32 or so... Can use this button here:
If you want to see the new the new wallpaper with Molly, you should use this button here: Remember the anthro horse thread in the forum. It will be aviable until the very end of january. Here is the link!